CrossFit Total

Even if today is full on Zenplanner, and you need to get the benchmark wod done, just come anyway. Thanks!

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Allan being chased by a sled

34 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. “CFT”
    Back Squat: 175-225-240 (PR by 5#)
    Shoulder Press: 125-140-145 (PR by 5#)… thank you HSPUs!
    Deadlift: 275-325-345 (PR by 20#)… Yay for reverse grip!

    Total = 730 (PR for CFT by 40#) πŸ™‚

    What a great morning. Congratulations everyone for all of the PRs!

  2. Mobility
    WU 33 Burpees, Happy Birthday Pat!
    And light weight lifting.

    CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 205-225-235(PR)
    Shoulder Press 115-125(f)-120(f)
    Deadlift 285-305-315(PR) – In the 300 Club now πŸ˜€

    Total 665 – PR by 270# from Sept 4th

    Great job everyone! Lots of PR’s!
    We all survived Paleo! Yippy. πŸ™‚
    Hope everyone goes on with paleo after the celebrations, it definitely works!

  3. CFT:
    Back Squat: 115 ~ 125(PR) ~ 130(PR)
    Shoulder Press: 60 ~ 65 ~ 70(PR)
    Deadlift: 165 ~ 175(PR) ~ 185(PR)
    –> TOTAL: 385! πŸ™‚

    First time doing the CFT. I’ve only been a crossfitter for 10 weeks, and I never imagined that I could do some of these lifts at these weights already. Hmmmm… Paleo maybe? πŸ™‚
    Great atmosphere at the gym today… glad I could be there to witness some of the great PR’s. ~~ Enjoy your “snowy” weekend!! ~~

  4. CFT

    Back Squat 235-255-265 PR
    press 115-130-135 PR
    Deadlift 275-320-340

    CFT of 740 pr by 115 πŸ™‚

    Couldn’t let Rob row by himself, so I decided to do the 1000 m row.

    Time 3:41 PR by 9 seconds πŸ™‚

    This goes down as one of my best days! Always love Saturdays — great work everyone!
    1000m row 3:37.2 pby 3.4 seconds

  5. 33 ‘pat’ burpees

    1000m row 4:01.7 yay!
    (sept 29 4:08.1)

    VERY impressive shit on the go today! loved the energy! wish i hadn’t done my CFT on wednesday, might have been able to squeek out a bit more weight with all the yelling

  6. Crossfit Total:

    Back Squat: 195-210-215(PR)
    Shoulder Press: 95-105-110(F)
    Deadlift: 265-285-295(F)

    Total: 605 PR by 20lbs

    The Curse of my shoulder press strikes again. Let’s see how it goes next time with my new strategy.

  7. CFT was fun!

    WU – some mobility and 33 birthday burpees.

    Back Squat – 100-125-135
    Shoulder Press – 65-80(f)-75(f) – booooo
    Dead Lifts – 135-155-170

    CFT = 370

  8. WU
    33 birthday burpees – Happy Birthday Patrick!

    1000m row: 4:54.4….

    This is definitively one of my biggest goat.
    Missed my PR by almost 10 sec.. I should be able to do better since I’m stronger then the last time.
    I’m blaming it on my bad technique, my sore legs and my lack of sleep!

    Excuses aside, I’m disappointed and need more practice on this big goat. I’ll do better next time!

    Good job everyone with today’s CFT, it was very impressive! πŸ˜€

  9. WU – 33 Birthday Burpees for Pat!

    CrossFit Total

    Squat 230-240-250
    Press 135-145-155(F)
    Deadlift 250-300-315

    CFT = 710 (Down 35#)

  10. WU – 33 Burpees. Enjoy your Birthday Pat!

    CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 130-160-170(F)
    Press 65-70-75 (F)
    Deadlift 185-195-200

    CFT = 430
    PR by a whopping 5#. Would have liked to seen a PR on the Back Squat & Press, but just wasn’t to be today. Maybe next time. Happy to be in the 200 club on the dead lift though, as I failed on that attempt in October.

    Great work this morning. Hearing all the encouraging cheers in the gym this morning was a great testament to the Cross Fit spirit.

    Impressive 100# Press Corinna…WOW!

  11. WU – 33 burpees. Happy Birthday Parick!

    Cross Fit Total

    Back Squat- 120-160-180(PR)
    Shoulder Press- 60-85-100(PR)
    Dead Lift- 180-225-250(F)

    CFT: 505
    I am really happy with my Shoulder Press total today.
    Great energy in the gym this morning. Congrats to all on their PR’s!!!!

    1. Corinna!! You blow my mind! 100 lbs shoulder press!!!!! I really admire how strong you are πŸ™‚

    2. Corinna your CFT is only 100lbs less than mine. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or if you should be really proud. Maybe a little bit of both LOL

      NICE WORK!!

  12. WU 33 b’day burpees for Pat

    Modified CFT
    Shoulder Press – none(doctors orders)-next time
    Amrap Deadlift @ 215
    20- PR by 8
    Amrap Back Squat @ 135
    25 – PR by 13!

    My first Saturday WOD in a long time – awesome energy!

    Happy birthday Pat!

  13. CFWU x 1
    33 B-Day burpees for Pat the man
    Backsquat – 225-265-275 PR πŸ˜€
    Shoulder press – 155-170-180 PR πŸ˜€
    DL – 315-385-385 matched PR

    total – 840 PR by 35#

    Super duper happy with my back squat and shoulder press PR. Good job everyone on a unbelievable Saturday WOD.

  14. Sorry, I forgot about Marcel who stepped up to go head to head since I had to do the 1000m. Thanks for being the kind of man Marc H. should aspire to be

    1. You are most welcome Sir, glad to be of service! And Marc don’t worry man, it’s good to have someone to model yourself after.

  15. Nice work today guys. Very impressive to see everyone’s hard work today. I think the kids got a good impression of what they will aspire to.

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