I’ll tell ya, we had an awesome time at the game show last night. Daniel came out on top with a whopping 25 points, with Roxanne and Aubrey tying for 2nd place with 21 points. In all honesty, the points didn’t matter, we all had some good laughs, and stuck around after to chat about life.

Tomorrow is the final Support Your Box WOD (don’t worry, we’ll still be doing Zoom classes on Saturdays). I’ll post the link here tomorrow. See you then!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 32”

  1. 48 belated burpees for Trina

    “Dumpster Duving”
    10 rounds
    10 deadlifts (33# – filled the ruck bag with a KB & water bottles)
    200 m run

    Time = 22:43

    1. Plus this one…
      “Open House”
      AMRAP in 10 min
      5 Shoulder to Overhead (15# KB press)
      10 Goblet Squats (15#)
      15 Flutterkicks (2 count)

      8 rounds + 8 goblet squats

  2. Skill
    One arm db lunges 10 x 3
    Max hspu. Did 20

    Amrap 5 minutes
    20 #53 kb goblet squats
    8 pistols
    5 ring dips

    3 minutes

    Amrap 5 minutes
    20-#53 kb lunges
    5-ring dips

    3 minutes

    Amrap 5 minutes
    20-air squats
    8- strict hspu
    5-ring dips

    I didn’t keep track. Not really my favourite but it definitely hit my triceps

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