Register for THE HOPPER today at 12pm!

40 Pullups
50 KBS (50/35)
60 Situps
70 Burpees

*25 min cap

Compare to May 9/14

Why, oh why, do these always end with burpees?!


78 thoughts on “Chipper”

  1. Sorry I missed this 6amer!!! Giving knee a rest! Hopefully next day or two!!

    1. Nice work Shawn! Lots of grunting out of you this morning so I knew you were working hard! 🙂

  2. Mobility and Wu x 1, crossover symmetry
    Very quick Wu, over slept this morning.
    Group mobility
    Wod rx’d 14:14
    43 sec slower than last time, but just getting my shoulder back to working decent.
    Great seeing coach Amanda this am!!
    Great work 6 amer’s!!

    1. I was disappointed when I arrived at the gym and you weren’t waiting for me in the parking lot! Glad you decided to go!

  3. WU x 1 (15 reps)
    Group MOB

    Chipper WOD
    30 HRPU
    40 Ring Rows
    50 KBS @ 35
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees

    22:16 (PR of 21seconds and 5# more for KBS)

    Thanks Coach Amanda! Nice work this morning everyone. 🙂

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15reps)
    Group Mobility

    30 HSPU (scaled to hand release push-ups)
    40 Pull-ups (scaled to ring rows)
    50 KBS @35#
    60 Sit-ups
    70 Burpees

    Time: 16:25

    Cashout: 400m run with Gilles and Greg

    Great class Amanda. So nice to see you 🙂

    Good job everyone!

    1. Nice time Kelly!! I really wanted to do this one but as I was getting up this morning and hobbling to the bathroom, the thought of 70 burpees put me back to bed 🙂

  5. Fun warm up then

    Wod scaled with:

    30 Hand release push ups
    40 ring rows
    50 Kbs
    60 sit-ups
    70 burpees

    Time: ???

    Forgot to write my time down…that’s just the kind of wod it was

  6. WOD Rx
    16:43 – 1:18 PR…wasn’t expecting that. I was just trying to stay ahead of Morgan’s speedy burpees 🙂

  7. WOD: Rx

    30 HSPU (sets of 3s and 2s and 1s, need to get better at these)
    40 Pull-ups (10-10-10-5-3-2)
    50 KBS @35# (15-15-10-10)
    60 Sit-ups
    70 Burpees

    time= 17:07

    14 seconds slower than last it’s odd I forgot how the burpees felt? I must have tucked that memory far..far..away lol
    Great job nooners and congrats Josh! Welcome to the 500 club!

  8. WOD (Scaled movements due to shoulder)
    30 Push ups on the wall
    40 Ring Rows
    50 RKBS One Arm
    60 Sit ups
    70 Reverse Burpees
    Time: 17:42
    After doing the reverse burpees I can say, l like the normal burpees better! o_O

    Great job nooners!

    Thanks Kevin 🙂

  9. WOD rx’d: 22:56
    1:04 slower than last time. Boo. I’m trying to figure out where I lost time, Must have been the situps & pullups, I rested too much on them.

    Congrats on your 500th class Josh!! Hope I get to be in as many of the next 500 as I was in the first 500…there’s never a dull moment! 🙂

  10. WOD scaled

    30 HR push ups
    40 Ring Rows
    50 KBS 53#
    60 Sit Ups (should have used an ab mat)
    70 Burpees

    Time = 23:02

    First WOD back in a week and coming off of a cold so it wasn’t that bad, great one to come back to 🙂

    Thanks for the class Kevin!!

  11. Open gym

    Mobility + WU X1

    WOD: 25 time cap

    30 HSPU (with 25# + ab mat)
    40 ring rows
    50 KBS @ 35#
    60 sit ups
    70 Burpees


    Signed up for the Hopper! First timer…Yikes!

