Canadian Army Master Corporal Erin Doyle, 32, was killed in a firefight August 11th, 2008 in the Panjwaii District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Nicole and his daughter Zarine.

Five rounds of:
15 Cleans (95/65#) (modified from original WOD)
21 Pull-ups

Eric chilling out after a wod

125 thoughts on “Erin”

  1. Nice Pic Eric!!

    Strength-Back Squat x5

    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (55#)
    21 Pull-ups (Rings)

    Cashout- 3X30 Sec Wall Stretch


    Good Job 6am Crew πŸ™‚

  2. It’s good to be back after 10 days of rest. I feel rested, but I think it’s going to take some time to get back on track.

    Strength: Good Mornings 10x (Determined to beat my deadlift PR this month)

    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (95#)
    21 Pull-ups

    Time: 16:31

    RIP Erin Doyle!

  3. WUx2
    Strength: Front Squat (x5)

    WOD:with 95#
    15 power cleans
    21 pullups

    Time: 13:17
    During workouts still Not going for full extension of elbows at the bottom of the Kip due to fear of right shoulder popping out again (like at 11.6). Grip killer – beware!

  4. WU x2
    Push Press x5
    60 65 70 80

    Erin – Wedding version
    15 Med ball cleans #14
    21 pullups

  5. Back Squats x5
    45-95-135-185-225-245-255 (PR for reps!)

    Very happy with this. Haven’t done back squats since Feb.21.

  6. CFWU

    1×345 PR #5

    WOD: “Erin” Rx

    5 Rounds of

    15 Power Cleans #95
    21 Pullups

    Time 20:01 Both hands ripped. ):

  7. Cleans 3x

    WOD @ 65#
    (used large band for my pullups the first 2 rounds then added the small one for the rest)
    Time: 17:40

    First time having my hands ripped :). Great job 7am crew!!

  8. Deadlifts 1RM -> 105-120-140-160-175 (Fx3. This is my PR. Couldn’t get it off the floor.)


    5 Rounds of:

    15 Power Cleans (65#)
    21 Pull Ups – First 30 done with smallest band. Then, the band “sling shotted” off my foot straight up in my “business”. I said, “Bleep that!” and did the rest without a band.

    4 rounds

    Aside: Guy is currently screaming in the shower. Ha ha ha ha!

  9. WU x2
    Strength – push jerk
    45 x 3, 50 x 1, 55 x 1, 60 x 1, 65 (F) πŸ™

    Erin (AMRAP 20 mins)
    15 power cleans (55#)
    21 pullups (black band)

    4 rounds + cleans

    Cashout – 2 x 30 sec. wall stretch

  10. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Push Jerk x 5

    800m Run

    WOD – “Erin”
    15 Power Cleans 95#
    21 Pullups

    Time: 19:41

    Cashout Wall Stretch

    1. Nice job Jamie. It’s been too long since we’ve heard that cat call in the morning. Welcome back.

  11. WUX2
    Strength – Clean x 5

    WOD – “ERIN”
    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (50#)
    21 Pull-ups (green & yellow band)

    Time – 18:32

    Cashout- 3X30 Sec Wall Stretcher

  12. WUX2
    Strength – Clean x 1
    95,115,125,135,145(PR 10#)

    WOD – β€œERIN”
    Scale – AMRAP in 20 min
    15 Cleans (95#)
    21 Pull-ups

    Total rounds – 3 rds & 18 pull ups

    Cashout- 3X30 Sec Wall Stretcher

  13. I think its a damn good day for me to be in Ontario with all those pull-ups. Have a great day Crossfit Moncton!

  14. WUx2

    Strength: OHS
    5x 50-55-60-65

    WOD: ‘Erin’
    5 rounds (scale: AMRAP in 20 mins)
    – 15 Cleans (65#)
    – 21 pullups (no band)

    Rounds: 3 + 14 pullups. Really wanted 4 rounds. Next time.

    My hands are ripped to shit. I’m not happy about it like Martine. πŸ˜‰

    1. The next time there’s a Crossfit party or event with a lot of us there I’m going to show you all how to tape. Shouldn’t be happening so often.

      1. It’s not just taping…it’s how the bar is held and how much chalk you’re slapping on your hands. Again, you don’t need to bathe in chalk.

      2. I do fine until I start getting tired, then my grip on the bar starts to suck and I start ripping. My first 60 pullups or so were fine, no rips..
        I didn’t know that chalk was a factor as well, maybe I used too much. Good to know, thanks for the heads up.

  15. Ripped hands?
    Check out this post from Kevin in December 2009.
    The tape method in the video works really well… it just takes a little time to prepare. If you need tape they have it at Cleve’s near the back of the store for about $3.00/roll. Personally, I’ve adapted to gripping the bar more in my fingers and have very little problem with callouses or tears.

    1. I watched the video last night and used the technique today and had no issues at all. It was great.

  16. WU x 2
    push press 3RM (85lbs)

    WOD with 2 small bands (to save hands): 17:34 (approx)

    got knot/cramp between shoulder blades at about halfway point but massaged it with ball after… seems ok now

    cashout stretch

  17. WU x2

    Shoulder Press x3

    WOD: “Erin”
    5 rounds of
    15 Cleans(65#)
    21 Pull Ups

    Time: 19:12

  18. WU x2

    Shoulder Press x3
    65, 75, 85, 95

    WOD: β€œErin”
    5 rounds of
    15 Cleans(75#)
    21 Pull Ups

    4 rounds + 12 Pull ups,

    Half the pull ups done with medium purple band, other hald with yellow.

