CrossFit Dieppe’s Grand-Opening

CrossFit Moncton will not be meeting at it’s regularly scheduled time of 9am. Instead, we’ll be meeting up with CrossFit Dieppe at Ecole Anna-Malenfant at 10am.

I cannot wait to see what they have planned for their “surprise” WOD!

13 thoughts on “CrossFit Dieppe’s Grand-Opening”

  1. For time:

    100m Sprint
    25 Push-Ups
    100m Sprint
    25 Squats
    100 Sprint
    25 Burpees
    100m Sprint

    7:40… still experiencing some DOMS from the 24min “Cindy” on Thursday.

    Our poor upper body, eh boys?

  2. Ok, I am really not happy with my time.

    For time:

    100m Sprint
    25 Push-ups
    100m Sprint
    25 Squats
    100m Sprint
    50 Burpees
    100m Sprint


    I lost the count of the Burpees while I was doing them….so I probably did more than I was supposed to.

    And like Jeanette said, my upper body is still really sore from ”Cindy” thrusday.

  3. ouch…..stupid Cindy


    think i could’ve gotten better but oh well happy with my time.

    Cyas all tuesday for the hard workout!

  4. my time was 7:23
    i did my burpees on my knees instead of toes. i didn’t do cindy te other day, but my upper body felt pretty weak.

    thanks jeanette for the excellent sprint down to the burpee session. i hate sprinting!

  5. CF Moncton,

    It was great to meet most of you at the CF Dieppe opening today.

    Thank you all for showing up .

  6. Great event! Thanks for having us Dieppe. Had a sweet time playing with all your toys!

    WOD time – 5:46

    Stayed after and rowed 500m – 1:32.6 (pr)…AND, I fell off the seat during the row. I can feel a sub 1:30 coming up.

  7. Sean…… or scared to see your breakfast again maybe? 😉
    I had to leave before the fun stuff after the workout.
    great rowing time Kevin!

    My wod time: 7:33 I really hate pushups and burpees. I’ll just have to do more today

  8. Janine – nice toy!

    And I forgot to mention, tied my PR for muscle ups. When I’m fresh, I’m shooting for 15.

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