Different for everyone

Run 800m
1 Set Max Rep Front Squat at 1/2 Bodyweight
Enough Pullups to equal 100 reps total, including Front Squats.
Run 800m


60 thoughts on “Different for everyone”

  1. Push Press 5-5-5-5-5
    95-105-115-115-stopped because of shoulder


    Run 800m
    35 front squats (80lbs)
    65 pull ups
    Run 800m


  2. Hi Kevin, could you please cancel my 4:15 today…forgot my sneakers and I have to babysit so I won’t be able to make it home and back. Damn!!!

  3. Press

    Run 800m
    40 front squats (90lbs)
    60 pull ups
    Run 800m


  4. yesterday i did a team of 2 marathon relay with my sister. i ran the first 1/2 marathon leg and she ran the second. this was my 3rd 1/2 ever, and the second one was only at the end of august during the 1/2 ironman. i was also running this in memory of a colleague/mentor and friend that died of cardiac arrest just last weekend.

    realistic goal: 1hr55
    dream goal: 1hr50

    official time: 1:46:50!! (with 2 bathroom stops)
    total run time: 1:42:53!! (minus bathroom stops)

    my first 10km was only 17 seconds off my PR even with 1 stop (Pr by 1:21 without stop)

    i’m really pleased with my results! my time put me 8th place over all the women. and this was done primarily on CF! my longest previous run was a 14km about 3 weeks ago.

    my sister did fantastic too – she had the hillier portion of the run, was aiming for 2:20 and finished at 2:19.

  5. WU x2 (7 strict pullups, woo!)

    Strength – Deadlift x1
    105 120 140 155 170 180(PR)

    Run 800m
    Max set front squats 1/2 BW (60#/50reps)
    Pullups to make 100 reps total (50reps)
    Run 800m

    Time – 17:45

    Kinda liked that one 🙂

  6. Kevin cancel me for 415 3 hours sleep might not get me through the day it certainly isn’t going to take me to the gym

  7. WU x 2

    Strength: Push Jerk x 5

    WOD: Run 800 m
    Front Squats (75#) 45 reps
    55 pull ups
    Run 800 m
    Time: 20 minutes and something; I am at work and I do not have my journal.

    I did not have time to do the 2 minute plank, but I will tonight at home.

    Good job a.m. crew!

  8. Denise MacEachern

    I have to cancel my 6:30. I am in a lot of pain (I actually took pain medication) from Saturday’s workout, so hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

    Way to kick butt on your run Krista! Awesome!!!

  9. WU x 2

    Strength: OHS
    5x 35-35-40-45-50 <– These felt really good; anxious to see what my new max is with the 1's. Must have improved on my technique, they no longer feel as difficult.

    – Run 800m
    – 1 Set Max Rep Front Squat at 1/2 Bodyweight (20 FS's @ 60#),
    then enough Pullups to equal 100 reps total, including Front Squats. (80 ring rows)

    **Subbed ring rows for pullups due to injury – I've never done those before – holy those are a good bicep workout! At about my 40th pull, I was wondering if I were going to be able to use my arms at all today.

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  11. Kevin, could you please cancel my 6:30pm class tonight. Just got home from work and I think my back just gave out.

  12. WU x 2

    Shoulder Press
    35×10, 40×3, 45×3, 50×3, 55×7

    WOD @ 55#
    800 m Run
    21 Front Squats
    79 Pull Ups
    800 m Run



  13. 11 strict HSPU during warm-up (PR)

    Front Squats – 3RM

    Run 800m
    25 front squats (80#)
    75 pull ups
    Run 800m


    Haven’t felt like that after a workout in a long time!

  14. Wasn’t supposed to do this one today, but school is stressing me out a bit this week so I needed a reason to not think about it tonight – as usual, CF works great for that!

    Oh and Kevin, that video is hilarious! I won’t lie, I’ve been a magician at least a few times I’m sure and everytime, I wonder what the heck I’m doing… It’s a reflex or something lol I’m going to try to be more careful about that 🙂

    Warm up walk with the dogs 3km plus mobility

    WOD with 65#

    900 m run
    40 front squats
    60 pullups (yellow and green bands, no kip)
    900 m run

    Time : 19:20

    Welcome back Gillyon 🙂 Have a great workout!

