December Newsletter!

Check out Christine in our December Newsletter. Also, TWO guest articles by Joanna and Mario.

Skill of the Week – One-arm Kettlebell Swings

Member Challenge – Max Pullups in 1 min

Open WOD 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

1 Squat Clean (165/110# or 70%)
1 Push Jerk

Compare to May 7/12

Mobility and homework
Mobility and homework

160 thoughts on “December Newsletter!”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 1
    29 Birthday Burpees
    2mins Skipping

    Push Press x 5

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5mins

    – 1 Squat Clean (165/110# or 70%) – 100#
    – 1 Push Jerk

    Score: 22

    Nothing to compare to, I did a modified WOD last time.

  2. 29 bday burpees happy bday Elba!
    Strength squat cleans x 5
    65-75-85-95×2 105 x 2 115 x 1 (PR!)

    WOD @ 70#
    29 reps ( PR of 5 reps, I’ll take it!)

      1. Holy cow!!! Nice work Maria! That’s a LOT of rounds! Congrats on your squat clean PR. That’s got to be more than your body weight!

  3. Great article Christine. Even though I thought your name was “Brenda” this whole time. But great job ! Was fun to read πŸ™‚

    1. Oh Rob you make me laugh!! I think you need to go to remedial “name” class! (I can say that ’cause you’ll never know who this is even with my name here:) )

  4. Squat clean practice x2
    85 105 125 135

    WOD Rx’d – 14 Rounds + 1 clean

    PR from 11+1 clean in May and I’ve nearly doubled my score of 7+1 clean at during the Open in 2011 πŸ™‚ Be patient people, good things will happen with time!

  5. Awesome Newsletter! Great article Christine (and not one swear word! LMAO). Your progress has been amazing!

    Terrific Oly Cert reflections, Joanna. Some wise words…

    Also loved what you wrote about Tough Mudder and Crossfit, Mario. You may have inspired me to sign up for Montreal in July…

      1. LOL yes it’s blood on Heidi’s knees! She looks like a total hardcore badass. I LOVE that picture of her!

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Front Squat x 5

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5mins

    – 1 Squat Clean (165/110# or 70%) – 80lbs
    – 1 Push Jerk

    Score: 20

  7. Wu x 1
    29 Bday Burpees for Elbita
    2 mins skipping

    Strength – Push Jerks

    1 Squat Clean @ 100#
    1 Push Jerk

    Score: 21 reps.

    Less weight but more reps this time around.

  8. WU x 1
    2 mins skipping
    29 Birthday burpees for mi amiga Elbita! Feliz cumplanos!
    Lacrosse ball mobility

    WOD Rx’d – 17 rounds! 5 more rounds than in May, but overall 2 rounds PR fromOctober 11, 2011. SUPER happy, I was kinda nervous before the wod.

  9. WU x 1
    2 mins skipping

    Cash In: Lacrosse Ball

    Squat Clean 5’s

    WOD @75lbs

    = 27 reps (8 reps PR)

    Nice class this morning, Thanks for the burpees 6am class!!! I enjoyed every single one of them πŸ˜‰

    1. Happy birthday Elba! Sorry I missed it (not really…burpees at 6am would kill me).
      Nice score on the WOD too! WOW!!

  10. Mobility
    WU X 1
    2 mins skipping
    WU X 1

    Back Squats X 5

    *depth was good, knees caving in at the bottom – Focus on knees out.

    WOD @ 125#

    Total – 26 rounds (10 rounds in 1st minute, 16 in final 4 minutes)

    *Future tip – steady pace from start to finish.

  11. Mobility

    WU x 1 (Decided to see if I could do a pull-up without the bands. Did TWO.…woohoo. No longer a pull-up virgin.)

    2 mins skipping

    Lacrosse Ball Mobility

    Strength: Squat Clean 5β€²s
    65-70-70-50-50 (reduced weight to work on proper technique)

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5mins

    – 1 Squat Clean (165/110# or 70%) – 65lbs
    – 1 Push Jerk

    Total: 22 Rounds

    Ran 800m

  12. Thorougly enjoyed reading your Cross Fit journey to date Christine. Many good moments are still ahead for you girl. Good articles as well, Mario and Joanna!

  13. Christine I am really proud of you, I really enjoyed reading your journey, you are such an inspiration to all of us, your dedication is paying off big time πŸ™‚

  14. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    29 birthday burpees! Thanks Elba πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday!!
    2 mins skipping
    Strength squat cleans
    95/115/125/135/155x 5

    Wod @ 125 (21 + 1) great wod. Thanks Kevin for counting and pushing me at the end.

