CrossFit Total

Could there be better way to start the New Year? This will give you a great baseline for the start of 2010 and to check your progress from 2009.

β€œCrossFit Totalβ€œ

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Walls....balls....they rhyme!

45 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. CFWU x 2

    CFT: 1 Rep
    Back Squat 185-215-225PR
    Press 110 Fialed-100-110
    Deadlift 265-285PR-315PR

    Total: 650

    Good way to start the new year! Great job everyone, fun workout!

  2. CFT:

    Back Squat
    170-200-210(PR by 20)

    Shoulder Press
    120-135-140(F) (135 matches PR)

    250-285-305(PR by 40)

    Total: 650

    Big crowd and lots of fun! Thanks Kevin and Pierre for handling all of the weights!

    1. You were a force today Jeff! I looked at both your and Jamie’s post to figure out how to get the “Total” and you’re shorting yourself 5. Your true total is 655. just FYI.

  3. Warm up: 10 squats, 10 pullup, mobility

    wod: crossfit total
    Back squat: 155-175-185(f) match PR
    Press: 65-75(f)- 75(f)
    Deadlift: 155-200(f)-200 Match PR
    Total: 440 PR by 5

    Very impressive lifting from the girls side today!! πŸ™‚

  4. First Saturday class and it was great! I wish I could come to more… but that’s pretty much not going to happen. Glad I was there for this one though.

    WU x 3

    WOD = CrossFit Total 1 Rep

    Back Squat = 95-115-135 (PR by 20)

    Press = 95-115-125 (PR by 10)

    Deadlift = 115-125-135 (PR by 10)

    Total = 395

    I’ve only been going for just over one month and I really feel the difference. My PR’s were pretty easy today because I haven’t really gotten to my true MAX yet as I’m still just learning the moves and the Technique involved. But I was wowed by a lot of folks on both the girl and guy side. Great work everyone!


    1. Thats what its all about man, you will find your max just be patient ! good work today though! kept strong technique

  5. Ok, today sucked for me!

    Back squat –> 235-285-305(failed) (hurt my lower back when I failed on the 305 attempt….)
    Press –> 115-125(failed)-120(failed)
    Dealift –> 295-335-345(failed)

    Lots of failures and I am still angry about all that! I don’t even want to do my total.

  6. CFWU x 2

    CFT: 1 Rep

    Back Squat 135-170-200PR

    Press 85-120 failed – 115 failed

    Deadlift 145-200-235PR

    Total: 520

    My reliable shoulder press let me down today unfortunately. Good time anyway. Surpassed my previous CFT of 425. New goal will be to join the 300 lbs deadlift club.

    1. 95# in a month and a half! Awesome! …add 30 to 40 more for the usual shoulder press and you’ve made a huge improvement!

  7. Warm up… a few flying burpees and smiles!


    Back squat – 225 – 265 – 300 (f) very educational, I know why my squats are terrible now! 300 next time for sure!

    Press – 135 – 145 – 155(pr) by 10 lbs Felt really good, I should have went higher! Shoulders are improving soooo much!

    Deadlift – 225 – 265 – 325 (pr) Still trying to find my max here, 325 felt REALLY good 350 is defiantly doable I think!

    after the workout stuck around and managed 2 muscle ups in a row and a bunch of singles! so I guess thats a PR

    All in all a good day, Disappointed with my squat BUT failure leads to success!
    Great PRs everybody!

  8. Crossfit Total

    Back Squat: 145-165-195

    Press: 85-95-105(f)

    Deadlift: 205-225-245(pr)

    Total: 535

    What a fun day at the gym with so many people there.

  9. CFWU x 2

    “Cross Fit Total”

    Back Squat 85-105-115(Failed)
    Press 50-60-65(Failed)
    Deadlift 115-155-160(PR)

    Total 325

    Yay! CFT days are always fun. My last Total was 305 πŸ™‚ Super work today everyone!

  10. Warm up x 2

    CrossFit Total

    Back Squat 200 (PR)
    Press 150 (PR)
    Deadlift 275 (PR)

    Total 625

    My first time doing the CrossFit Total. I love that shit!! Great job everybody!

  11. Great job everyone! Lots of PR’s!

    Squat – 265-285-295
    Press – 110-125-135(F)
    DL – 285-355-390

    Total – 810 (PR by 10)

    Big thanks to Pat for helping with the logo on the wall today! It’s gonna look awesome!

  12. A picture of wall ball is making want to work out… how weird!!!!!

    I miss the gym, see you soon!!!

  13. CW x 1

    Crossfit Total
    Back Squat 155lbs
    Press 70lbs
    Deadlift 210lbs (PR)
    TOTAL: 435 (A PR by 60lbs)

    Sorry for the loud F bomb.
    Great job ladies!!!

  14. Back squat: 175-195-205 but questionable
    Press: 75-95-105fail
    Deadlift: 225-275-300 PR
    Total: 600 w 195bs

  15. I cleaned my neighbors driveway and he gave me a rum and coke….. I was supposed to not drink until March 21st…. shit!

  16. Squat 100,110,115 PR
    Press 60 65 Fail 65 Fail Darn that press. I will get to 70.
    Deadlift 140,150, 160 PR
    Crossfit Total 335 PR
    Great job everyone.

  17. So I’m already a day behind in my ambition to finally start posting my results in 2010… not off to a great start. I did my first cross fit total on November 14th, with a CFT then of 295. Results for today:
    Squat:100, 115, 130 PR
    Press:60, 65, 70 failed (70 on the press has been eluding me for a while…GRR!)
    Deadlift: 155, 175, 185 PR
    TOTAL: 380
    This is a really fun workout and is a great opportunity to see how you are doing in comparision with others. Here’s looking forward to 2010!

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