December 8 workout

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
15 Pull-ups
15 Ring push-ups
15 Back Extensions
15  Sit-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

The middle group is the one that trained me in Boston. Awesome bunch of trainers!
The middle group is the one that trained me in Boston. Awesome bunch of trainers!

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9 thoughts on “December 8 workout”

  1. So Boston was awesome! I mean, Bahstun. Man, I love that accent. Our hotel was right beside Fenway Park. Explored Quincy Market, ate at Cheers, saw the New England Aquarium, went to the Improv Asylum for a comedy show and went to the oldest bar in North America, the Bell in Hand. What a trip!

    Oh ya, and the cert. was awesome! Lisa, Todd, Jon and Pat were the trainers. I tell ya, Todd is truely a stand-up guy. Check out some of his videos if you can. Met a few fellow Canadians, including Dave from PEI. He actually helped me with my horrible overhead squat (thanks Dave!).

    I cannot wait to attend a level 2 certification for myself now! The Kids cert in March will be great, and I’m hoping it will help me attain the level 2 a little easier.

  2. ah Nicole – my favorite west coast CF gal! she’s tough and hot!
    i think i’ll stick with variation 1 for the time being 😉

  3. Mmmm….love that strap burn on my arms!

    Finished 7 complete rounds.

    Also did 5 single sets of clean and jerks. They felt a little off after getting my butt kicked in Boston.


  4. Mmmm….that was hard on my stomach. It is maybe because of the 2 eggs I eated before the WOD! 🙂

    Finished 6 rounds + 12 pullups + 4 ring pushups.

    I was keeping a good pace until round 5. I started to feel the eggs coming up and after that I didn`t felt very good for the rest of the WOD.

    Shoulder press:

    At the beginning, I thought my PR was 120…so that`s why I was trying it to reach it But I looked carefully in my journal to find out it was only 110. That`s probably why I couldn`t do it.

  5. CFWU x2

    Clean & Jerk
    45-55-65-65-70f (I have added this to my “goat” list)

    15 pull-ups (kipping for 4 rounds – red band for start of round 5)
    15 push-ups (paralletes- toes 2 rounds – paralletes – knees 2 rounds + last 14)
    15 back extensions 15#
    15 sit-ups

    4 rounds + 15 pull-ups & 14 push-ups
    2 mile run 18:34
    My hands ripped tonight…ouch….got the stuff to fix them up (at least until tomorrow) so I’m off to do some yelling, stomping, whining, etc.. – basically act like a big baby for 10 minutes.

  6. CFWU X2

    Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    WOD Amrap20
    15 pullups (blue band)
    15 Dips/push ups
    15 back extentions 10#
    15 crunches

    7 rounds + 15 pullups

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