Double Down

Reminder that tomorrow is Change for Change. Bring $5 to switch up your workout.

Congrats to all the Paleo Challengers!! Remember to complete your benchmarks by tomorrow!

Today is a double strength day. Work your way down the strength rotation.

If you have extra time, work on a β€œgoat” (something you suck at).

Or try this week’s member challenge.

And if you have a few minutes, watch the video below.


53 thoughts on “Double Down”

  1. Mobility
    500m row – 1:39.7
    WU x 1

    Power Clean x 5

    Push Jerk x 5

    Member challenge: 20 2for1 wall balls for time – 1:20

  2. 500m row – 1:39

    Back squats
    300×1 (freaking PR!!)

    It’s been a long ass time since I changed that number on the board.

  3. 500m Row – 1:44
    WU x 1 w/ Chest-to-Bar

    Push Press x 1
    140(3) – 155(2) – 165 – 170 – 175 (PR)

    Back Squat x 1
    200(3) – 215(2) – 230 – 240 – 245 (PR)

    100 unbroken singles x 2
    Now if only I could not move 5 ft across the floor when doing them!

  4. mobility

    EMOTM Deadlifts
    5 mins 3 reps #195
    5 mins 1 rep every 30 secs #260
    5 mins 3 reps #195

    EMOTM Push Press
    5 mins 3 reps #135
    5 mins 1 rep every 30 secs #165
    5 mins 3 reps #135

  5. Mob
    500 m row
    Wu x 1 (with 10 kipping ring rows no band… Not unbroken)

    Shoulder press
    5 x 60-65-70
    3x 75-75

    Front squat 5 rm to 135#

    member challenge
    20 2f1 wall balls with 10#: 1:32

  6. 500m row – 1:35.5

    Lets just say I need a lot of work and will redo this strength soon. Need to use the 3 sec hold at the bottom of the squat to find that balance of locking shoulders while keeping arms vertical.

    Mem Challenge 1:3?. Did two goats with one med ball on this one.

  7. Wux1
    500 m row. 1:34.7 pr.
    Double strength
    Hspu x5. Strict.
    2x45plate abbMat
    1×45/1x25plate abbmat
    1×45/ 1x10plate(fat 10) abbmat
    1×45/1x10plate(skinny10) abmat
    1x45plate abbmat
    Rx so close. But No rep

    Rob Brydges

    1. Have you tried band-assisted HSPU? Helps getting the shoulder endurance, with full range of motion no matter which band thickness (scale) you use.

  8. Chantal Guerette

    500m Row (2:09)
    WU x 1

    WOD – Double Strength

    Front Squat
    5 x 65-70-80-90-90

    5 x 70-80-95-105-100-105 (practiced technic…..)

    – Toes to bar I DID 5 IN A ROW !!!!! For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been doing knees to elbows for my warmup instead of situps and it paid of πŸ˜€
    – Ring dips with tiny purple band (10 in a row)

    Thanks Kevin for the tips for my deadlifts and thanks Jo for the tips for ring dips πŸ™‚

  9. Mobility
    500m Row (1:52)
    WU x 1

    WOD – Double Strength

    Cleans x 5

    Push Jerk

    Practiced skipping. Not so great today.

    Nice sharing the bar with you, Chantal.

  10. WU X 2 (Down a band and was able to do 10 pullups in a row yay!)

    Paleo Benchmarks
    21-15-9 Burpees/ KBS 20#
    3:47 (PR of 48 sec.)

    Row 2 km
    8:45.6 ( PR of 11.8 sec)

    I am so happy I decided to do the Paleo challenge. I feel much healthier πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the encouragement/ advice and recipes everyone! Congrats to everyone for a job well done!

    Also, just received an e-mail… today was my 100th class (crazy)

  11. Mobility
    WU x1
    Paleo Benchmarks
    KBS 35#
    Time: 5:00 Old Time: 6:09

    Row 2k
    Time: 7:45. Old Time: 7:58

    I definitely saw improvements this time!
    I really really really wanted under 7:45 on my row. I will be trying again soon.

  12. signed up for the games last night
    500m row
    time= 1:38.1 PR of 1 second

    shoulder press x5

    front squat x5

    wasn’t feeling it tonight…might have been the energy crash after the 500m row
    great sharing the bar with you Jeff S

  13. Mob + 500m Row + WUx1

    Got my first Muscle-Up tonight! (Thanks Jeff for your advise along the way)

    Benchmark #1
    4:22 -> PR by 1min 36sec

    Benchmark #2
    7:30 -> PR by 22sec

    That sums up my Paleo Challenge – couldn’t be happier!

    1. Way to go Sebastian…I am sorry I missed it, but I have seen all your hard work you put into it lately. I am very happy for you.

    2. Congrats on your muscle up! Happy I was there to see it. It looked easy…like you were floating! Awesome improvements on your benchmarks too!

    3. Nice job tonight sebastian, the MU was pure. Looked so easy for you, hard to believe you’d never had one before! You put in the work to get it and it paid off, was happy I was there to see it!

  14. Mob
    Row 500m –> 1:35.4 (PR of 0.1 of a second)

    1st Strength – Cleans X5
    Then did a few 1 rep to catch up to my front squats as per Kevin
    185-195-205(PR) Did a second 205 that was way better than the 1st.

    2nd Strength – Push Jerk X5
    95-105-115-125-135×4( 5th rep failed)

    Then tried the Roll out, was fun and will add it to my routines.

  15. Mobility
    500m easy row
    WU x 1 (ring dips and T2B)

    Double Strength Day πŸ™‚

    Push Jerk (x5)
    45(10)-65-95-105-115-125-125(work on form)-95(work on form)
    *need to work on keeping heels down
    *need to dip a little more shallow

    OHS (x5)
    *from floor, so 1 snatch for each set

    Love double strength days

  16. mob
    500m row 1:31.1
    WU x 1

    OHS x 3
    95-115-135-145-155 (pr for reps) Thanks for sharing the bar Frankie

    press x 3

    did some MU and was able to string off 8 consecutive! very happy with this as I’ve had a mental block at 5 for the longest time!

  17. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Push jerk x 5



    Thanks Kevin for the should stretch made the OHS easier.

    Congrats on the MU Sebastian!!!

  18. MOB
    Row 500m (I didn’t realize we were pushing for PRs on the row)
    Time: 1:47
    WU x 1

    Dead Lifts x 5

    Got Kevin to explain how to climb a rope.
    Climbed the rope.
    Then booked it to rehearsal.

    Now I’m tired and hungry!
    Great work 6:45 crew!

  19. Mobility
    Row 500M = 1:47.4 (no PR this time)
    WU x 1

    Double Strength
    Shoulder Press
    65,75,85,95,115 x 5 Tied my PR

    Front Squat
    95,125,135,165,190 x 5 PR #10

    did one set of unbroken Double Under and hit 80 this is my new PR

    Then worked on Muscle ups transition and then on the ring Kevin Help alot Thanks for that!
    need to get one of those Muscle up in the next month or 2.(NEW GOAL)

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