Only three days left until the Hopper! Please check the parking map before you come. It will be in the Coop Atlantic lot just north of the gym.

21-15-9 reps of:
Squat Clean (135/95#)
Ring dips

Compare to Mar.25/11

A big pile of steel for your lifting pleasure

71 thoughts on “Elizabeth”

  1. Practiced a few squat cleans for technique at 135lbs.

    WOD: “Elizabeth” rx’d
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (135#)
    Ring dips

    Time: 11:13 (PR by 4:21) Last time I did Elizabeth was July 2010

    Super happy with that result.

    Jeff and Marc, you should come in the morning class more often. That was fun!

    1. If it wouldn’t be for night shifts, I would always be in the morning classes. It’s fun to move on and not think or stress about a WOD the rest of the day. It’s a real jump start to a wonderful day

    2. Wow i’m not sure what i did to deserve such a fan club. But i sure apreciate it 🙂 Thanks guys!

  2. CFWU x 2
    Practiced squat clean’s
    Elizabeth Rx’d
    March 25th was 11:17 so not a PR today but still happy
    Pat you are fast and efficient. Good job everyone

  3. Strength Deadlifts
    3 x 95-110-120-130-140

    WOD: “Elizabeth”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (55#)
    paralletes dips

    Time: 7:52

    I think I will work on ring dips, and try them next time.

  4. CFWU x 2
    Practiced Squat Clean’s

    WOD: “Elizabeth”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (35#)
    paralletes dips

    Time: 9:12

  5. “Elizabeth” (Rx’d) —> 16:57

    I had 13:16 in March with 115# … but this was also 6am!

    Oh man, I have new respect for the morning crews. Not sure how you do it cause everything felt super heavy this morning. I’m thinking I should mix a few more mornings into my schedule. The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied”, high intensity, functional movement. The WODs are always varied but my weekly routine doesn’t change much.

    Nice work guys! See you again soon.

  6. Strength OHS
    5 x 15-20-30-35-45 Still working on my form. Love those squats!!!

    WOD: “Elizabeth”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (40#)
    paralletes dips

    Time: 9:23

    I found this one tough, ugh!!!

  7. WU x2
    Cleans x1 45(5)-55-65-75-85-95-100(f)
    10# off PR from last year, but think I had better technique

    60# squat clean
    yellow band ring dips

    she’s a toughie but i really liked her. i don’t recall ever meeting her before in 3 years on CF. i’d love to do the dips without bands, going to start working on that in my warm ups.

    great job everyone at 7am!
    nice to meet you JB and Greg.

  8. CFWU

    Push Press
    3×180 PR #5

    WOD: “Elizabeth”

    Squat Clean #105
    Ring Dips

    Time:10:59 Last March time was 12:46 with same weight.

  9. WU x2 (sub. pull ups for extra sit ups)

    Strength – Good Mornings X5

    WOD (Modified for wrist)
    42 -30- 18
    Ring rows

    Time – 7:43

  10. WUx2
    Strength (x10)
    Deadlift @ 185#

    21, 15, 9 repetitions of:
    * 105 lb squat cleans
    * Ring dips

    Time: 7:44 (PR of 2:12 and I used 20# less last time)
    Lots of fun and great racing with u JB – though u may not have known I was racing with u since I was in the back -haha

    After class – Tried to see how long it would take me to do my 50 late burpees – 2:55….. Aiming for closer to 2:00min . After 1 min had 26 done but I got gassed !!!

    Have fun with this one PM crew!!!!

  11. WU x 2
    Practiced Squat Clean’s x 2
    35,45,50,60,65 (knees caving in going up)

    WOD: “Elizabeth”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (45#)
    Ring dips (green band)

    Time: 10:32 (last time 8:27 (25 mars2011) did it with paralletes same weight squats cleans where tough this morning)

  12. WU x 2
    Practiced Squat Clean’s x 3

    WOD: “Elizabeth”
    21-15-9 reps of:
    Squat Clean (105#)

    Time – 8:43 (PR :39sec with 20# more)

  13. Away on vacation….missing all my CF Moncton friends. Hope everyone is having a great week.

    Opted for a running workout today. 8km in 40min10sec. 5.01 min/km. I’m happy with that 🙂

    Good luck to everyone participating in the Hopper on Saturday! Hoping to see lots of pics and videos!

