Death by Pullups

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Compare to Oct.30/09

During yesterday’s workout, there was a lot of carelessness when taking off plates. If you’re not careful, you and/or others could get very hurt. Please take a moment to watch the video below.


60 thoughts on “Death by Pullups”

  1. Mobility

    Shoulder Press: 45, 55, 65, 75, 80

    WOD: Death by Pullups
    1/min, 2/min, 3/min, etc
    With blue band finished Round 7 and got 5 in round 8

    Much more tiring than I expected!

  2. WU x 1 + 400m row

    Push Jerk x 5

    WOD: “Death by Pullup”
    15 + 15 pullups

    Note to self, tape. Could have made the next round for sure but I’m a wimp when it comes to hand tears.
    Nice sharing the bar with you Jack, your push jerks were smooth.

  3. If anyone has any empty maple syrup bottles, I’d take them off your hands… Please save them for me? 🙂

  4. wuX1, + 400m Row
    Push press 5RM

    17 rds + 13
    used green band for the first ten rounds then added the skinny purple one for the remainder of the workout. I really liked this one!

  5. Wu x 1
    400 m row

    Front squat x 5 95-105-110-115- 120 (x4, PR)

    WOD Death by pull ups; blue band
    8rds + 7

  6. WU x 1 + 400m row

    Push Press x 5

    WOD: “Death by Pullup”
    13 + 10 pullups
    Used a bunch of different bands.

  7. WU x 1 + 400m row

    Cleans x 5
    Legs were mush from yesterday.

    WOD: “Death by Pullup”
    10 rounds
    Blue band and purple band last two rounds

  8. Great work everyone this morning! So much hard work was put in and very inspiring to watch you all!!!!

  9. Mobility
    WU X 1 400M Row

    Strenght Overhead Squat #25
    WOD Death by Pull Ups (Rings)

  10. mobility + 400m row

    push press

    Wod death of pull ups
    finish 16 in 16 min

  11. Strength
    Worked on some kipping HSPU

    WOD Rx

    14 + 9 pull-ups

    I think I said 11 in my last round that’s too many I was disoriented lol.

  12. mobility
    wu x 1
    400m row
    strength – shoulder press x 5
    95, 105, 105 x 3

    WOD : Death by Pull ups
    11 rounds & 11 pull ups
    cash out – shoulder & bicep stretch

  13. mobility
    wu x 1 add figure 4
    400m row
    strength – Cleans x 2(Worked on my form, butt out and full extension)
    40, 45, 55, 60, 55, 35

    WOD : Death by Pull ups(blue & purple band)
    11 rounds & 11 pull ups
    cash out – shoulder & bicep stretch

  14. WU x 1
    400m row
    shoulder press x5
    95-100-115-125-140(3) sore wrist and shoulder

    WOD: “Death by Pullup” Rx

    12 + 8 pullups

  15. WUx1
    400m Row

    Strength – Cleans X5

    Finally and officially my 1st ring Muscle Up. Thanks to Joanna for forcing me to try the false grip again after nearly a year. It felt easy.
    Now I can focus on the DU’s.

    WOD as Rx’d

    15+11 Pullups

    Excellent job 6:45 crew!

  16. MOB
    Row 400m

    Strength = OHS x 5
    Felt really really solid!

    Death by Pullups
    12 + 10

    Great Job 6:45 crew!
    Gabriel!!! You are an inspiration! My hat’s off to you brother!
    I’ll be happy to count for you while you do all the work any time! *hehe*

  17. mobility Oly WU

    Group Burgener
    Group Mobility

    Snatch Balance

    Snatch (Full Squat)

    3x 120
    2x 135
    2x 145
    1x 155
    1x 160

  18. 13.4
    60 Reps (finished the round of 12’s)

    Thanks once again to everyone who came to cheer and judge 🙂 Special thanks to my judge who didn’t screw up the counting 🙂

  19. Mobility
    WU X 1
    400m Row

    Strength: Deadlifts x 5

    WOD : Death by Pull ups(Green band)
    11 rounds & 6 pull ups

    Did the first round with no band and 1 of the two in the second round.

    10 – Wall balls 20#
    116 Single unders

  20. WOD: 10 rounds + 9 pullups, I think

    My hands were ripping and I got wimpy – I could have completed the 11th round I’m sure.

  21. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m row

    Strength: shoulder press x 5

    WOD: Death by Pull-ups
    Blue and purple band

    8 + 8

  22. Mobility
    400 m row

    Push Press
    95,125,135,145,155 x 5

    Death by Pull ups

    Score 17 rd +14 RX

  23. Heather Colleen

    400 m row

    Deadlift – KB

    Death by Pull ups – One arm ring rows

    Score 14 + 9

  24. Mobility
    WU X1

    foam rolling and lacrosse ball fun

    Death by pull up

    10 rds + 7

    Great job every one.

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