Do you have fuzz?

I’m always perusing other CrossFit sites, looking for original workouts or useful links to training and nutrition. On the CrossFit Affiliate blog was posted a link to “Fuzz”. It talks about the muscle stiffness we’ve all experienced and the importance of stretching or mobilizing your tightness.

Be aware that the video contained in the link below shows a cadaver. More eerily is the dancing doctor, but he has a very interesting message.

Do you have fuzz?

Let me know what you think in the comments…

20 thoughts on “Do you have fuzz?”

  1. I think the folks who go to c fit in the mornings are pretty safe. actually everyone who does cfit regularly, Our movements are functional and generally have a large range of motion. Because we move regularly there probably isn’t that much of a build up, BUT in order to have decrease of fuzz rather then maintain I would say one would have to stretch regularly.

  2. Oh man, I’m filled with fuzz this morning! Hard workouts yesterday + sleeping in past 9am = fuzz central!

    Happy Birthday Marcel and Ang! I may actually do some burpees later on today.

  3. Happy Birthday Marcel and Ang. Ill suck it up and do some burpees too. How many for Ang???

  4. Happy Birthday MarCel!

    Happy Birthday Angela!

    Wasn’t Shane’s birthday this weekend too?

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys…see ya tomorrow….. Jane, Shane’s bday is the 21st, and 35 burpees

  6. Happy birthday Angela and Marcel!

    But I don’t have a big heart like Sonya, I won’t do your burpees…. sorry!

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