Dragon Boat Day!

If you have a chance, come down to Jones Lake to see us race, our first 2 heats are 9:56am and 11:56am.

5 rounds
Run 400m
20 Goblet Squats
20 Toes through Rings

Sled drags up the street

6 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Day!”

  1. Two WOD’s today: The WARM-UP and the actual WOD!

    I was sweating after your warm-up for goodness sake Jeff! I loved the med ball slams!!!

    5 rounds @ Rx

    400m run
    20 goblet squats (35 lbs)
    20 toes through rings

    23: 30ish? Nice race Bender!

    Great WOD. What a sweat fest!

    Great job today Jeff!

  2. Awesome Saturday AM @ the gym!

    Team WU

    Wod: 5 rounds = 400 m run, 20 goblet squats (50), 20 toes through rings.

    Time: 24:56

    Great job guys, a lot of really close times, just couldnt gain on ya Corinna!

    Have a good weekend, thanks Jeff.


  3. Hi guys, let’s celebrate this awesome race!!!
    Here is my address: 8 Sherwood Av – Riverview. My phone is: 961-1215
    Please bring stuff to eat and drink. I will have some Brazilian “caipirinha” and some veggie skewers. Hope to see you all!

  4. 1- Team WOD:
    – Dragon Boat Race x3 = 1:10/1:09/1:09 (won all races)
    *** (I think those were our times, feel free to correct me.)

    2- Home WOD:
    – Run 1.6k (approx.) = 8:55

    Cashout- Walk 1.6k + a cold shower

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