CrossFit Total

Here are the “rules”.

3RM CrossFit Total

Back squat, 3Β rep
Shoulder Press, 3Β rep
Deadlift, 3Β rep

Post total to comments.


20 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. MOB
    WU 2 Min row

    Open gym
    Get to a heavy single in Snatch and C&J
    95 (3) 115(3) 135(2) 155(1) 165(1) 185(1) 195(f) 195(1) 200 (PR) 205(F) 205(F) 205(F)
    Hurt my thumb in anger after dropping the weight after missing the third time. facepalm I already regret it.
    135(1) 225(1) 245(F)
    Now my shoulder started hurting after 225 and felt horrible with 245 so I had to stop… angry! Decided to stay for 10am class I needed some cheering up πŸ˜€
    WOD: 3RM Total
    Squat: 320
    Press: 155
    Deadlift: 375
    Total: 850
    I have to say that the class was what I needed the atmosphere was awesome! Great time sharing the bar with everyone.
    Blake/ Mario thank you so much for letting me in the class to play with you guys

  2. 9am lab: mobility and warm up for 3RM CF Total

    3RM CF Total:
    Back Squat: 175-185-195#
    Press: 75-85×2-85#
    Deadlift: 185-195-205#

    Total score: 485#

    PRs all around πŸ™‚
    This was so much fun, amazing effort and great form all through the gym.
    Thank you, coaches!

    1. Forgot to put 15# pr for back sqaut, 15# pr for deadlift and no pr for press but first time doing strict press since hurting my shoulder in February so I’ll take it!

  3. WOD: 3RM Total
    Squat: 165# (15# PR )
    Press: 80# (5# PR )
    Deadlift: 175# (15# PR )
    Total: 420#

    This was an amazing class. Loved sharing the bar with so many people and cheering each other on! So much fun!

  4. Great job everybody this morning! It’s amazing how you all put great effort in your movement mechanics. Thanks for being patient with such a large group throwing weight around. Fun time for sure!

  5. All the PRs!!

    Mob, WUx2, Samson complex

    Back squat 3RM:
    140 – 155 – 170 (20# PR, matched my 1RM)

    Shoulder press 3RM:
    60 – 75 – 85 (15# PR)

    Deadlift 3RM:
    225 – 260 – 275 (10# PR)

    CrossFit Total 3RM: 530 (20# PR over my CrossFit Total 1RM from September!!

  6. CFT – 3 reps

    Back Squat – 235-255-265

    Press – 115-125-135F (2)

    Deadlift – 285-325-335

    Total: 725

    Great energy today thanKs to Mario & Blake.

  7. Crossfit total
    Back squat: 140-150-165(1) 1rm match
    Press: 55-60-62# pr
    Deadlift: 165-175-190#pr!
    Pumped about the deadlift!! Great work by everyone this morning.

  8. Came in for the drop-in. Figured I might as well practice my cleans as long as I was there.

    65(3)-95(3)-115(3)-135(3)-155(2)-175(1) 10# PR.

    Thanks for the tips Blake & Jason.

  9. Great job today everyone! Lots of PRs and all around awesomeness! Really well organized Blake and Mario πŸ™‚

  10. Back Squat – 405 (20# PR)
    Press – 175
    Deadlift – 375 (30# PR)

    Total – 955# (30# PR)

    Last time lifts were:

    Squat – 385
    Press – 195
    Deadlift – 345

    Thanks for the class Blake/Mario!!

    Amazing day at the gym today!

  11. What a great day at the gym!
    I’m so glad I decided to stay after the Skills Lab this morning.
    Great work everyone! Really great energy πŸ™‚

    CF Total= 325#

  12. 3 Rep CrossFit Total

    Back Squat: 100-135-150
    Shoulder Press: 60-65-70
    Dead Lift: 140-165-190
    CrossFit Total = 410

    Super fun class. I forgot how much fun CrossFit Total is. It’s been forever since we’ve done this.

    1. Great work today! Thanks so much for the encouragement and “gentle” push to up my weights!! πŸ™‚

  13. This was so much fun! I enjoyed being surrounded by the cheers of encouragement and all the strong athletes!!!

    Back squat (should go heavier)
    3 x 120
    3 x 140
    3 x 165
    *35# PR

    Shoulder Press
    3 x 75
    3 x 85
    3 x90
    *No PR

    Deadlift (should go heavier)
    3 x 155
    3 x 170
    3 x 185
    *35# PR

    Great work ladies! πŸ™‚

  14. Open gym Sunday, Mobility and Wu and extra mobility
    Crossfit total 3rm
    Back squat 365/ 375 for 1
    Shoulder press 145
    Deadlift 455
    Total 965
    Back was stiff all week so didn’t push any harder, was able to match what I had for pr’s.
    First Strength in months! Shoulder press is down, but shoulder us still healing… Pretty happy with the results!!

  15. Open Gym:
    Practice 1RM Clean & Jerks:
    EMOM for 10:
    5 min at 135
    5 min at 185
    then did 1 rep every 3min up to max
    1 reps at 195
    2 reps at 205
    1 rep at 225
    1 rep at 230(F)
    1 rep at 225(F)
    1 rep at 225 successfull finish on this rep.

    NEW PR 225#

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