Deck of Death

Adventure Run is today at 11:30. Please park in the main lot at Claude D Taylor in Riverview. The start line is at the top of the hill in the back. Come prepared to get wet and muddy. Also, bring warm clothes for afterwards. It’s going to be awesome!

“Deck of Death’

Compare to April 1/14

Blake makes it to the 500 Club!
Blake makes it to the 500 Club!

7 thoughts on “Deck of Death”

  1. Paleo Benchmarks:

    1) In 20 mins, find Front Squat 5RM

    2) AMRAP 7 mins
    – 5 burpees
    – 10 push press 65/45#
    – 15 kbs 50/35#
    = 4 rounds + 10 push press (135 reps)

  2. Last minute decision, Party @ Ron’s tonight.

    7 Glenview Crt, Riverview.

    No burpees tonight, I promise.

  3. Special thanks to Kevin and Jo for organizing the adventure run….it was lots of fun! Great job everyone! Happy thanksgiving weekend to all! 🙂

  4. Mob + Wup x 2

    WOD: Deck of Death (racing with Remi)
    Reps left at the 25 min. time cap = 22

    So pumped about this. It is my favorite WOD and I was so close to completing it. Last time I tackled this was back on May 17, 2013. I’m not sure how we scored it (total reps completed or left?), but I wrote in my book “88 plus row.”

    Great race today Remi – you were flying through it!!

    Thank you for the motivation Mario 🙂

    Also got out to see the adventure race today – looked like a lot of fun and everyone did a great job.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend CFM 🙂

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