CrossFit Games vs CrossFit Moncton

*Open gym today from 10-11:30am*

The 2018 CrossFit Games are complete and the victors have been crowned. It’s such an exciting show to watch. Dave Castro puts those athletes through hell and back (who starts a competition with a marathon row?). It’s damn impressive to see the top athletes in the world crush workouts all weekend.

But I find something even more impressive. Below is a picture of an 8:30 class from last week. Take a look at it. All ages. All abilities. Grandmothers. Mothers. New moms. And even expecting moms. All under the same roof, working out side-by-side. THAT is damn impressive.

CrossFit affiliates get a bad reputation, because the public watches the CrossFit Games, and thinks that’s what we do. Sure, they’re still doing CrossFit, but they’re doing it as a test (14 in fact). And some of those tests are straight up crazy.

At CrossFit Moncton, we train. We practice. We support and care for each other. It doesn’t look like the CrossFit Games. So when people say CrossFit is crazy, they obviously haven’t come to CrossFit Moncton for a Bring a Friend Day yet. They’re just making assumptions based on what they saw on TV. Next time someone says that to you, show them this picture and ask them to count all the crazy people*.

*the answer is 16 😉

5 thoughts on “CrossFit Games vs CrossFit Moncton”

  1. Christie Neate

    Wod @ home …
    4 rounds
    2 min row
    5 pass through
    50 ft OH walk 35# DB
    5 ring rows
    5 DB DL 35#’s

    Grace Rx for the first time, wanted to see how long it would take me.
    95# and it took me 6:06
    Then 30 GHD Situps as a cash out.

    In 45 degree temps, I’ll take it.

  2. Redid that WOD from July 4 with Corinne at her choosing

    100 burpees over sand bag
    1 mile run
    50 burpees over sand bag
    1 mile run


    A little better than before

    1. Just checked my last time on July 4 (40:51). I added more time. This is yucky. I will redo and get this under 40

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