Don’t be too good for a stick

E2MOM for 10 min
Deadlifts x8

Floor Wipers (2-count)
5 sets of 10

Don’t be too good for a stick. It can teach you a lot if you listen.

I often hear people say “I can do it better with more weight”. That’s code for ‘my form sucks and I can hide it better under a heavy barbell’.

Spend time with a stick. Learn and refine the movements. Make every rep look exactly the same. Then start adding load.

I’m 12+ years into CrossFit, and I still warm up with a stick. You should too.

11 thoughts on “Don’t be too good for a stick”

  1. E2MOM for 10 min
    Deadlifts x8, 55-60-65-70-75%

    Floor Wipers (2-count), 5 sets of 10, 55#

    Fun class, thanks Shane!

  2. Shawn Johnson

    E2MOM for 10 min
    Deadlifts x8
    175-195-195-210-225-240 had to switch grip for last set

    Floor Wipers (2-count), 5 sets of 10, 135#

  3. 830 OG
    Mobility +
    Crossover symmetry
    Banded side walks
    Banded squats
    Banded kick backs

    C&J singles

    Front squats x5

    Both lifts were heaviest post injury, ~85% of max for each.

  4. E2MOM for 10 min
    Deadlifts x8
    155# WU
    175# – 195# – 205# – 225# – 235#

    Floor Wipers (2-count)
    5 sets of 10 – did 3 sets..back tight

  5. Janet Sommerville

    Ruck workouts at 7am
    5 rounds
    10 walking ruck lunges
    10 sandbag pull through with ruck on
    10 overhead ruck press/push press
    200m Ruck

    10 rounds
    100m ruck suitcase carry modified some of it
    10 ruck squats
    10 ruck swings

  6. Deadlifts x8 up 75%
    Up to 280 # – tough but felt better with deadlifts than I have maybe ever, thanks for the tips Cara!

    Wiped the floor a bunch with 135#

  7. 7am OG ruck wods with Miss Janet and Kevin the instigator 🤭

    5 rounds
    10 Walking Ruck Lunges
    10 Sandbag pull through (wearing ruck)
    10 Overhead Ruck Press (strict)
    200m Ruck (4 times around gym)
    14:20 – 30# ruck
    I am happy to say I am getting better at presses, and I managed sets of 5.. The rest was manageable, well lunges kinda sucked after yesterday..

    10 rounds
    100m Suitcase carry (twice around gym)
    10 Ruck Squats
    10 Ruck Swings
    22:10 – 30# ruck
    I didn’t read the small print that said ‘switch hands halfway’.. oops
    Also tried Kevin’s ruck for a round, for fun..

    Shout out to everyone getting miles today, I ‘Noped’ as soon as I was finished work today!

    1. Finished with 10 sets of 10 2-count ‘Little man in the woods’ .. and a stretchy flexy ROMWOD with Kevin..

  8. Partner WOD

    1000 m row

    20 burpees
    40 wall balls (20)
    60 kbs (53)
    80 box jumps (24)
    100 abmat sit ups
    400 m sprint

    Then repeat

    Then 1000 m row cash out

    43:19 with A train

  9. E2MOM for 10 min
    Deadlifts x8
    Had to switch to reverse grip early

    Floor Wipers (2-count)
    5 sets of 10

    Thanks Shane

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