Games Athletes: Reminder to register by 8:30 tonight. Also, today should be a rest day. Doing a full strength and workout today will NOT help you to do 150 wall balls tomorrow. This is your warning.

3 minutes of Cleans
2 minutes of Snatches
1 minute of Thrusters

Weight is 95/65# or 60% of snatch

Score is total reps

Chantal has her deadlifting socks and her cleaning scarf
Chantal has her deadlifting socks and her cleaning scarf

22 thoughts on “Countdown”

  1. Chantal Guérette

    Yeahh !!! I should start a business and make “Crossfit Scarf”. I could call them “Scarfitt” GET IT ??! Dragons Den, here I come 🙂

  2. Mob+wux1
    Bergener wu group
    Strength Power Snatch

    3 minutes of Cleans
    2 minutes of Snatches
    1 minute of Thrusters

    Score=55 Rx

  3. Wu x2
    Bergener Warm up
    Group Mob

    WOD Rx – 76
    3 min Cleans 52
    2 min Snatches 14
    1 min Thrusters 10

    Thank you Amanda and Laura for helping me find efficient, quick, and safe way for low weight/high rep Cleans. An old enemy “Arch Back” has been creeping up lately.

    1. You’re welcome. Hope it helps your back. I apologize in advance for the bruises you will get on your thighs….

  4. If we are signed up for a class and we are in the games, can we still come in and do a strength and practice some at 14# and some DU, or is it just better not to come in?

    1. I don’t recommend the strength but come on in and practice a few wall balls and doubles. Don’t do too many wall balls though. 🙂

      1. Thanks! Do I still stay signed up or open it for someone else where I won’t be doing the WOD? Sorry … lots of questions today! 🙂

  5. Heather Colleen

    WU x2 (some modified or replaced movements)

    WOD (with left hand)

    3 mins cleans #20 dumbbell
    2 mins snatches #15 dumbbell
    1 min thrusters #15 dumbbell

    Total reps: 87

    It felt AWESOME to be back and doing the WOD, modified or not!!

  6. anybody got tuff mudder info I would love to go this year in mtl or toronto…let me know please thank you

  7. mobility
    wu x 2

    practiced a few wall balls and new rope (WOW! what a difference… don’t know why I resisted so long… was afraid of the scars, but my,my it makes a HUGE difference…)

    6 min amrap
    10 burpees
    10 DU (unbroken!!)
    6 rounds and 5 burpees

    tried a MU… not close…. hopefully I will get a little bit of time to try a few tomorrow at the end of the game wod!!

    see you tomorrow!

  8. mob
    WU x 2

    practice DU.. Many thanks to Amanda, Patrick, Marie-no, and Lora for all your help and your patience! so many tips, but near the end Marie came up with a key that helped, will find out tomorrow during practice if it stuck or not! :)..

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