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  1. Easy open Gym

    Mobility for lats, back, legs, and firearms
    2km row
    Crossover symmetry
    Walking lunges w/35# KB per hand x25 steps
    3×20 60# KB deadlifts
    Bent over row 25# DB 3×10
    Strict DB press 20# 3×10
    Plank 3x 40sec

  2. Wu and mob
    Work on shoulder mobility exercise, Snatch movement bar 5reps #25,35,45

    Deadlift sets of 3x 5 rep @
    #135, 155, 175, 195
    Squat and hold for 10 sec in between sets

    No Knee issues today feels good for a back to back day work out

  3. OG :
    Crossover Symmetry
    Box Jumps on stacked plates up to 23 1/2″
    Approx 20 reps total at various heights.
    20 box jumps on 20″ box. Yay!

    Farmer Carry – 20m x2
    25# – 30# – 35# – 40# – 40# – 40#
    Definitely did not think I could do any farmer carries with 40# kettlebells, but I managed to do it for 3 rounds!

  4. 3RM CF Total

    Squat – 410#
    Press – 195#
    Deadlift – 395#

    Total – 1000#

    Congrats everyone on the PR’s.

    Amazing day at the gym!

    Thanks Kevin and Shane for organizing.

  5. CF Tota 3RM

    Back squat : 205
    Press: 90
    Deadlift: 250

    Total 545

    That is a 3 rm PR for deadlift. All other lifts I matched my 3rm which I’m pretty happy about that as well! Great morning at the gym!

  6. OG 2000m row for team 4
    Double under practice. Will get them if it kills me. Which it might.

    CF total. Score 650.
    Squat 245. Failed at 265 on 3rd rep
    Press 115. Could have gone heavier for sure
    DL 295. Failed 315 on third rep twice.

    Not even close to PRs. Just had no “fire” today. The weights wouldn’t move.

    1. Nice work on the double-unders Chris, you’ve got them, now relax and stop thinking about it.. 😉

  7. CrossFit 3RM Total!

    Back Squat – 290#
    Shoulder Press – 125#
    Deadlift – 375#

    TOTAL: 790#

    Stupid shoulder press… Always something work on. Saw lots of great lifts today! Thanks Shane & Kevin for keeping us organized!

  8. Cross fit total 3RM
    Back squat 140#
    Shoulder Press 80#
    Deadlift 190#
    Total 410

    All PRs

    Awesome vibe in the gym this am congrats to everyone on the PRs
    Thanks Shane,Kevin and Chantal

  9. 1500m row for team 4

    CrossFit Total 3RM
    Back Squat 100 #
    S. Press 65#
    Deadlift 155#
    Total: 320

    PRs on all the lifts!

    Fun day!

  10. CrossFit Total
    Robert: 350
    Back Squat 75-90-115
    Shoulder Press 65-85-100
    Deadlifts 105-125-135
    Me: 335
    Back Squat 65-80-110
    Shoulder Press 50-75 (fail)-70
    Deadlift 75-135-155
    Exciting Back Squat pr, deadlift I am still not close to my old 1rm of 180, but I am getting closer!
    I loved the excitement and support in the gym today.. Thanks to Shane, Kevin and all the coaches..
    We must do this again!
    Shoulder Press, no surprise there!

  11. 3RM CF Total

    Back Squat – 205# (Haven’t tested BS in awhile. This is my old 1RM so PR)
    Press – 125# (PR, same as above. 1RM is 135)
    Deadlift – 265# (Haven’t tested 3RM but it should be higher as my 5 is 275#. Note to future self, less rowing and Sled Pushes before CF Total)

    Total – 595#

    Congrats everyone on the PR’s.

    Definately great day at the gym!

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