      1. Thanks, this is a lift I needed to work on. I was happy with the result. I am also still being cautious with my shoulders.

  15. Mobility

    Squat Cleans 3s

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5 Mins
    1 Squat Clean 165
    1 Push Jerk 165

    13 Rounds RX

    Worked on Double Unders afterwords got to a 96 PR from 63. so close to 100 killing me but ill take the PR. Nice working out with the 3:15 crew great job!

  16. WU x 2
    Purple Ball / T2B practice before and after WOD. 11 consecutive Toes-to-Bar! Feeling much better about that goat!

    Back Squat x 5
    Testing ankle resiliency.

    Modified 11.3 WOD (ankle)
    AMRAP 5 mins
    — 1 Power Clean
    — 1 Push Jerk

    23 rounds.
    Big difference without squat cleans, but a good workout nonetheless!

    More practice with T2B and Purple Balls.

  17. WOD: Rx @ 110lbs

    16 rounds

    Last time: 17 rounds, no PR, but I was super nervous before this WOD because I was scared to do squat cleans because of my back.

    Happy Birthday Elba and Stacey!

    1. Awesome work Corinna and I’m happy the back held out…Any pain at all? I was a little nervous too cause my back’s been a little iffy lately but I kept my pickup nice and tight and it went well the entire time… πŸ™‚

      1. Back feels pretty good Eric; my SI joint is a little tender, but I feel great! Hope your back stays strong as well!

  18. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Mobility class feels awesome after an ultimate frisbee tournement!!!

    No Strength. Foam roller for the legs.

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3

    AMRAP 5 Mins
    1 Squat Clean 40#
    1 Push Jerk

    28 rounds

    Was surprised I scored so high. My legs were dead from my tournement so I went really light on the weight (10# lighter than the 70% recommended). Next time, more weight.

    1. Nice work Val… I walked in when you guys were about halfway through…The determination in your eyes and the grunts were awesome !!!!

      1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

        lol!! The grunts were due to the my legs hurting even more than when before I started the WOD lol.

        Sarah was a good motivator πŸ™‚

  19. mobility
    2 min. skipping
    strength – squats cleans x 5
    95, 115, 125, 135, 155×4
    29 B Day burpees for Elba have a good day

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3
    AMRAP 5 Mins
    1 Squat Clean (125#)
    1 Push Jerk (125#)

    Total rounds = 18 rounds same as laste time but with 10# more

  20. Mobility
    WU x 1 – got 10 push-ups in a row today, first time. Working on getting my elbows in a little more.

    2 mins skipping
    38 b’day burpees

    Shoulder Press x 5

    AMRAP in 5 mins
    35lbs – 26 rounds
    1 squat clean
    1 jerk

  21. Mob
    WU x1
    38 bday burpees…thanks Stacey πŸ™‚
    Strength OHS x5
    70-75-85 big fat fail at 2 – 75-80
    95# 23 Rounds

    Was kind of disappointed in my OHS today, my previous PR was 95. I was having trouble with my knee today and couldn’t get the power from that leg. I will tackle this again when it is better πŸ™‚

    1. Hope your knee feels better soon. Maybe you weren’t hitting the big numbers with OHS’s today, but you were killing it with squat cleans and jerks! 23 rounds? Huge score!

  22. mob class
    2 min skipping
    squat cleans x5

    WOD: Open WOD 11.3 @ 135#
    AMRAP 5 Mins
    1 Squat Clean
    1 Push Jerk
    total= 22.5 rounds
    PR of 5# and 3.5 rounds

  23. Mob. WUx2

    Weekly Challenge AMRAP 1min Pullups = 30


    Volume EMOTM Snatch + OHS = 30 (15 x 2 cycles)

    WOD Rx = 20 rounds (5 rounds PR)

    Finally! Never been able to PR on this since the 2011 Open. Thanks Eric for the big push throughout. Good job everyone!

    1. You’re setting the weekly challenge bar pretty high, Super Mario! πŸ˜‰
      Great score on the WOD. Congrats on a big PR.

  24. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 1
    2 minutes skip

    Strength Squat Cleans 5 x 60-65-65-70-65

    AMRAP in 5 minutes
    – 1 Squat Clean (50lbs)
    – 1 Push Jerks (50 lbs)
    30 rounds even

    Last time I did this workout (May 7th), I did 26 rounds with 40lbs so I guess it’s a good improvement πŸ™‚ Again, thanks for the loud music πŸ˜‰ Good job everybody !!!