  15. So today, in my mind, was my official comeback, even if my wrist is not 100%, I feel that my back is back to normal.

    So I did some light front squats for my strength to get ready for the WOD.

    Front Squat 5RM –> 45-65-85-95-105

    WOD with 85# and did ring pullups –> 17:45 (did 30 FS)

    I hadn’t ran in more than 5 weeks and it went pretty good.
    So overall, I am happy with my results

      1. Only people with nice legs like mine can wear those tights…. too bad you would not be able to wear those!

  16. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Overhead Squat
    That was fustrating… Need to work on my upper body flexibility.

    Run 800m
    30 Front Squats 105#
    Run 800m

    Time: 17:59

    Cashout 2 min side plank

  17. Warm up x 2

    Shoulder Press x 3

    Run 800m
    40 Front Squats 65#
    60 Pull ups (Red Band)
    Run 800m

    Time: 19:40

    Cashout 2 min side plank

  18. WUx2

    Strength -Push Press x3
    85-105-115-125-135(PR for Reps)

    Run 800m
    40 Front Squats @ 85#
    60 Pull Ups green+yellow bands
    Run 800m

    Time: 17:34

    Cashout: 2minutes of Side Planks

    This was fun WOD!
    Great job evening peeps!!

  19. WU

    Push Press 10-10-10-10-10
    115-125-135-145-155(pr) That puts me at a supposed 207 1rm woot.

    Run 800m
    40 Front squats at 90 lbs
    Run 800m

    14:12 Running was so much better that I’m starting to like it but I didn’t hit my goal of 60 FS, 40 was def the right number

  20. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Overhead Squat x 3

    55-60-65-75-80 PR for reps


    Run 800m
    30 Front Squats 85 lbs
    70 Pullups
    Run 800m

    Time: 22:19

    Those pull ups were BRUTAL!

    Cashout 2 min side plank

  21. Warm up x 2
    Clean 5 RM: 65-85-105-105(4)

    Run 800 m
    31 Front Squat #65
    69 Pullups
    Run 800 m

    Time; 21:06 min
    Should have done more Front squats!! Haven’t done that many pullup in a row for a couple months…I could tell!!
    Good job everyone…that wasn’t an easy one!!

  22. Great video Kevin, I never knew until now that I was a “magician”. Welcome back Pierre and Gillyon!

  23. WU x 2
    Strength: Shoulder press 3’s

    WOD: run 800m
    44 front squats (90 lbs.)
    56 pull ups
    run 800m

    Time: 11:00

    Cashout: 2 x 1 min side plank

  24. WU x 2
    Deadlifts x5

    Run 800m
    30 Front Squats @75
    70 Pull ups
    Run 800m

    Time: 16:26

  25. CW x 2
    Shoulder Press (5s) 35-45-50-55-65 (only could do 3)

    Run 800m
    1 Set Max Rep Front Squat @ 60lbs (30)
    70 Pullups
    Run 800m
    Time: 14:24

    Great to be back. My 4:15 has opened up for tomorrow.

  26. Thanks guys!
    One more rest day and a date to see Sonia and I’ll be ready to get back at it! Today’s WOD looked like one I’d love to try – hopefully next time it comes around.

  27. CFWU x 2
    8 HSPU(strict) in a row again. Changed the date of my goal to 10 Nov.
    Push Jerk 1’s
    Worked on form
    WOD @ 105# -> 25 front squat and 75 pullups
    time 14:48
    2 min. side plank cashout

  28. Strength – Bench press
    wu with 45 and 65 x 10
    5×90, 3×100, amrap 115, got 10 reps

    800m run
    max rep of front squats at 65lb (did 50)
    pullups to total 100 (50) (subbed with ring rows)
    800m run


    Welcome back Pierre and Gill 🙂 Good job on as Rx Jane!!

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