40 Pullups
50 KBS (50/35)
60 Situps
70 Burpees

*25 min cap

Compare to May 13/15


8 thoughts on “Chipper”

  1. Open gym
    Wu mob
    Extra mob shoulders and legs
    Push press 3 sets of 5 each
    Squat hold for 10 sec in between
    Quad and calf smash thanks Mark.

  2. 30 min late for OG, but I made it.

    15 min DU practice, 1000m row for team 4 and mobility. Back was stiff from yesterday.

    WOD in 19:38. First WOD with HSPU. Off 2xabmats, 2×10 strict, 5,3,2 kipping. As Rx for the rest.

    Thanks Chantal.

  3. Missed open gym but did class instead

    30 pike push ups from box
    8 pull ups and 32 ring rows
    50 kettle bell swings 50 # (25+13+12)
    60 sit ups no breaks
    70 slow mike moody burpees no breaks


    13 additional cara Kyle burpees
    1357 m rowing for team 5

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