CrossFit Total

Even if that class is full on ZenPlanner, please come anyway. We can handle a larger class this morning.

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to May 7/11

Julia on the warm-up workout

55 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. My crossfit total today = poop.

    Not one PR. Not even 1 rep on the deadlift at 20lbs less than my PR, AND I hurt my back pretty bad. WTF???

    I did have fun watching other people getting all kinds of PR and improving their techniques. Nice work everyone!

    1. I think you were in “coach” mode today….not your usual “athlete” mode. 😉
      Hope your back feels better soon.

  2. Awesome Totals everyone!
    Lots of PRs and tons of energy in the gym this morning.

    I apologize for the near-miss with the weights. Got in a rhythm of plate changes and wasn’t paying attention. Lesson learned. 😕

  3. I was gonna go today… But two of the mouvements out of 3 @ a max weight aren’t a good idea w my still healing hip flexer.

    Have a great weekend 😉

  4. Kevin – 3:42 for the call out. You wrecked the workout buddy!

    Going to MSG you on Facebook in a few!

  5. CrossFit Total

    BS = 250 – 265 – 290(pr) …
    SP = 130 – 150(x) – 140 …
    DL = 300 – 330 – 360(pr) …

    Total = 790 (pr, 50#)

    CFT is always fun, first time since mid-week I’ve been able to put any weight on my ankle, like Coach said, maybe I should get injured more often, haha… (there, jinxed it)

    Great job everyone!

  6. I had a great time at the gym this morning! I had forgotten how much fun Saturdays are, I’m glad I went. And glad I got to see lots of people that I don’t normally get to workout with.
    Great job today everyone!
    I panicked a little when I put the 160# on my shoulders for the back squat – Thanks Jo & Sherri for the encouragement!


    Back squat – 130-150-160
    Shoulder Press – 70-75-80(f).
    Deadlift – 160-185-205

  7. There were some big numbers put up on the board today! Congrats!

    Thanks to the volunteer spotters and weight changers. It made the morning go by very smooth.

    And Ron! What the hell?! Congrats on the muscle-up. Head on over to my facebook if you want to see it.

  8. CFT (Colossal F**kin Train wreck)
    Back Squat 115-125(f)-125(f)
    Press 60-70(f)-70(f)
    Deadlift 160-175(f)-175(f)

    On the bright side, I’m a super good box dancer and my hair looked awesome.

      1. oh…and the Saturday night wine tasting was already sold out by the time we got home, so we’ve opted for Saturday afternoon if your still thinking about it. Now we have a legit. excuse to start sipping early in the day!

  9. Crazy fun at CFM this morning! The energy was incredible. Nice to see some folks I don’t get to see on the weekdays (yup, talking about all you early birds).

    Back squat – 185-210-220 (10#PR)
    Shoulder press – 90-100-105 (f)
    Deadlift – 245-285-295 (10#PR)

    Total = 615 (PR of 40# since May 2011)
    Very happy with this! Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement 🙂

  10. CFT:
    back squats: 145-150-165(f)
    Shoulder press: 60-70-80(pr)
    Deadlift: 165-195-210(f)
    Total: 425 (5#pr)

    Really happy about my 5# pr on shoulder press :). Congrats Ron on your MU!! And thanks Heather for helping me with baby Gabrielle :). Great job everybody!

  11. CFT:

    Back Squat: 150-165-170 (PR)
    Shoulder Press: 60-70-75(F)
    Dead Lift: 190-210-220(F)
    Total = 450
    A whopping 5# increase since May, but I’ll take it.
    I am coming for that 220 dead lift later this week…very close.

    Lots of fun this morning. Ron, you did that muscle up like it was something you did every day. Very impressive. Glad I was still there to see it.

  12. CFT

    Back Squat 245-275-285F

    Shoulder Press 125-130-135F

    Deadlift 315-360-370F

    Total = 765

    Pretty consistent — failed everyone of my last lifts; however, on the bright side a 15 lbs PR on my CFT 🙂

    Excellent work today everyone, great energy and lots of encouragement in the room. Ron WTF first time trying a muscle up and you nail it! AMAZING!

  13. CFT: 585 (PR #55)
    Back squat 175, 200, 220 (PR)
    Shoulder press 95, 125, 135 (PR)
    Deadlift 185, 210 (PR), 230 (PR)

    BIG PR……. My first muscle up today.

    1. Thank you everyone for the kind words, I must admit I was real surprised I got it and on felt on top of the world after…… 6 hours later I am still on a high.

  14. Your muscle up was awesome! I loved the combined look of accomplishment and amazement on your face! Priceless!

  15. Great job to everyone on their PR’s today..smiles.. Way to go Ron on getting your first muscle up!!

  16. CFT
    Back Squat 250-280(F)-275(F)
    Press 110-130(F)-125
    Deadlift 360-400(F)-385

    Total 760 PR by 50

  17. First time doing CFT

    Back squat 165, 185, 210 (PR 25#)
    Shoulder press 105, 115, 125 (PR 5#)
    Deadlift 265, 300 (F), 300

    CFT: 635#

    Happy to get my Squat over 200#; happy with Press as I was stuck at 120# forever and happy with Deadlift cause I was not feeling very strong this am.
    Energy was through the roof – PRs all over the place! Thanks to those that came in and helped make the day run so smoothly!

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