Two more workouts today at Bessborough Park – 10 and 10:45am. The gym parking lot has some work being done on it, and frankly, it’s nicer to workout on grass than pavement.

The countdown is on now! It will be the best TGIF in a long time. And TMSGF will probably be the same for everyone 😉

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

(no picture from lack of internet at the campground)

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 69”

  1. Park WOD!

    10 burpees
    20 lunges
    30 shoulder taps 2cnt
    40 squats
    50 flutter kicks 2cnt
    60 sit-ups
    50 flutter kicks
    40 squats
    30 shoulder taps
    20 lunges
    10 burpees


  2. Park WOD as per John’s post.
    Time = 12:30
    – Walked the lunges
    – plank switches = 10 + 10 hip dips+ 10 shoulder taps
    Nice to see everyone in person!
    Thanks Ingrid.

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