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Deadlifts x2


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts (225/155# or 65%)
Handstand Pushups

*15 min cap

Compare to Mar.31/13


48 thoughts on “Deadline”

  1. Shawn Johnson


    Deadlifts x2


    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlifts. (21 reps @225# then knocked it back to 185 for remainder.)
    Handstand Pushups

    Time – 13:38

  2. Sumo Dead Lift (lower back pain)

    Sumo DL 95#

  3. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Crossover symmetry
    Shoulder still not great, tested hspu, seemed ok
    Strength deadlift x 2
    225 x 5/ 325/ 350/ 375/ 405/ 425 x 2
    Wod: Diane
    Rx’d 7:39
    17 seconds slower than last time, but shoulders were better last time. So, happy with that!!!
    Great class Mario and great work 6 amer’s!!

  4. 8h00am Lab + 8h30am Class

    Mob + WUx2

    EMOTM 16 mins (alternate)
    – 7x GHD Back Extensions (hands behind head)
    – 7x GHD Situps (parallel)

    Group WU

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5-5-5

    … differed from posted strength, testing what I was comfortable with on deadlift today. 205# was the right place to stop.

    WOD: “Diane” scaled
    Deadlift 135#
    Pike Pushups (toes on 30″ box)
    = 7:52

    Haha… slower than my actual Rx time. Scaled appropriately but I forgot how much of a bitch pike pushups are. Could’ve managed the first set better.


  5. Deadlifts x2
    260-280-300-320-340 (about 10# less per set than %’s)

    WOD Rx’d
    7:50 (PR)

    Didn’t think that was going to happen, but the HSPUs went surprisingly well. Definitely another PR for next time.

  6. WU
    Deadlifts x2
    I stopped there because my back was angry at my lack of DL’s in the last 3 months.

    WOD Diane
    DL’s 155#
    HSPU scaled to HR push ups
    Time: 7:14

    Took it slowish on the big round of DL’s as my back was tight.

  7. Deadlifts x 2

    WOD Rx’d

    time = 13:20

    Really happy to complete this workout as Rx! Great job nooners! Tough and sweaty WOD.

  8. Deadlifts x 2
    WOD “Diane”
    DL @ #135
    Time: 6:45
    Great job nooners!

  9. Open gym

    Front squat
    55-85-105-125-145-155×3/165-175×1 – was hoping for a PR but not today.

    Split jerk x2
    85-85-85-95-95 – kept it light to work on form.


    Deadlift x2

    WOD: Diane


    Deadlifts @ 135
    HSPU with 10# + abmat

    1 HSPU left at time cap.

    HSPU’s = frustrating!
    Fun and sweaty nooner!

  10. Warmup
    3 sets of 3 pull-ups (yah)

    DL (x2) 85-105-115-135-145
    WOD with 105lbs and handrelease push-ups

  11. Deadlifts X 2


    WOD – Diane


    Deadlifts @ 185
    HSPU scaled to HR Pushups

    Time = 5:57

    Kept Deadlift weight light because lower back was tight.

    Thanks for the class Kevin!

  12. Mob
    WU x2

    group mob- WU

    Deadlifts x2
    wu @115# x5

    WOD “Diane”
    Deadlifts (145#)
    Box pushups

    Time: 6.43

  13. Deadlifts x2

    WOD: Diane
    Deadlifts @ 145#
    HSPU w/ abmat

    Time: 11:35

    Whoa man that was tough, first wod with just an abmat for HSPU and they got tough. Wasn’t sure I would finish in the middle.

    Great work everyone, thanks Kevin!

  14. Deadlifts x 2

    Word: Diane
    DL @ 155
    HSPU as pike push-ups on 20″ box/knees
    Time 4:54

    Finished my 12 week running program last week so this is the first Tuesday in a long time I’ve got to do the wod and yay! it was deadlifts which I love! Now if I could just get those HSPU…..

    1. ummmmm Heather, that’s INSANE! So fast! Also, pike pushups are no joke, no kipping = all strength. Way to go!! And congrats on the running program, also awesome!

  15. mob wux2
    group wu
    deadlift x2
    135×5 wu
    WOD Diane
    deadlift 185#
    handstand push up(pike push up)
    time 3:14

  16. Deadlift x2

    Deadlifts @135#
    Pike pushups from knees 20″ box

    Time: 6:40

    For me, this was one of those WOD’s that I looked at and thought: “Oh that doesn’t look too bad. It’s’ got Deadlifts, it’ll be fun!”
    But it turned out to be much harder than I thought it was going to be.

    Oh, who am I kidding….every single WOD is like that for me 😛

    Great job 6PM!
    Thanks Marcel for all your deadlift pointers. Much appreciated!

  17. Did Diane during Open Gym

    Deadlift x 2


    25# plate & Ab mat (only a few reps were kipping)

    Time: 9:50

  18. Anyone else wondering what Lance is smiling at? He looks too happy to be carrying a KB overhead.

    Deadlift x 3

    Hand Stand Push Ups with Ab mat + 10# plate (did first 8 without the plate, but then added it)
    Dead Lifts @ 85#. This is all my back could take today.
    Time: 10:15

    HSPU were really tough. Fun WOD though.

  19. wux2
    group wu
    deadlifts x2

    WOD scaled
    225# deadlifts
    HR pushups
    time = 5:33
    PR of 20# for the deadlifts

    1. Frankie that was pretty fast, I think you need to start working on getting upside down!

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