Double down

Today is a double strength day. Work your way down the strength rotation.

CrossFit Kinetics in Halifax helping us out for Elissa! Thank you so much!

Here’s the workout for the Games this week! If you’re competing or judging, you NEED to watch it. Also, if you’re competing on Saturday, I recommend you take tomorrow as a rest day.

I'm glad Pierre was wearing underwear

48 thoughts on “Double down”

  1. WU X2

    Strength #1: OHS (x1)
    thanks for the tips Kevin!

    Strength #2: press (x1)
    45-50-55-60…my max is 65 and I wasn’t able to do it this morning??

    Have a great day peeps! 🙂

  2. WU x2

    Deadlift x10
    100 120 140

    Rack Jerk (Split)
    45×5 65×3 85 95 105 115 120(PR) 125(PR!)
    Happy with my PR and the 125 felt pretty easy 🙂

  3. Double Strength Day

    WU x 2

    Shoulder press
    25×5, 35×5, 45×5, 55×5, 60×5, OK

    Front squat
    35×5, 45×5, 55×5, 65×5, 75×5, 75×5, could’ve done 45 to 85 instead

    Practised double unders: 1 single 1 double OK

  4. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 1

    65-75-85-95-100 (I matched my PR, but did not want to try 105) Shoulder quite tender today.

    I had my first consultation with Brett LeBlanc yesterday….pain..pain…pain.. He diagnosed my shoulder pain and explained why I was experiencing discomfort when I breathed. I guess I have quite a build up of scar tissue along the rhomboid muscle and the serratus anteriora. He also threw the word subscapularis!! Anyhoo, I am hoping that with his and Jon’s help that this shoulder problem will go away.

  5. Was going to go and practice today, but my back is still terrible. Hoping that it heals before Saturday. Please sign me up to judge. 🙂

  6. Question to the coach:The Clean’s we do in our rotation, which is the one we are suppose to do the Power clean or the squat clean? Or a variety of the 2 depending on the weight?

    1. Correct answer is both.

      There are reasons why we do one over another. If you’re going for max weight, you will only get it doing a squat clean. Some people think they can power clean more, but they haven’t refined their movement yet.

      Many people try to pull the bar UP. The correct way is to pull yourself UNDER the bar once it reaches your hips.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Not too many signed up for the 4:15 class…. Might need to recruit some cheerleaders for you!!!

      GOOD LUCK… You’ll do great!

  7. CFWU x 2


    Shoulder Press x 5

    Front Squat x 5

  8. CFWU x 2

    Double Strenght Day

    3 x 120
    3 x 130
    3 x 140
    3 x 160
    3 x 175 PR

    Jerks Rack
    3 x 115
    3 x 135
    1 x 155
    1 x 175
    1 x 185
    1 x 195
    1 x 200 First time putting #200 over my head!!

    Thanks for the help Marc.

    Great job on your WOD Jeff! Your form & movements were impeccable.

  9. Games WOD 11.2
    AMRAP 15 minutes…
    9 Deadlifts (155#)
    12 Pushups (hand raise)
    15 Box Jumps (24″)

    7 Rounds + 9 Deadlifts + 12 Pushups
    Total = 273

    Deadlifts all unbroken. Pushups were pretty good. Box jumps were kinda slow cause I don’t rebound. Overall pretty satisfied with my result and I had no reps taken away. Thanks for judging Kevin. My score works out to one rep every 3.3 seconds. The pushups get hard in the later rounds. Thanks to the people that came to cheer! 😉

  10. WU x 2
    Strength 5’s
    Press 65-75-85-85-95(3)

    WOD – Strength 5’s
    Front Squat

    1. Goldendoodle. And he is a moron. Sweet as can be, but dumb as a stump. That’s not to say they’re all like that, but this guy is.

  11. wu x2
    Push Jerks 1’s

    OHS 1’s

    Shoulder Press 3’s
    50-55-60-70 (2-1)-75 (F-F)

  12. WUx2

    Double Strenght Day:

    Clean x3
    – Try again for 185 next time, work on form…

    Push Jerk x3
    – Kinda wobbly at last set… maybe retry again next time.

    Muscle-Ups: 1-1-1

  13. WUX2

    Double Strenght Day:

    Back Squat X1

    Good Mornings X5

    Practiced DU’s and got a PR of 9 DU’s in a row.

  14. Got 107 doubles using the green rope tonight. Quite unexpected.

    Also tried a 500m row. Wasn’t going to do it for time, but it felt good after a few meters in. So I obviously went all out. Managed to squeak out a 1:30.8. Felt great!

    Good to see a lot of PRs today!

  15. Also did one round of WOD 2 as fast as possible. Around 50 seconds. Not sure how long that pace could be kept :S

    1. Kevin :Also did one round of WOD 2 as fast as possible. Around 50 seconds. Not sure how long that pace could be kept :S

      And also for how long you will keep your pushups form good…. you have a wormy style pushup.

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