    1. That’s a great improvement, yes! Your screaming was a disappointment though, I hoped to hear you over the music! πŸ™‚

  25. Mobility
    WU x 1
    2 min skipping

    Squat Cleans x 3

    95-115-135-155 ran out of time…

    WOD @ 125 lbs = 12 rounds

    Not feelin’ it tonight. Used 135 lbs last time and got 11 rounds + 1 clean.

  26. Mobility

    WU x 1

    2 min double unders

    Strength: Squat cleans (x5)
    Nice sharing a bar with you Jeff πŸ™‚ Really appreciate the feedback on my lifts.

    Practiced a few C&J @ 95#

    Cash in: Lacrosse ball love on teres minor and tricep.

    WOD as Rx’d
    5 min AMRAP
    1 squat clean @110#
    1 jerk
    Score = 19 rounds (4 round PR)

    Last time (May 7/12) had 15 rounds. First time doing this WOD (Oct 11/11) had 12 rounds. Goal is >20 next time.

    Thanks for the coaching, Amanda! Great vibe in the 6:45 class tonight!

    1. Awesome score on this one Lora, I had the best seat in the house for this one while I was counting.. πŸ™‚

  27. WU x 1

    Backsquats x5

    Practiced some clean and jerks before WOD

    WOD Rx’d: 8 clean & Jerks + 1 clean

    Beat my 11.3 score of 7+1 so I’m not overly excited. My “split” form was horrible. Having a hard time to land my feet wide which is odd because I had this down pat last year. Gotta bring this back to the “goat” list πŸ™

  28. mob
    skipping practice.. slow and steady

    strength squat cleans x 5
    thanks for sharing the bar Lora.. and ditto on the feedback

    wod @135 scale to power cleans and push jerk
    27 rounds
    thinking I should have used Rx weight with this combo.. next time! πŸ˜‰

    1. Slow and steady (and light)….remember? πŸ˜‰ I know its tough to modify or scale, but you still got a great workout AND without injury! That’s a BIG WIN!

  29. Strength: practiced squat cleans & split jerks to 105#.

    WOD RX’d: 9 rounds

    I’m on a total Crossfit high! Did this originally in April 2011 (Games Open), got 1 round. Did it again Oct 2011 – had a mental block and didn’t get ANY jerks in. Today I got 9 rounds and that is ALL because of the OLY cert from a couple weeks ago. I’m happy!
    And I had fun watching/coaching the 5:45 and 6:45 classes tonight. You guys did great.

  30. mobility
    WU x1 (kipping pull ups, ring dips :Med purple Band)
    practiced DU ( 2)

    strength : should press x5
    95-95-95 ( my left shoulder is a bit sore so kept it at 95 and did 3 rds was running out of time)

    Wod @ 85#

    Amrap 5 mins
    1 clean
    1 push jerk

    31 rounds

  31. Mobility
    WU x1

    Strength: Squat Cleans x5

    Wod @ 100#

    Amrap 5 mins
    1 Squat Clean
    1 push jerk

    29 rounds + 1 Squat Clean

    Thanks Mario for pushing me hard on this one! Made the difference between 25 and 29 for sure! πŸ˜€

    Great job 6:45…Lots of energy in there tonight….Love it!!!!!

  32. WUx1
    2 min of skipping

    Strength – Back Squats x5
    155-175-195-215-225 (PR for reps)

    4 min daily planks(broken in 2 set of 2min)

    Cash in: Lacross ball on teres minor and tricept

    WOD @ 135#
    20 rounds + 1 Squat Clean.

    No PR but I’ll take it. Last I done this was just before i reinjured my back had 21 rounds then.

    Great job 6:45 crew!

  33. Wu x 1
    2 minutes of skipping

    39 burpees for Stacy – Happy Bday!!

    Squat Cleans 65 to 90 (stayed low to work on raising my elbows!)

    WOD @ 65#
    25 rounds

    PR of 4 rounds

  34. Mobility
    WU x 1
    38 birthday burpees for Stacey
    Skipping 2 min

    Strength: Push Jerk 5 x 5 @ 35-40-45-50-50
    (stayed at 50 because I didn’t want to lose my form to go up to 55)

    WOD @ 40#
    AMRAP 5 mins
    1 squat clean
    1 jerk

    13 rounds

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