Gym was pretty busy last night with people picking up gear. It felt like a weird yard sale, except there weren’t any vintage casserole dishes or used camping gear. I hope that gear gets put to good use, unlike the dusty treadmills that double as clothing racks.

Spirits are high. We’re now at 110 online training members. Three days ago, I had 2. So the spike is overwhelming. We’re seeing a lot of engagement on the Members FB Page. As long as the servers don’t go down, we should be set!

We’ve run through quite a few board games to entertain the kid. Still some novelty left, which is good.

Toilet paper levels are still great.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with another update.

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

8 thoughts on “COVID-19 REPORT – DAY 2”

  1. 5 rounds (scaled):
    20 stepping jacks
    15 high knee raises (2-count)
    10 box steps (16” coffee table)
    = 7:24

    Cash out:
    4 min plank
    (First 1:20 unbroken, then Tabata style)

  2. Press (build to heavy set of 8)
    45# 40# 55#

    3 rounds for time
    400M run (2 mins jumping jacks because my road is snow packed and icy)
    21 KB/DB swings (15#DB)
    12 Burpees

    Time 11:48

    Note to self: 2 mins of jumping jacks sucks balls, I’d much rather run the 400 😂

  3. Part 1)
    5 rounds
    20 jumping jacks
    15 tuck jumps
    10 jumping lunges

    Part 2)
    100 butterfly sit ups
    100 flutter kicks (4 count)
    100 wave offs (2 count)
    100 leg levers

    Me, Jack & Audrey did this together in the basement

  4. 5 rounds
    800m Run
    50 air squats
    Time: 29:19 ish
    Distance ended up being 4.16km.
    Got some weird looks at the corner of McLaughlin lol

  5. Press build to heavy set of 8

    3 rounds for time
    400M run
    21 DB swings 35#
    12 Burpees

    Time 12:39

  6. “No Straps”

    1 mile ruck, farmers carry your ruck only (hold it at your side using the top handle)

    Every 1/4 mile:

    20 squats while hugging ruck (no straps)
    20 push presses
    20 burpees holding ruck (ruck to the ground, kick legs back, raise ruck overhead on the way up…no need to jump)

    30# ruck


  7. Christie Neate

    Press x 8

    3 Rounds
    400 m run (subbed 500m row)
    21 KBS at 35#
    12 burpees


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