Double Fran

Strength – practice thrusters

21-15-9 reps
Thrusters (95/65#)

Rest 10 min

21-15-9 reps
Thrusters (95/65#)

*Score is combined time, including rest.
*30 min time cap


85 thoughts on “Double Fran”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + WUx1
    Strength โ€“ practice thrusters
    5x 55-60-60

    21-15-9 reps
    Thrusters (40#)
    Time: 6:41 (19sec PR)

    Rest 10 min

    21-15-9 reps
    Thrusters (95/65#)
    Time: 6:43

    Total time 23:24

    I am super surprised of the consistency of my 2 Frans. Both PRs off my old time of 7mins.

    This was one of the hardest wod!

    In order to improve my time more, I need to work on my grip so I can do more pull ups in a row because all my thrusters were unbroken.

    Thanks Kevin for the tips!

      1. Valรฉrie Arseneau

        Not quite sure how I pulled it off (Kevin yelling at you helps lol) but I am pretty happy with the outcome! Now, imagine the awesome Fran time I would get if I can just stay on the darn pull up bar! Curse my small wimpy hands. Need to work on my grip strength.

  2. Mob + WUX1
    Stength: Thrusters 5x(35, 45, 55, 60, 65)
    WOD: Double Fran 21-15-9
    Thrusters at 40 lbs.
    Ring Rows as close to horizontal as I could
    Time: 5:22…………last time with 25lbs. was 5:59
    Rest 10 min.
    Thrusters and Ring Rows
    Time: 5:33
    Total time 20:55
    Would really love to do Fran next time with actual pullups, gotta keep practicing.
    Thanks Kevin for the great coaching!
    Thanks Lora for the skipping chat ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Omg!!! This looks so fun! I need to find somewhere to do this!!! For all of you who are “Fran virgins” or if you’ve had a Fran encounter in the past, have fun and embrace the suck! Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts today!!!

  4. Yesterday’s workout…
    Mobility + warmu upx2 (12 reps)

    Front squats 4×10 @95-105-110-115
    Deadlifts 4×10 @ 135-185-185-185
    Bench press 4×10 @ 95-100
    Body weight dips 4×12

    Sprints on treadmill (incline of 1.0)
    5 min [email protected]
    10x 30 sec on / 30 sec off @ 16.0
    5×30 sec on / 30 sec off @ 17.0-17.5-18.0-18.5-19.0 (damn treadmill couldn’t go faster…)
    5min cool down @ 16.0

    I miss a real gym… The school gym had a sign that said no “oly lifts” permitted… Joanna I thought about you as there was this dude, obviously a Crossfiter, who was practicing wall-climbs “shirtless”. Needless to say he was told to dress up! I then thought to myself, well that’s definitely one rule I’ll never break!

    Thrusters aren’t oly lifts so I’ll try to sneak em in… Stay tuned!

    1. So if I got this right…. A shirtless dude made you think of me? Hmmm … I must be doing something wrong lol hopefully you’ll have a ‘real’ garage gym soon anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. WOW! That’s quite the workout you did yesterday! LOL @ the you maxing out the speed on the treadmill. That’s my girl!

      Let us know how “Double Fran” goes….and if thrusters pass the “not an Oly lift” test. ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. Ok so… Today’s wod:
      Mobility / wu x2

      5x 1-3-5 (press, push press, push jerk) @65-75-85-85-95

      Attempted a few thrusters @ 65 to see if if get in trouble… It appeared to be ok…. Had to be done from squat cage, but couldn’t kip due to lack of support… Soooo Fran rx with strict pull-ups … 8:05 (sigh … I would have liked sub 8 – but thrusters were unbroken) then as I was taking my rest I had to be polite and share the cage but then they were all taken when it was time to start again … I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Fran ๐Ÿ™
      Shrugs 4×[email protected]
      3 rds of 20 steps of Oh alternating lunges @ 65 – 1 leg box jump (step down) @ approx 2o’
      3x 1 min handstand hold
      Extra points for creativity and quick thinking!

      1. LOL I would have paid money to be watching you do your ‘test’ thrusters to see if you were going to get in trouble!!

      2. Way to go T A N K. Awesome time, especially with strict pullups.

        Glad you didn’t get kicked out….guess you will just have to try harder tomorrow!! How about experimenting with a few cleans? Tell them they are some new kind of deadlift….LOL

    4. Such a rebel, sneaking in lifts on a technicality. Let’s see if you can get yourself barred from the gym early in the year ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No prob. Whenever looking for a past WOD with a specific name, the search thingy on top of the page will usually find it.

  5. Vanessa Champion

    Thruster practice

    Double Fran
    40# thrusters
    Red+green bands for 1st round and green+blue for second
    7:07 1st round and 7:45 for second

    Total time: 24:52

    1st time doing Fran I used black band and had a time of 6:20… Soooo PR or bands? Lol

  6. Double Fran

    35# thrusters
    pull ups using rings

    total time: 22:30

    this was my 1st Fran,,,,loved it!

    1. Awesome work, Charline. This was your first AND second Fran, and you still said you “love it”? Yup, you’re hooked! LOL!

