Cinco de Mayo

Surprise WOD

The boys are hanging around

19 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo”

  1. Home WOD:
    – 150 Squats
    – 75 Push-Ups

    Time = 11:44 … Not an amazing score, but felt good to do something.

  2. Team Giraffe Total 492

    Great job Nadine!

    Still don’t know what a Giraffe sounds like. Kids would really like the warm up, my little guy would have loved to get the transformer one, he would have been making the noses and saying he’s a camaro!

    1. Your son could have helped me hahaha !! I wasn’t making any sound… just listening for someone making really weird ones haha !

  3. Team Monkey
    Squats 222
    Push ups 114
    Sit ups 113
    Burpees 80
    Total 529
    Excellent work Mark, fun to partner with you, excellent push through all stages.
    Kevin and Jo, keep the ideas coming, you make Saturdays very demanding and fun. Then we go home and suffer later. I can feel it already!

    1. Hey Tom, we make good monkeys! I had fun, it was a great workout and burnnnn! This CF is addictive! Love it!

  4. Team Transformers (GO DAVE !! Make that noise again hehe)
    Squats : 200
    Push ups : 115
    Sit ups : 104
    Burpees : 69
    TOTAL : 488
    I think we did super good Dave ! Excellent workout everybody !! I really loved this one 🙂

  5. Team Rooster

    What were the chances of Chris and I picking the same animal? He really didn’t want to be my partner but in the end he saw that it paid off to be my partner 😉

    What a great morning! Thanks Kev & Jo!

  6. Team Penguin (My favourite barn yard animal?)

    Plaisir de te rencontrer Olivier; come back next time you’re in town.

  7. Partner WOD:
    Squats = 166
    Pushups = 93
    Situps = 84
    Burpees = 62

    Total —> 405

    Great job Lacey! You worked really hard.
    Fun morning!

  8. Partner WOD with Sebastian – all AMRAP 5 mins.

    Superman hold/Squats = 197
    Wall Sits/Pushups = 102
    Plank/Situps = 65
    Stand on 1 leg holding other foot to side or out front/Burpees = 54

    Total —> 418

    Great working with you this morning Sebastian.

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