Today is the day we find out! Come on Phase 3!!

I also can’t wait to shave my face. If we open Monday, it’s coming off.

Noon class at Bessborough Park. As of posting, there’s 1 spot left.

Saturday and Sunday, workouts at the gym parking lot at 10 and 10:45am. If Sunday doesn’t fill up, we may drop them (only 1 registered so far).

Hope you have a lovely start to your weekend. See ya’ll soon!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 67”

  1. Fun WOD at Bessborough Park!
    So happy to see more gym peeps!

    50 Pushups (15/10/10/5/3/3/2/2)
    100 Glute Bridges (20 then 10’s with quick breaks)
    200 Flutterkicks (25’s)

    TIME: 5:47

  2. Jam Jam
    AMRAP in 15 min
    5 burpees ground to overhead (15# KB)
    10 weighted lunges (15# KB)
    15 sit-ups
    200m run
    = 3 rounds + 15 sit-ups (really liked this one)

    The Main Squeeze
    For time:
    400m run
    50 presses (15# KB) – strict – sets 25, 5’s
    400m weighted run (15# KB)
    50 KB swings (15#)
    400m run
    Time = 13:49 (Another good one!)

    Noon hour class at Bessborough Park
    5 rounds
    10 pushups (knees)
    20 glute bridges
    40 flutter kicks (2-ct)
    Time = 4:41
    Fun! Thanks Ms. Ingrid

  3. Great to see many familiar faces at noon today 🙂

    WOD RX’d
    Time–> 5:39

    Thanks Ingrid!

  4. WOD #1
    Push press. 5×5

    3 Rounds for time
    Run 800m
    21 DB swings 35#
    12 Burpees
    Time 12:42

    WOD #2
    For time
    80 squats
    1 mile run
    80 squats
    Time 14:10

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