Snow?! What was that all about?! I think Mother Nature was drunk or something. Anyway, hopefully that silliness is behind us.

We hosted our first Broomstick Oly lifting class last night. We had 13 people join us for some fun, skill, sweat, and swearing.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

7 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 38”

  1. Strength Day

    A) BSS – body weight
    B) OHS – broom stick
    C) Plank 5 min = 7 min

    Wow, felt more like “no strength day”! My body was shaking in plank – usually feel strong in this pose.

    A. Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

    3 sets of 8 reps per leg @30# KB

    B. 2 rounds for time

    25 Burpees
    25 Down ups
    Time: 5:30

  3. Bulgarian split squats
    5 x5rep/leg (Body weight)

    5 x10reps

    *accumulate 5mins

  4. Pull up practice (negatives) x 10
    Bulgarin split squats 8 reps each leg x 5
    OHS practice with broom stick
    Plank hold accumulate 5 mins..5:40

    Good strength day!

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