  7. WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Thruster practice

    “Double Fran”
    Thrusters 65#
    Pullups (green/blue)

    7:55 1st round and 8:00 for second

    Total time: 25:55

      1. It’s a great pic. Val looks like she’s just about to face plant and Ginette is just hop skipping through the WOD!

  8. Mob
    Wu x 1
    Group mob

    Strength – thrusters x 5
    35-40-45 didn’t have time for anymore.

    Wod- double Fran !!
    Ring rows
    Rest 10 mins
    Do it all over again!!!!

    First round time of 6:28 PR of 1:15!!!
    Second round time of 6:57!
    Total time 23:25

    Very pleased with times considering I really didn’t think I would even finish both rounds!

  9. Mobility
    WU x1
    Group mobility

    Strength: Thrusters (x5)

    WOD: Double Fran – 30 min time cap

    Thrusters @ 45#
    Ring rows (Urgh! They looked and felt horrible!)

    Rest 10 min between rounds

    Time: 23:20

    Round 1 – 6:58
    Round 2 – 6:22

    Last Fran in July: with blue band, time: 7:26

  10. I think I’ve seen people cancel classes here right?
    Anywhoo, I’m stuck with work for the next few hours could I please have my 6:45 class cancelled :(.
    This one looks amazing too, I think I might do it next Change for Change.

  11. Mobility

    Practice thrusters

    First fran
    Time: 3:51

    Second Fran
    Time: 6:08

    Total Time: 19:59

    First one killed me ugh brutal

  12. Mobility

    Practice thrusters

    First Fran @ 55#
    Time: 6;54
    Second Fran @ 55#
    Time: around 9 min? Left my book at the gym.

    After 12 days off from the gym this was just the kick in the ass I needed!

  13. This one made me nervous at first sight. It was my first WOD when I started 5 months ago…and the next day, I had to use a long shoe horn to tape my arms in extension as they were locked in flexion for 2 days…crippled me for 5 days!

    Strength thrusters – 145 x 3

    First fran
    Time: 4:26 PR of 4 minutes.

    Second Fran
    Time: 5:19

    Total Time: 19:45 RX I believe.
    Couldn’t even remember, my brain wasn’t really working post WOD!
    We will see if I need the shoe horn tomorrow!

    Tough but fun!

    1. Aha! Are there any pics of your fancy “splinting” Dave? I would almost pay to see those! LOL

      On another note, what a freaking crazy PR!! Congratulations. You are making fantastic progress. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Fingers crossed for no shoe horn tomorrow. You have to snuggle that beautiful new daughter of yours.

      1. Deleted all evidence!! Bachmann’s had one but they are useless with technology so they won’t be able to find it!

      2. IMG_9987.jpg not sure if this works but not all of us are technologically challenged.. so there is evidence!

  14. mob wux1
    group mob
    strength thruster
    95×5 105×3 115×3 125×1

    double Fran
    thruster @ 85#
    pull up
    time 7:29
    rest 10 min

    second Fran
    time 8:40
    total time 26:09

    second set was real hard

    1. What???? Gilles swear during a WOD, unbelievable! Sorry I wasn’t there to swear along with you this morning Gilles! Actually, no I’m not, I’ve never been so happy to be on a rest day ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    Thrusters for form practice

    WOD: Double Fran

    Thrusters @45#

    Time : 6:09

    Rest 10min

    Thrusters @45#

    Time: 7:18

    Wod time: 23:27

    Cashout: Couch stretch

    Great work everyone!!!

  16. Mobility
    Group mobility

    Strength- Thrusters x5

    WOD @ 40# & with ring rows
    1st 10:59
    2nd 10:36
    Total 31:35
    Thanks for the extra push at the end everyon & thanks Amanda for writing down my time.

  17. Double fran with 55#

    1st Fran: 8:34
    2nd Fran: 29:57

    That was…delightful. Glad I did it.

    Thanks for the push to finish it. Thank you Kevin

    1. “Delightful” WODs are the best, aren’t they?

      You finished under the cap AND you didn’t die! I’m proud of you ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Nice work Amanda! I am going to do this one as a change for change….hmmm….not sure if I will be using the adjective ” delightful”…smiles…

      1. I had almost 20 minutes of pullups & thrusters so the wod was quite painful for me but I think it’s probably a good wod for people with a fast Fran time, you’ll do great on this Corinna!

  18. WU x 1 + mob.

    Thruster practice

    WOD @ 65# + Black band

    1st Fran: 8:19 PR from when I did the excat same back in feb. 2011… did a few different variations since then so I’m not really sure how it compares.

    2nd Fran: 9:21

    Total time 27:40

  19. WU x 1 & Mobility.
    Strength – Learned how to do a thruster and practiced.

    WOD – 20# & Ring rows
    1st – 6:10
    2nd – 7.42
    Total – 23:52

    Had a fun class! Love how friendly everyone is ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Group Mobility
    Strength: 1 arm Thrusters x 5

    “Double Fran”
    Thrusters (1-arm 20#)

    Rest 10 mins.

    1st: 7:15
    2nd: 7:21
    Total: 24:36

    1-arm Thrusters were the most unnatural movement I have done to date, was really difficult to engage my hips in the movement.

  21. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Group mobility
    Strength: thrusters: 35, 40, 45
    Wod: double Fran:
    Pull ups green band (second round added a small band)
    1st round: 8:19
    10 minute break
    2nd round 7:39

    Total: 24:58

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