  14. Squat cleans 5x
    55-65-75(1)-65 was suppose to go up to 90 but my legs were exhausted

    Elizabeth @ 65# with paralette dip
    Time: 11:19
    2:18 slower than march(with same weight). Had to take lots of breaks cause my lower back was soooo tight and sore.
    Great job 7am crew 🙂

  15. Does anyone have a table I could borrow for the Hopper? I think I need about 4. Also, big coolers! Gonna be a hot day.

    Shoot me an email if you can help out. Thanks!

  16. Volunteers are needed as well. Here’s the list so far. Let me know if you can help out.

    Registration Table x2 Sherri Iceton , Heather Wood

    Traffic Guards x2 Denis Doucet

    Data Entry x1

    T-shirt Sales x2 Elba Garcia

    Food x1 Elissa King

    Floaters x2 Kevin Wood,

    DJ x1 John Gonzales

    Photography x1 Patrick Arseneau

  17. i think i have a couple rubbermaid folding tables and a cooelr floating around somewhere, if i can find em ill bring em

  18. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Practice Squat Cleans

    WOD – “Elizabeth”
    Squat Cleans 135#
    Rings Dips Yellow Band

    Time: 13:23
    PR by 12 secs

  19. 9:00 a.m.
    250 double unders
    1 hour spinning class. First time I had done a spin class in over two weeks and it felt great to sweat!!

    WU x 2
    Srtength: Squat Cleans

    65-95-105-115-125-135-140(PR) Yipee!!

    WOD: Elizabeth: RX

    Squat Cleans # 95
    Ring Dips

    Time: 14:23

    I am super happy to do this WOD as Rx. Last time I used 85# and yellow band for dips and my time was 12:12. In the future need to work on fully locking out on my ring dips as some of them would not have counted today!!! After today’s WOD, ring dips do not intimidate me as much.

    Great job 4:15 p.m. crew!

    p.s. I really like my t-shirt Kevin!!

  20. I stopped in to get my t-shirt this evening and treated myself to watching the 415 crew do Elizabeth. i forgot how cool it is to get to watch CF in action! everyone was given’ er!

    Corinna – I COMMEND you for doing the workout as rx’ed – that’s huge! and you look awesome to boot!

    Rob, nice to meet you.
    Great to see the 530ers too, i hope you had a great workout!

  21. Push Jerk x3
    95-115-125-135-145 Should have gone to at 165 but wasn’t feeling it.

    WOD: Elizabeth Rx’d

    Time: 10:33 – PR from July/10 by 2 minutes and 15lbs.

    Felt sluggish, I’d like to try this again at the start of a week on cool fall day. Still pretty happy with my result.

    Nice to meet our visitor Mike tonight. If you see him over the next few days make sure to say

    Good job tonight everyone else at the 5:30 class. Epic frigging fight Mario, you are now synonymous with never surrendering!

  22. WUx2
    No strength, I worked with a ball on my shoulder.

    WOD: Elizabeth
    Cleans #65
    Ring Dips (Yellow)

    Time: 9:38

    So happy! I added 5lbs and beat my last time by 1 min and 1 second! 🙂

    Great job tonight Mario! Your perseverance was amazing to watch.

  23. WU X 2
    Practiced Squat Cleans

    Squat Cleans 45#
    Ring Dips – Paralell bars

  24. WU x 2
    Strength – was suppose to be 1 RM of cleans, but did 1 reps squat cleans (not to my max, just to practice)


    Squat clean (70#)
    Paralette dips

    Time: 8:50

    That was a good one

  25. CFWU X1 plus Alternating SUs and DUs for 2 minutes and mobility

    WOD with 65lbs mod for hang squat cleans and bench dips

    Time : 8:10 happy with this because I’m slowly increasing my confidence on squat cleans 🙂

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