Death by what?!

On the minute, every minute, complete the following…

1 Deadlift (275/185#) + 1 Burpee
1 Deadlift + 2 burpees
1 Deadlift + 3 burpees

Continue adding 1 burpee each round until you can not longer complete the work in the one minute round.

Compare to July 8/10

Pullups aren't that scary Jane

21 thoughts on “Death by what?!”

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  2. 15 squats
    15 pushups
    15 tuck jumps
    -group pushup

    WOD as rx’d
    14 rounds + 11

    This was heavy for me today. Failed 4 deadlifts in the first 2 rounds. Thanks for the pointers on the deadlifts Sonia. Thanks to everyone who pushed me through round 14. 🙂

  3. 15 squats
    15 pushups
    15 tuck jumps

    -group pushup

    WOD 265 lbs

    12 rounds + 9 Burpees

    Great job everyone!

  4. WOD: Rx (185#)

    11 rounds + 10 burpees

    July 8th: I used 155# and I had 10 rounds + 9 burpees so I am really happy with my results today. My burpees are getting better and I do not hate them quite as much as I used to.

    Great job everyone! I love the positive energy from the Saturday morning work outs.

  5. I look like I’m thinking, “Zoinks, Scoobie, I think there’s a Sasquatch behind me!”

    12 rounds + 7 Burpees @ 145#

  6. WU times 2 plus mobilty

    WOD “Micheal”

    3 rounds of
    800 m run
    50 good mornings (45#)
    50 situps

    Time 24:43 PR (my time on June 2nd was 25:31 and I used 35#) 🙂

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