COVID-19 Report – Day 3

What a day! The weather was nice and many people were able to get outside for their workouts, even if it didn’t require them to. I even got a 4 mile ruck in yesterday.

Made a trip to Costco. What a ghost town. Had to go through their pallet maze to get into the store, but came out clean and stocked up. Gas was below 80 cents. Insane!!

Watched both Frozen movies in one day. My head hurts. Might be brain freeze. See what I did there??!

I’ve noticed a woman in my office for the last couple days. We haven’t talked yet, but she seems nice. I might introduce myself tomorrow.

More updates to follow.

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

8 thoughts on “COVID-19 Report – Day 3”

  1. As the song says we are going “Into the unknown” and Hopefully going to get out of the house “In Summer”

  2. 48 Birthday burpees
    5 rounds
    1 min Jumping Jacks
    30 sec Plank
    30 sec Hollow Hold
    44 Birthday burpees

    Happy Birthday Trina and Ronnie!

  3. 48 BD Burpees

    DEADLIFTS 3 sets x 5
    125(WU) 140-150-160#

    50 mountain climbers (2 count)
    80 KB clean (one arm)(15# DB)
    50 mountain climbers
    60 KB push press (15# DB)
    50 mountain climbers


  4. 48 birthday burpees

    50 pushups
    100 glute bridges
    200 flutter kicks (4 count)
    Time: 13:38

    44 birthday burpees

  5. Today’s workout with Audrey and Jack in the garage

    1 arm weighted overhead squats x 10 reps/side. X3 sets
    I used #53 kB. Audrey used a 2L bottle of pop and Jack used a 4L jug of windshield wash


    400m run after each round

    15:50 rx

    Cash out-

    50 reps, broken up any way
    Crossbody Toe Touch
    *hold a plank. Feet shoulder distance. Keeping your feet where they are, touch your left hand to your right foot by lifting your butt in the air. Come back to the plank. Then right hand to left foot. Come back to the plank. That’s 1 rep.

    Great workout.

    1. I should probably clarify that Jack and Audrey did squats and push-ups instead of pistols and HSPU’s.

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