Well, well, well…looks like Yellow Phase is coming up. I’ve received a lot of questions, and I don’t have a lot of answers. The government likes to make announcements without giving any additional info. We want to be sure we are able to meet all of the criteria. As soon as we find out what that is, we will let you know about reopening plans.

We still have some outdoor classes planned until Sunday (register in ZP) and Happy Hour tonight at 8pm.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 66”

  1. Park wod
    6 rds
    40 jumping jacks/ squats (alt rds)
    20 plank hip dips
    Time- 11.52

    Cashout…400m park run

  2. “Clam Digging”
    5 rounds for quality
    15 clamshells (R)
    12 single leg glute bridges (R)
    15 clamshells (L)
    12 sing leg glute bridges (L)
    – not for time

    “Hula Hoop”
    6 rounds for quality
    25 single skips
    20 plank hip dips (2-ct)
    – not for time

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