5 rounds
30 sec Barbell Lunges
30 sec Burpees

David on the first WOD
David on the first WOD

55 thoughts on “Dafuq”

      1. lol yes that’s me. This picture of Dave is reminding me of the masters men snatch ladder wod…the judges were all lined up next to the athletes and it was just about to start and Dave was about to go out. Robert, Marcel, Tom from MCF, and lots of other familiar faces were waiting to go, and one of them behind me yelled out “GO OLD GUYS!!!”…it made me LOL
        The commend was funny but in all seriousness, there is nothing ‘old’ about these guys. They were awesome this weekend.

  1. 350 m straight arm row
    Practiced DU’s, I think I’ve got the single-single-double-single-single-double..
    WU x 1

    Strength OHS x 5
    55-65-75-80 (not low enough of this set)

    WOD @ 65#
    86 reps

    This one left me saying..what Dafuq!?..:) Good job Gilles Heavy lunges!

  2. Mob
    350 Straight leg Row – 134.4 sec
    Strength: Cleans x5

    5 Rounds
    30 sec Barbell Lunge (65 lbs)
    30 sec Burpees

    74 Reps

  3. Nice pic! Had the pleasure of judging David on the Deadlift-Sprint-Squat-DU-Sprint WOD, solid form throughout the whole thing! Never had to second guess his reps.

  4. 350 m strait leg row
    Strength squat clean x3
    95 115 135 155 160
    WOD. Debug 5 rounds
    30 sec barbell lunges. 95lbs
    30 sec burpees
    Rounds. 67
    Rob brydges

  5. Mobility

    350 Straight leg Row

    Push Press x5

    “Dafuq” –> Yup.

    5 Rounds
    30 sec Barbell Lunge (35#)
    30 sec Burpees

    63 Reps

    800m run

  6. Mobility

    350 Straight leg Row

    WU X 1

    Strength: Shoulder Press X 5

    WOD – “Dafuq”

    5 Rounds
    30 sec Barbell Lunge (55 lbs)
    30 sec Burpees

    65 Reps

    400m Run

  7. Mob
    350 m Straight Leg row
    Strength Back Squat X5, 60-55-50-45-40
    WOD – “Dafuq”
    5 rounds
    30 sec Barbell Lunges
    30 sec Burpees
    57 Reps

  8. Mob / 350m Straight-Leg Row
    WU x 1

    Push Jerk x 5
    (tied PR, but wanted to correct form rather than push for another PR)

    5 Rounds
    — 30 sec Barbell Lunges @ 105#
    — 30 sec Burpees

    Score: 86 reps

    I did not understand the name of WOD until the first set of lunges *after* the burpees…”dafuq” indeed. Had a really good start, and kept the pace I wanted each round. Felt good considering I was sick in bed all day yesterday.

    Nice work nooners!

  9. Mob
    350m straight arm row
    Strength – overhead squat
    Having a really hard time with this one. I cant seem to put any weight over my head in the OHS position. When I squat down I can barely hold on to the weight. Practice practice practice..

    15-35-45-55-65 x 5

    5 rounds
    30 sec Barbell Lunges 65#
    30 sec Burpees

    71 Reps

    1. Nice score Caleb!

      Don’t worry too much about the OHS. It’s a goat for many will come over time. Like you said, practice, practice, practice! I found doing them in my warm-up with a dowel, facing the wall helped with my balance a lot. Always something to work on!

  10. Mobility
    350m row with straight legs (weird)
    WU x 1

    Strength: Deadlifts (x3)
    Great sharing a bar with you Dave..and thanks for workin’ your sports psychology magic 😉

    WOD (with weight suggested by Kevin….Oh when will I learn?)
    5 rounds
    30 sec of barbell lunges @95#
    30 sec of burpees

    Total = 80 reps

    *you know its bad when I am looking forward to the 30 sec of burpees…

    Cashout – couch stretch 30 sec x 2 (each leg) *note to self, DO THIS MORE OFTEN!

    Great work 4:15 crew 🙂 .

  11. @Home (noon)

    Mob + WUx1

    AMRAP 1 min – Push-ups = 41 (unbroken)
    AMRAP 1 min – Pull-ups, strict = 10 (7 unbroken)
    AMRAP 1 min – Air Squats = 55
    AMRAP 1 min – Sit-ups = 30

    Score = 136 (1min Rest in between cycles)

    @CFM (5h45)

    Mob + Row 375m (Straight Leg) + WUx1

    EMOTM 10 min – Shoulder Press Ladder (60% + 5% increments)

    WOD @ 135# = 87reps … ouch

    I favored going slow & steady on the lunges, try to have bar stopped on the ground at 29s to hammer out the burpees without wasting time. Great workout! Good job 5h45!

