8 thoughts on “CrossFitter’s Christmas List”

  1. @ 11 @ the gym
    I’m going @ the gym to do a outside WOD today @ 11. If anyone interested to join, feel free.
    run 800 meters
    run 400 meters backwards
    run 800 meters
    run 400 meters backwards

  2. This is a great post, Kevin!! Lots of great ideas! I wish I would have thought of some of these things sooner, I would have had Santa very busy buying them! I’m starting my list for next year. 🙂

  3. “Griff” —> 13:48
    PR by 26 seconds. Not as much of a PR as I thought but still happy with it. It felt great to get outside. Thanks Amanda and Marc!

  4. What a great workout!! Thanks Marc & Jeff!

    WOD: “Griff”

    T = 17:31
    PR: 1:34

    I was afraid Jeff was going to pass me running backwards while I was going forward… 🙂

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