Enjoy your day!

Have a great day off! See you at the gym tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Enjoy your day!”

  1. 5k Bike

    Open Gym

    Back Squats x 3

    10 KBS 70#
    20 Wall Balls 20# – :37
    5 Handstand Negatives
    1k Run
    200 DU’s 8:22
    30 Situps

    5k Bike

    Thanks for opening the gym, Ron.

  2. OG

    WU MOB
    400m med ball run 14#
    20 wall balls at 14#

    20 Power Snatches at 55#
    20 Power Clean & Jerks at 65#
    20 Thrusters at 55#
    3RM Hang Power Snatches 55-60-65# (feel I’m not using great form on these, needs work)

    500m row, 30 KBS (2:44 and 30#)
    500m row, 30 KBS (2:42 and 30#)

    100 Russian Twists with 10#

    Practiced double unders, having a hard time stringing together… Still at 3 in 1.

    Thanks a bunch for opening up Ron! So appreciated it!

  3. Open gym
    15 wall balls as high as I can
    (Trying to work on mobility)
    Some skipping with some double unders

    Made up my own workout
    3 power cleans ( same as we did at hopper had to consecutive and overhead with good landing with 135)
    In descending 10,9,8,7,6,5 burpee box jumps with 24 inch box after each set of power cleans
    Did the remaining burpees to make 50 to pay off someone’s debt(so I chose “Stef”….. Your welcome)

    Did 13 box jumps on 30′ box which is a PR as I had a hard time doing 1

    I should come to open gyms more often this was fun. Thanks Ron for opening it up

  4. Open Gym – Thanks Ron!

    Right forearm mobility

    MOB X1

    Trap Mobility
    10 Strict Pullups

    2X 800m runs (working on controlled breathing)
    4:34 and 4:19

    More forearm abd right shoulder mobility

    200m sprint in around 30 seconds

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