COVID-19 report – Day 1

So we closed the gym. Spirits are high. I have 94 people signed up for online training. Numbers are growing, which is a good sign people are still interested in improving their fitness.

Kids are starting to drive us a little wonky. As long as the internet is up, we should be good.

Food is still plentiful. Fridge is stocked. Bellies are full.

Toilet paper – good for a few weeks, as long as gastro doesn’t infect the house.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with another update.

This is Captain Kevin Wood of the USS CrossFit Moncton.

Over and out.

9 thoughts on “COVID-19 report – Day 1”

  1. Pushy Nicole

    A) AMRAP in 20 min

    400m Run
    Max rep pushups
    *When knees touch the ground, you’re done that set. Head for a run.

    7 rounds
    128 push-ups total

    Me, Heather, Jack & Audrey did this together at home today. It was fun.

  2. Squats and Core
    5 R
    1 Min Air Squats
    1 Min Sit-ups
    276 Reps

    36 Birthday Burpees for Mel😀

    Rick with Jorja the dog around the lake, 20# plate.

    Thanks for the online coaching Captain K.

  3. Angela Steeves

    36 Birthday Burpees for Mel 🎂

    Back Squats (build to heavy set of 5)
    65# 75# 85# 90#

    For Time
    3 min Hollow Hold
    25 pushups
    50 butterfly sit-ups
    76 air squats
    3 min plank


    Back Squats x5 (from the floor)
    75-95-115-125, tried 135 but couldn’t get the bar over my head onto my back

    For Time
    3 min Hollow Hold
    25 pushups
    50 butterfly sit-ups
    76 air squats
    3 min plank

    Did everything unbroken except the Hollow hold (4 sets in total to get 3min) and the planks (5 sets in total to get 3 min)

    Time: 14:30

  5. Christie Neate

    Back Squats x 5

    3 Min Hollow Hold
    25 push ups
    50 sit-ups
    75 squats
    3 min plank

    17:22… wowza!

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