Doozy Number One

100 Wall Balls
2k Row
100 Wall Balls

Looks easy, eh? Muahaha.

Welcome back Julie

8 thoughts on “Doozy Number One”

  1. No one came to 7:15, so I went out for a 2 mile ruck. Absolutely beautiful morning to be outside.

    Happy Open announcement day!!

    1. Joseph McSheffery

      How bizarre. It’s so rare we get to work on our wallballs, I though the classes would be full.

  2. 100 Wall Balls – 35-10-10-…
    2k Row – 2:05 to 2:15 pace
    100 Wall Balls – 10×5-then short sets of 5
    Scaled @ 14# med ball

    Time: 19:10

  3. WOD
    100 Wallballs 20# All sets of 10. Good pacing
    2k row 8:06. Took it easy
    100 wall balls Set my tabata timer. 10 wall balls every 55 seconds. Good choice

    Wanted to get good quality wb as we don’t do them often. Happy with chance to practice

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