“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Joanna takes time to smile for the camera during Fight Gone Bad

18 thoughts on ““CrossFit Total””

    1. Oh i think that picture should be lost somewhere… theres enough pictures of me doing stupid stuff online and facebook. no need to add to it :). Great job everyone today. sorry i missed it. can’t wait to hit it all again this coming week :). Never thought i’d find a gym that i’d be excited to be going to.

  1. CFWU x1

    Back Squat: 100-115-120(PR)
    Shoulder Press: 55-60-x
    Deadlift: 145-160-170(PR)

    Total: 350

    Way to go GIRLS!!!

  2. Crossfit Total

    Back Squat: 195-200(f)-200(pr)
    Shoulder Press: 95-105(f)-100
    Deadlift: 245-255(pr)-275(pr by 30)

    Total 575

  3. “CFT”

    B-Squat: 200-225-235(F)
    (225 is PR by 5)

    Press: 135(F)-125-135(F)
    Disappointed. 15 less than my PR. Tough week on shoulders.

    Deadlift: 275-325-335(F)
    (325 is PR by 10)

    Total = 675
    (PR by 25 compared to Jan 2nd)

  4. Cross Fit Warm Up x 1

    WOD: Cross Fit Total

    Back Squat: 105-135-145(PR)
    Press: 60-70-75(F)
    Dead Lift: 155-175-185
    Total = 400
    Increase of 20 since January

  5. Crossfit Total

    Squat 100-115-120 (PR)
    Press 60-65-70(f) I will conquer this at some point.
    Deadlift 150-160-170 (PR)

    Total 355 PR by 20.

    Great job on your first Crossfit Total day Sarah and Joanna. Bigger numbers coming for you two for sure. Great job everyone.

  6. CFWU x 1

    CrossFit Total = 345 😀

    Back Squat 100-115-120(f)
    Shoulder Press 55-60-65(PR!)
    Deadlift 145-160-165(PR)

  7. WU x 1


    Back Squat 21-220-230(PR)
    Shoulder Press 150-155-160(PR)
    Deadlift 275-285-300(PR)

  8. CFWU x 1


    B-Squat: 185-205-220 PR
    (PR by 15)

    Press: 75-95-115 First attempt at press in over a month – felt OK.

    Deadlift: 210=250-300 PR by 50#
    Wasn’t sure on this one but, it was destiny. The date on my goal was Feb. 20 – had to go for it!

    Total = 635

    Very happy Jan. 2 result was 520.
    (PR by 115)

  9. CFWU x 1

    Crossfit Total = 695 PR by 45

    Back Squat 175-225-235PR
    Shoulder Press 90-120Failed-115
    Deadlift 225-335-345PR

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