Strength – 3RM Deadlift

5 rounds
50 Doubles
10 Deadlifts (225/155# or 60%)
30 AbMat Situps

*Time cap – 18 min

Another powerhouse mother/daughter duo
Another powerhouse mother/daughter duo

16 thoughts on “Deads”

    1. Done, hope your feeling better soon. Missed ya today as it was 90’s music theme day.

  1. Great photo! You guys rock!
    Looks like a good WOD. My hamstrings are still hurtin’, I almost want to go in today to have someone smash them lol

  2. Mob 45min
    Lab strict hspu
    25# + ab mat 5 reps
    10# + ab mat 5 reps
    Ab mat 2 reps

    Deadlifts 3rep

    5 rounds 18min cap
    50 du
    10 dl 225#
    30 ab mat sit-ups

    Time: 14:58rx

    Fun class today Ron thanks for the wu and kickin tunes.

    Great pic today

  3. Warmup
    Deadlifts (3) 175-185-200-210-225PR

    WOD RXD : 12:59

    Fun WOD. Great day at the gym. Listening to music from high school was perfect. I swear I moved faster lifting to Busta Moves.

  4. Mob + WUx1 + Group WU

    Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

    WOD Rx = 17:10

    Skipping was a little off today, broke DL in R2&3 in 5-5. Situps got hard quick,

  5. Heather Colleen


    Shoulder Press/OHS Complex (3=3)

    Shoulder Press/Thruster Complex (3+3)
    50-55-60(failed 3rd SP)

    Wall balls 16# 9′


    Group WU (so fun!!)

    Deadlifts 3rep

    155-165-170-175-180 (not PR, but back felt tight)

    5 rounds 18min cap
    50 du
    10 dl 125#
    30 ab mat sit-ups

    Time: 15:08

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