Either people really needed a rest day yesterday, or everyone was hungover from sugar. I didn’t get many notifications in TrueCoach. That’s okay. Today is going to be an awesome day and I’m sure people will get some extra fitness in.

Has anyone taken up a new hobby in the last month? Let’s hear it!

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

12 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 29”

    Dippity Doo
    AMRAP 15min
    2 Burpees
    4 Situps
    8 Dips
    16 Jumping Jacks
    Total: 19 rounds even

  2. Combo Platter 25 min AMRAP:
    10 goblet 15# KB thrusters
    10 box steps (20”)
    10 15# KB swings
    25 single skips
    10 rounds + 6 KBS = 576 reps

    Clam Digging
    5 rounds for quality
    15 Clamshells (R)
    12 single leg glute bridge (R)
    15 clamshells (L)
    12 single leg glute bridge (L)
    ~ 15:45 (could have slowed this down even more). Really felt the clamshell burn.

  3. Did wod1 & 2 of the fundraiser
    I had a headache and butchered them. I didn’t keep track and cheated a little. But at least I moved. Hopefully tomorrow feels better

  4. Amrap 15mins
    2 burpees
    4 situps
    8 coffee table dips
    16 jumping jacks
    Total- 11 rounds & 8 dips (368 reps)

  5. GillesGautreau

    AMRAP 15 min
    2 burpees
    4 sit up
    8 dip
    16 jumping jack
    9 round in 9 min
    first WOD in over 6 week

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