30 days. Seems crazy, eh? Please take a moment to step back and look at some of the good things that have come from this.

Did you get something done that you’ve been putting off?

Have you been able to spend more time with family?

Have you gone on more walks?

Maybe you haven’t eaten restaurant food in a month?

No matter what it is, take a moment to reflect on the good.

Don’t forget, mobility tonight with Amanda at 7pm –

Password: 086437

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

6 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 30”

  1. Yes! Got a little project done last week-end that I had been putting off. Only took 3 hours.

    “Garage Door”
    4-7 sets for quality, not for time
    10 leg levers
    20 reverse lunges 1-count
    max hollow hold (30 sec unbroken each round)
    – 5 sets

    I liked this one!

  2. Skill
    L-pull-ups 3 reps x 5 sets. Went really good
    Handstand pops x 5 reps. Went really good

    Hero wod Bradley

    10 rounds
    100 m run
    10 pull-ups
    100 m run
    10 burpees
    30 seconds rest

    28:30. Went pretty well. I kept my heart rate down enough to do my pull-ups unbroken.

  3. Hang power cleans for 10 min

    Hang power clean
    2x bar hops

    Used 95#
    9:00 min

    Clam digging WOD

    5 rounds for quality

    15 Clamshells (R)
    12 Single Leg Glute Bridge (R)
    15 Clamshells (L)
    12 Single Leg Glute Bridge (L)
    *Be slow and controlled for every rep. 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down. If done properly, it will burn.

    100 burpees as 10min EMOM

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