December 5 workout

Reminder – Gym is closed tomorrow.

21-18-15-12- and 9 rep rounds of:
95 pound Deadlift
95 pound Hang power clean
95 pound Front squat
95 pound Push jerk

Post time to comments.


8 thoughts on “December 5 workout”

  1. and why is he in jeans …he wanted to suffer … how he has the crouches with him …trying to get pity from us ….fool Pierre :o)

    and i noticed Jeanette had to get in the shot also :o)

    see ya saturday morning folks :o)

  2. Nice video Kevin!

    The first part, “The Accident”,is awesome! 🙂

    Sean – I had jeans on because I wasn’t supposed to train that day…I was just there to hang out. But they convinved me to train.
    And really the crutches besides wasn’t planned at all.

  3. Good video!!

    I won’t be able to make it tonight. Got some family stuff happening around 7:30, so I am going to go for a 5 -7km run right after work. I have to do something.

    Considering the w/o yesterday, I feel pretty good. Shoulder area is a little achy, but all-in-all pretty good. I really like the 50’s.

    Kevin – Pierre – Have a great trip to Boston. Looking forward to hearing about it on Monday.

  4. today 5 rounds of:
    10 – 35# dumb bell walking lunges (held to chest)
    10 – 35# swings


    practice kipping pull ups (getting closer!)
    1 dead hang pull up (first one in a LOOONG time)
    12 red and red band HSPU
    10 green and red band HSPU (i’m comin’ for you pierre! look out!)

    30 second L-sit

    i had fun today! it’s been a good week!
    have a blast in boston boys

  5. CFWU x 3

    Five rounds for time of:
    35 pound dumbbell, walking lunge, 10 alternating steps
    35 pound dumbbell, swing, 10 reps

    3:58… Wham, bam, thank you man!!! It was over before I even realized it started.

    Okay, so I messed this wod up a little (it should have been 15 reps of swings). But oh well, nothing I can do about it now… unless I decide to do it again I suppose.

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