“Death by what?!”

Last day of not posting the workout. Yay!

I’d like to address two things as well.

If you’re late for a class, it’s going to be 2 burpees for every minute you’re late. Must be done on the spot (no banking). That starts today.

Also, there are some members (who will remain anonymous), that cancel up to 2 minutes before the class starts. If you canceled then, you should have either been on your way to the gym or already at the gym. Canceling so soon to class not only hinders your own fitness and progress, but it may hinder someone else’s.

Some stats from the past 2 months…
147 cancellations (by 44 people)
70 of the classes were full when cancelled
3.6 hours is average time given when cancelled
18 no-shows
13 members cancelled or no-showed 5 or more times

Ya, it’s a little nerdy, I know.

But 3.6 hours is not fair to others. I know I wouldn’t want to sit at a computer in hopes of someone canceling to get a spot right before class. I completely understand if something comes up, like being stuck in a meeting or experiencing explosive diarrhea moments before gym time.

I have no simple solution other than to ask you to please give sufficient notice. If you’re feeling a little sick the night before, unregister. If you feel better the next day, see if there’s a spot. If you’re muscles are sore, that’s no excuse to cancel. If you’re shoulder/knee/elbow/ankle/etc. is hurt, we will modify the WOD.

I hope this helps. If any of you have any suggestions or comments, let me know either in the comments or by email/phone.

Under the watchful eye of Patrick.

75 thoughts on ““Death by what?!””

  1. May I be exempted b/c I seem to experience explosive diarrhea moments before gym time prior to every WOD. All joking aside, makes very good sense.

  2. TGIF!!

    I’ll give you a hint on what the workout is: It make you tired and sweaty. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I’m all for it!
    Had I read the post before I got to the gym this morning (late) I would have done my burpees. Sorry. I believe I owe you about 10 for my tardiness today.

    1. He really was trying to help me, my form’s terrible. I see more facing the wall squats in my future 🙂

  4. Gonna be my first “death by” workout, kinda eager to try but will surely get a case of nervous pee just before. As long as I don’t get explosive diarrhea…

  5. Here goes- I’m the first to cancel, thought I may be able to make it back this week but weekend plans have changed and I am unable to come until next week.

  6. I wondered who’d be the first soul brave enough to do do 🙂 have a great weekend Tracey!

    1. Lol that was supposed to read do so and not do do… But I like my first version better 😀

  7. I appreciate you posting this Kevin. I struggle with not being able to get into certain classes and having to sign up for time slots that don’t work as well for me and then seeing last-minute cancellations on the classes I would have liked to have had…

    Looking forward to today’s WOD! 🙂

  8. Ahhhh!!! Starting back tonight… and terrified! Looking forward to see you all again! Oh how I have missed Crossfit…

  9. Thats Awesome Catherine. We missed you too. I cant wait to get back. Im on the mend. Lunges still wouldnt handle WOD’s but very soon.

  10. Hey Kevin, I took one of the 4h15 spots that opened up. Can you cancel my 5h30? Thanks.

    Also, like Amanda just mentioned, I was also finding lots of spots being full days in advance only to have then open up hours before.

  11. Posted on the Kinetics site by Brandon…

    1st person to complain about the heat at the noon class today does 400M with a med ball. People do CrossFit in Arizona and California all summer, and in places like Georgia and Florida where it’s hotter and the humidity is just as bad. Cowboy up and drink some water. Other things you can do…

    :bring a shirt to douse with cold water and use it cool off during WOD
    :put ice water in a spray bottle and use it throughout session
    :wear appropriate clothing

    I won’t be enforcing a med ball run, but take note of his advice.

    1. Geez Kevin, feels like Festivus. 🙂 Now that the Airing of Grievances is done can we get to the Feats of Strength?

    1. didn’t keep track of round times, except the last 2 were my fastest – 1:21 each (trying to stay ahead or keep up with pat was great motivation for fast rounds!

      200m run, jumping pull ups, black box

  12. CFWU x 2
    Test Rounds of WOD 1:45

    Strength – Push Press

    WOD – Every 2 mins for 7 Rounds
    Run 200m
    7 Pullups
    10 Box Jumps

    Made it to 8 Box Jumps on the fourth round
    This one frustrated me a bit, but I did my best.

    1. You did great Jamie 🙂 Those box jumps are a killer plus your were doing real deal pullups… If it had been me doing the same I’d still be on the bar trying to get one lol

  13. WU x 2
    WOD Test (scale #1) Time 1:22

    Strength = OHS x 1

    WOD: Slow death by Chocolate Turtle Carmel Bombs
    Elimination rules in effect.
    Every 2 minutes for 7 rounds complete:
    200m Rum…. mmmmm Rum! Errr… Run I mean Run. (I should get some rum though..)
    7 Jumping Pullups
    10 Box Jumps

    1. 1:19 2. 1:24 3. 1:31 4. 1:30 5. 1:42 6. 1:38 7. 1:39

    Friggidy Ding Dong! I’ve enjoyed breathing for 32 years… lately though my lungs think that I’m mad at them. There have been some breathless WODs this week! Great work everyone and great schedule Kevin! Way to push us out of our comfort zones! Today was a doozie! Great work 5:30 crew! All 3 of us!
    Have a great weekend all!

