Here we are – 3 weeks into quarantine. Where’s your head at? Have you got a schedule/routine nailed down yet? No worries if you haven’t. This isn’t easy. But if you want help, please reach out.

Has everyone completed the first Support Your Box workout yet? It’s not too late to get signed up and hit that workout. Maybe you want to try it again to see if you can better your score?

For those doing the Earn Your Key tracking, you’ll notice there’s a rating system on the side of the tracking sheet. 1 = BOO! 5 = I’d want to do that again soon!

So, what’s been a 5 star workout for you? What about a 1 star?

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 21”

  1. Classic Run/Squat WOD

    Distance = 4K

    Did this from back door of CrossFit gym. Tabata style 2 min run (400 m) & 1 min rest (including squats).
    Was really fun. Would give this a 5 star. 😊
    And you know my 1 star rating already …3 for 1 WOD. 👎🏽

  2. Strict knees to elbows….without bending my arms
    Pistols practice for quality

    EMOM 24 minutes
    5 knees to elbows strict
    5 strict hspu
    12 pistols
    30 du
    10 ring dips
    1 minute rest

  3. 100 burpees as 10 min EMOM
    2km ruck
    Accumulate 5 mins in plank, do 25 squats each time you drop down (75 squats)

  4. Emom 20mins
    1- 30sec plank switch
    2- 30 sec situps
    3- 30sec plank switch
    4- 30sec GM darling

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