    Oh so close but gave it my all and was happy I was able to do the cleans @ 75# I rather enjoyed them πŸ™‚ Pull ups……….not so much….;-)

    This was an awesome workout! Great job 4:15 class!

  19. WU x2

    OHS x3
    45, 50, 55, 65, 75

    5 rounds of
    15 Power Cleans(65)
    21 Pull Ups

    4 rounds + 10 Pull ups

    3 x 30 sec wall stretcher

    Good one!!

  20. WUx2
    Lacrosse Ball’d the shoulder
    Strength: Push Jerks x1

    WOD: “Erin” Rx’d @ #65

    Time: 18:09

  21. Deadlifts x1
    135-185-225-275-305-315-335PR First deadlift PR in a long time.

    WOD: Modified Erin Rx’d


    Nice work 5:30. Close race today.

  22. First workout in 7 weeks!!! Doesn’t feel like I’ve been gone that long, but certainly glad to be back. Feels great to sweat again πŸ™‚

    Shoulder Press
    45 -50 -55 – 60 (x5)

    WOD: with 55# and red band for PU’s.
    Total: 4 Rounds

    What a workout to start with.. holy, pull-ups! The cleans were OK, slowed down by the 3-4 rounds, but the pull-up were the big challenge. In the end I was just trying to get 2-3 at a time, and REALLY wanted that full 4 rounds.. did it with about 4 seconds left on the clock!

    Sore hands and weak arms now!

  23. Press X3
    75 x 5, 95,105,115,125

    β€œErin” rx’d
    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (95#)
    21 Pull-ups

    Time: 16:27

  24. WUX2
    Strength-push press x5
    95-105-115-125-145(PR on 5 reps)

    scaled – Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (95#)
    21 Pull-ups (band-purple)

    3 rounds + 10 pullups

    Cashout- 3X30 Sec Wall Stretch

    very though workout, need to place the bar closer to my fingers and prepare tape ahead of time for my hands. My hands kept on getting sweaty, I used some chalk and kept on wipping my hands with my towel. Great job everyone on this one!

  25. Just wanna day “WOW WOW WOW!!!!!β€’”””
    just watched Corinna get 150 consectutive Double unders!!!!!!

    Nice work OMG!!!
    And great job 630 crew!!

    1. Corinna you freaking ROCK!!!! that’s so fantastic, man I wish I was there to see it πŸ˜€ congratulations!!!!

  26. CFWUx2

    Strength: OHS (x5)


    WOD: “Erin”

    5 rounds of:

    15 power cleans 95 lb
    21 pullups

    Got 4 rounds and four pull ups in the 20 minute cap. On the plus side my hands didn’t rip any worse. And awesome job on the doubles Corinna it was awesome to watch πŸ™‚

  27. WUx2

    Strength – Push Press x3

    β€œErin” Rx’d
    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (95#)
    21 Pull-ups

    Time: 17:41

    Liked this WOD!
    Cleans where greater than I expected. We ran out of 25# rubbers so I had to make up the weight with 10# rubbers and steels. I knew that I could not drop the bar and am pretty sure that it forced me to do more consecutive reps that if I had used 25# only. So am very happy with that.
    Pullups, just chipped at them one rep at a time.

    Cashout – 3X30 Sec Wall Stretch

    Great job 6:30 crew! Nice to see a full class! πŸ™‚

  28. WU x 2

    Front Squats x 5: 105-115-125-135-145(3-2)

    WOD: Rx : Time : 18:31

    Just happy that I finished it under 20 minutes!!

    PR of 150 double under’s after the WOD! Gosh, I wish I could do pullups as fast as I do double under’s. LOL! LOL!

    Thanks for coaching Jeff!

  29. WU x 2

    OHS x 1
    70-80-90-105-115 (PR)
    I only went for a 5# PR…should have tried for 10# cause I think I could have made it. Next time.

    ERIN – 5 Rounds of:
    15 Power Cleans – 65#
    21 Pull Ups (1st two rounds with green band. Last 3 rounds with red)

    4 Rounds + 12 pull ups in 20 minutes.
    Finished my last 9 stinkin’ pull ups after the clock ran out….I’d come that far, I wanted to finish.

  30. WU X 2
    Strength: Shoulder press 3’s
    50-60-70-80-85 PR for 3’s!

    Five rounds of:
    15 Cleans (65#)
    21 Pull-ups (red/green band)

    Time: 17:55

    First round of pull-ups were the worst (guess I talked myself into that) but after that broke them 6-5-5-5 which seemed to help.

    Great work 6:30 crew. Great to work out with some people I haven’t seen for a while!

    Great job on the DU Corrina – that’s unbelievable!

  31. WU x 1 + 50 burpee’s

    practiced cleans

    Wod ” Erin”

    4 rd’s + 11 pullups

    Diet of Doritos, Oreo’s and St Hubert not suggested nutrition for crossfit

    1. Denis, without the Dorito’s, Oreo’s and St Hubert, it’s crazy to think what you could do πŸ˜‰

  32. Wu x 2
    OHS -5’s
    45-55-65-75-80 PR for reps

    5 sets or 20 min amrap
    15 Clean #85
    21 Pull Ups….Blue band

    4 sets 7 Cleans….

  33. Shoulder Press 5’s 45-50-55-60 (3)
    21 Toes in Rings
    10 Back Extensions
    15 power cleans #45
    21 pull ups green band
    Time 19:25

    ripped my hand without noticing. Power Cleans almost all unbroken (stopped twice). Impress I was able to finish the WOD since today was my first day back after 37 days…

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