CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments. Compare to April 17.

If you haven’t seen the poster at the gym, I’ll be in a play this fall. Buy your tickets soon (I heard Saturday was already 1/2 sold out)! It’s going to be hilarious! Tickets can be bought at the locations mentioned on the poster.

22 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. Happy birthday Tracy 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic day and though it’s a funny concept, I really hope you don’t hurl with Earl 🙂

  2. 41 Burpees, happy birthday Tracy!

    Backsquat 200-225-240(PR)
    Shoulder Press 130-145-150(PR) <- made possible only by the cheering
    Deadlift 280-315-325(F)

    CFT: 705(PR by 125)

    Great job everyone, I love Saturday CFT days. 🙂

  3. CFT
    Backsquat 190-225-235(F)
    Shoulder Press 120-140(F)-140(F)
    Deadlift 275-325

    CFT –> 670
    20# less than PR.
    Missed the press and can’t wait to get back to a regular routine at the gym.

  4. 41 burpee WU. Happy B-Day Tracy 😀
    Backsquat 225-240-250PR
    Press 160-165-170PR
    Deadlift 315-375-385PR
    Total 805 50# PR total
    Congrats on all the new PR’s. IMPRESSIVE

  5. Well today was not so good for Coach.

    Squat – 255-275-285 (most it’s been in a long time)
    Press – 120-130(F)-130
    Deadlift – 315-355(F)-335(E for embarrassing)

    Total – 730 (80# away from record)

    Lots of amazing PR’s at the gym today! REALLY impressed!!

    Happy Birthday Tracy!

  6. 41 Burpees, Happy Birthday Tracy!

    WOD: CFT
    Backsquat: 145-155-165(PR)
    Press: 80-90F-85F 🙁
    Deadlift: 190-195PR-200F 🙁
    Total: 440

    Congrats on joining the 200 club Angela and Gabrielle!

  7. WU 41 Burpees for the Birthday gal. Happy Birthday Tracy!!

    Backsquat- 125-135-145PR
    Shoulder Press- 65-75-95PR
    Deadlift- 115-135-155PR

    Great work everyone! There where many PR’s today 🙂

  8. Two Words…200 CLUB!

    Yeah! Thanks for the push Mel, Jo and Sonia….
    I got a PR on all three today!
    Backsquat 120 – which was way too easy and I kind of feel like I cheated myself
    Press – 70
    Deadlift – 200

    pretty impressive results today for everyone!

  9. WOD: CFT

    Back Squat: 140-165-175(PR)
    Shoulder Press: 75-95-100F
    Deadlift: 180-220-240(PR)

    Total: 510

    This was my first time doing CFT. It was an awesome morning. Thanks for all the encouragement. Congrats to everyone on their PR’s.

  10. 41 Birthday Burpees

    WOD: CFT

    Squats 225-250f-250 PR by 5
    Shoulder Press 160-165-170 PR by 5 (five pounds over my body weight)
    Deadlift 275-315- 325 PR by 5

    Total 745

    Not bad for an old man! 😉

    Happy Birthday Tracy!

    Some amazing results everyone.

    1. I’m in total awe of you being able to shoulder press 5 pounds over your body weight! That is bleeping amazing 🙂 Congrats Guy!

  11. No assigned WU but we had a chance to get the muscles hot thanks to a birthday gift from Tracy. 41 birthday burpees! Thanks Tracy.

    WOD: CFT (Crossfit Total)

    Back Squat: 125 – 145 – 155(PR)
    Shoulder press:85 – 115F – 110F
    Deadlift: 185 – 205 – 225(PR)

    I was blown away by the atmosphere in the gym this morning. A little bit of nervousness mixed with anticipation added to a heaping amount group focus to support every individual effort.
    It has shown me again the caliber of people that I train and associate with.
    Congratulations to everyone!!

  12. Warm up with my favorite move, burpees !

    WOD: Crossfit Total

    Back squat-280-300-310(f) I know I have it just a little lower
    Shoulder press – 155-160-165(f) 165 is my PB I’m fine with 160 ha
    Deadlift – 315-350-385 Some definite improvement with my back staying strait, going to keep working on it.

    Total 845 PR by 40 lbs I want to get to 900!

    Awesome job today in the gym guys and gals, very inspiring.

    To all of those feeling down after todays WOD keep your head up, you have good days and bad days tweak your training and work hard next time you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Warm up birthday burpees ( the gift that keeps on giving) for Tracy 🙂


    back squat 115-120-130 pr 🙂
    Shoulder press 80-85f-85f (just got 85 last night phooeee)
    Deadlift 175-185-200 pr 🙂

    I believe I could have handled more weight on the BS and the dead – next time! Sad about my shoulder press but considering I lifted 85 just last night, I won’t cry myself to sleep tonight 🙂

    So impressed with everyone today! I echo what Gerry posted – what a great community we have 😀

    Favorite moment of the day – Mel’s triumphant deadlift with the big grunt – AWESOME!

    Enjoy the rest of your long weekend everyone!



    Back Squat – 110-120(f)-115
    Shoulder Press – 60-65-70(f)
    Deadlift – 135-170(f)-165

    Total – 345

    Super job today everyone!

  15. CFT

    Back Squat 215-230-245
    Soulder Press 120-140-150(f)
    Deadlift 200-225-250
    Total 635

    THat was a whole lot of fun! Everyone worked super hard! GOod job!

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