  14. Warm up Times 2

    WOD X 1 for Time: 1:28

    strength push press (shoulder feeling better – Yay!!!)
    65-85-95-100 PR 🙂 105 f x2 get you next time!

    WOD from hell… 2 minutes each round for
    7 rounds of 200m run, jumping pullups, boxjumps (black)
    round 1: 1:28
    round 2: 1:30
    round 3: 1:40
    round 4: 1:44
    round 5: 1:45
    round 6: 1:50
    round 7: 1:55

    holy frig that was bleeping hard! Glad I made it through the whole thing though 🙂

    excellent work everyone!

  15. WOD Practice = 1:21

    Front Squat – 1RM

    WOD (RX’d):
    1:22, 1:32, 1:37, 1:40, 1:45, 1:42, 1:42

    As usual my running endurance really faded. At round 5 I wondered if I’d finish all 7 rounds. Really glad to complete that tough WOD!

  16. CFWUx2

    Feat of Strength: Deadlift

    WOD: 7 Rounds, Death By…
    200m Run
    7 Pull ups
    10 Box jumps

    1:30, 1:34, 1:38, 1:40, 1:40, 1:41, 1:36

      1. Thanks Liam! Kevin told me that I had to make the PR; otherwise I’d have to pin him before the WOD would end.

  17. WU x2
    Strength – OHS x1
    65-80-95(PR by 15lbs)

    WOD – Death by something-or-other..doesn’t really matter what..they’re all killer
    Run 100m
    7 Jumping Pullups
    10 Box jumps

    Didn’t keep track of all rounds at the 6am class…last round was 1:10 though.
    Happy Weekend :o)

    1. Whoa Joanna!! 95 lbs OHS – when I grow up I want to be just like you 😉 that’s awesome!!!

  18. For the record, I didn’t understand that the point of the practice WOD was to do it as fast as I could…I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able do all the exercises within 2 minutes if I ran too fast…so I didn’t run, I jogged. I didn’t know how that would affect the WOD, I was just trying to pace myself so that I could do 7 rounds. I would have ran faster in the practice one had I known. 🙁

    So, I didn’t ‘sandbag’ on purpose!

    1. I almost did the same thing Amanda – makes logical sense to me 🙂 Now you’ll know for next time!

      1. Yeah, disappointed that I screwed up the workout for myself somewhat…but you’re right, I’ll get it right next time.

  19. WU X 2 (Blue Band)

    Shoulder Press

    WOD: Scale 3 (black box)

    Awesome job 6:30 crew!! Soo good to be back! 🙂

    1. Great to meet you! I was a little concerned you were going to be offended by my cursing and I was relieved to hear you drop a couple F bombs a few minutes later. 🙂

      1. It was great meeting you as well! I am pretty sure more than a few F bombs were dropped tonight!! hahaha!

    2. Awesome job on your first WOD back Catherine 🙂 I don’t know if we’ve met or not, but I’m happy to have you back anyway and look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

  20. WU x2
    Test WOD: 1:35
    Strength: Push Press x5

    WOD: 2 mins/ 7 rounds/ Death by…
    200m run
    7 Jumping Pullups
    10 Box Jumps (20”)


    I had a stitch in my side and felt like I was going to puke….Happy Festivus to all 😀

    1. Holy guacamole Mel you were faster on your last round too!!! What’s in the water you and Dan drink?

  21. I feel like an addict waiting for my fix… I wonder what the workout will be tomorrow?? Not registered but I just may join you… Otherwise I’ll have to wait til Monday :O

  22. WU x2
    Strength: Back Squat x1
    165-185-205-225 (PR, woohoo past 200)

    WOD: 2 mins/ 7 rounds/ Death by…
    (scale 2)
    100m run
    7 Jumping Pullups
    10 Box Jumps

    1:20 (slipped first box jump)

  23. Strength 3×1
    Deadlift 185-215-250

    Every 2min for 7 rounds
    200m run
    7 pull ups
    10 Box jumps

    1- 1:22
    2- 1:20
    3- 1:22
    4- 1:20
    5- 1:22
    6- 1:22
    7- 1:21

    Different but fun workout, was scared when I first saw it and understood how it worked!

    But fear is good… As talked about earlier this week, I train at crossfit Moncton because it’s always a challenge. I’ve always strived for success. For example, when applying for a business loan to open up my massage therapy clinic, I was told a few times by the person who was supposed to help me get a loan that my type of business often doesn’t work. After the third time of him putting me down and saying that, I just replied that I never once failed at something that I had set my mind to and will not fail at this… I’ve been in business for 6 years and it’s still growing… So in your face!!! Same for WODs, loved that article and I will say f@!# yeah, in your face at the end! The fear of failure makes you succeed. I fear failure before some wods and that just makes me push to new limits. That is succes!

  24. CFWU x2

    Trial run: 2:07 (1 round of WOD) (didn’t run fast enough…)

    Strength: Front Squat
    3 sets: 3x 75-80-85

    Every 2 minutes for 7 rounds:

    Run 200m, 7 pullups (no bands), 10 box jumps

    Scale #3:
    Run 100m, 5 jumping pullups, 7 box jumps


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