  12. Mobility
    350 m Straight Leg Row (150ish m were done with straight arms, instead! Oops!)
    WU x 1

    Strength: Push Jerk @ 5 x 35-40-45-50, then 4×55 – failed on last rep! :S

    WOD: “Dafuq” w/20#

    >>> if we ever had a “Most Aptly Named WOD” award, I think this would be a winner!
    >>> Two things I don’t like in one WOD = SUPER fantastic awesomesauce, right there! LOL! 😛

    Score: 37 (boo hiss!)

  13. Row
    Warmup with c2b pull-ups and toes to bar (yay for getting the kip)
    Snatch practice with 55lbs

    WOD @65lbs
    86 (totally messed up my counting, so I went with the lower number)

    Um..that second round of lunges was terrible.
    Worked on false grip ring pull-ups

  14. Mob / 350m Straight-Leg Row
    WU x 1

    Deadlift x 5

    5 Rounds
    – 30 sec Barbell Lunges @ 65#
    – 30 sec Burpees

    Score: 62 or 72 (The more I over think it, the more I think I only did 62 – so, dafuq)

    And I hit a brick wall when I went into the 2nd set of lunges.

    I need to start pushing myself more n more. I find I pace myself a lot (to be safe) – then in workouts like today I realize last round that I know I could have gone faster in my burpees for more reps and better prs.

    Oh well, live n learn. So feel free to tell me to go harder if you ever see me slow down. Chances are I’m subconsciously telling myself to conserve energy to be able to finish the WOD. *Biggest fear = incomplete wod

    Thanks for the DU’s tips Jeff. That’ll be a working process.

    1. Sure only you know if you had some left in the tank… But experience ( and a list of injuries) tells me it’s better to take it a little too slow than too fast… Not a sprint but a marathon…

  15. mobility

    350 m straight leg row

    Group mobility

    Clean pulls x 3

    135 155 175

    Front Squat x 2

    115 165 175 180 180 180

    A little Tabata Treat to end the class…Tabata power cleans @ 50% of max – 95#

    Total = 53

  16. Mobility

    300M Straight Arm row

    Foam rolling and Lacrosse ball work,

    More mobility work with Kevin and Joanna

    Clean Pulls x 3
    75%-85%-95%105% (100-125-140-160)

    Front Squats x 2
    50%-75%-80%-85%-85%-85% (95-135-150-160-160-160)

    TABATA Power clean @ 50% of Power Clean 1RM (75%)

    Such fun night! It was great sharing the bar with you Jeff and Rob!

  17. Mobility
    350 straight leg row ( interesting…)
    Wu x 2

    Cleans 5 rm to 100# ( finally back to pre-injury weights on all lifts)

    Wod with 65#: 90 reps

    Lots if tight muscles stretch and lacrosse ball fun

  18. Mobility

    350m Straight leg row

    Foam rolling and Lacrosse ball work,

    More mobility work with Kevin and Joanna

    Clean Pulls x 3
    I don’t quite have the feel for these yet not sure why.. trying to stay a bit lighter till it clicks

    Front Squats x 2
    These felt awesome tonight, working hard on form and sticking in the bottom of the movement for a two count is starting to pay off!! 🙂

    to end the evening.. Kevin (with his normal “they are gonna hate me for this grin” ) says put 50% of your clean on a bar, starts the clock and says “tabata power cleans”.. 10 seconds later, no thought, no nerves.. just get er done! woot! so much fun, so much pain!
    tabata @95 65 reps..

  19. Mobility
    350m straight leg row
    WU x 1 (did 6 pull-ups with blue band and 4 with green…two more than yesterday…)

    Strength: Cleans x 5
    40-45-50-55 (ran out of time to do last round)

    30 sec lunges 45#
    30 sec burpees

    Score: 49
    Tried really hard to get to 50 with the last set of burpees…so close.

  20. Mobility
    350 m straight leg row
    WU x 1

    30 sec lunges ( 75#)
    30 sec burpees

    total score was 60

  21. Mobility
    350 M Straight Leg Row
    WU x 1
    Front Squat
    95,115,135,155,175 x 5 PR 10#

    5 Rounds

    30 sec Lunges (95#)
    30 sec Burpees

    Score: 81

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