    1. You DID? Look at you, all the way out of your comfort zone!! Good job!! It’ll be fun!

  12. WOD as RX’d

    Everything was moving along well until those burpees (mind you the situps were slow today).

    Fun Nooner group!

    Congrats to Josh.0 on the 500-Club! That’s a LOT of complaining about skipping.

    1. Josh.0! That’s fitting! 🙂
      ….and it’s a lot of temper tantrums

      Thanks for yelling to me during my burpees, I could hear you from across the room!
      Good job on the wod!

  13. Mob
    WU x1(15)

    Group Mob

    WOD…..25min Cap
    30 HR Pushups
    40 RingRows
    50 KBS (35#)
    60 situps
    70 Freakin Burpees

    Time: 19.47

  14. 5k after school today 29:30
    Super pumped that even with a winter of little running, CrossFit helped me keep my 5k time really close to my PR! Yay!! CrossFit works 🙂

  15. WU x 1 (15 reps)
    Group MOB

    Chipper WOD
    30 HRPU
    40 Ring Rows
    50 KBS @ 35
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees

    22:30 (I think)

    9/30 –800m run with B. Thanks for the push to increase the distance!

    Inspiring talk with Kevin as my Cashout! Thanks Coach!

  16. wux1
    group wu

    -30 HSPU scaled to HR push ups
    -40 pull ups
    -50 KBS @ 50#
    -60 situps
    -70 burpees

    Time: 21:20 1:28 slower than last year
    first WOD back after a month off. feels good to be back!

  17. 30 HSPU 10# Ab mat + 10# plate…next time ditch the 10# plate
    40 Pull ups….yay, I did all 40 on the bar….proud of myself
    50 KBS @ 35#…breaks were a bit too long
    60 Sit Ups withAb Mat….these were really hard….lots of grunting
    70 Burpees…these just sucked at the end of the WOD. Kept the pace slow & steady & did them unbroken
    Time: 21:06

    Really liked this one a lot, despite the pull ups.

    Great 6 a.m. class. It was great having Amanda & Nelson on deck this morning.

  18. Open Gym

    Repeated the “Burpee Sandwich” WOD aka the “Soul Crusher” from my very first Prep class as today is my 1year Crossfit anniversary 😀

    Last year, it took me an extremely long and painful 9:00 to complete. Today I owned that Burpee Sandwich and finished in 4:15. I’m pretty happy about that 🙂

    Also worked on a new 1RM for back squat. 115#, a 15# PR
    Cashout: 800m run (20/30)

  19. mob wux1 15 rep
    group mob wu
    30 HSPU (HR push up)
    40 pull up ( 19 PU 21 ring row)
    50 KBS 50#
    60 sit up ( abmat)
    70 burpees
    time 15:12
    PR 3:20 min
    run 400 m with Kelly and Greg

  20. Mobility, WU x 1

    Group Mob = Foam Rolling

    30 HSPU >>> 15 push ups on knuckles (due an odd, unexplained pain in the heel of my hand)

    40 Pullups >>> 25 Ring Rows

    50 KBS (50/35) >>> 35 KBS @ 25#

    60 Situps >>> 45 sit ups (w/ab mat)

    70 Burpees >>> 55 Burpees

    TIME = 20:18

    That was gross. The first 4 movements were fine. Then it felt like I had won some sort of contest from Hell and Burpees were the prize. But it’s now DONE, so…YAY! 🙂

  21. 30 HR pushups
    40 ring rows
    50 KBS 25#
    60 situps
    70 yes thats correct …70 BURPEES…..

    *25 min time cap….was going to do the lesser numbers thinking there was no way i was gonna finish
    and then the burpees happened….AND thanks to each of you for the cheering and the doing my last 20 or 30 burpees with me ..your all amazing !!!!


    1. o and kevin remember when i said maybe it would be better if we did burpees first???? delete that i take it back 🙂

  22. Heather Touchie


    30 HR Pushups
    40 Ringrows
    50 KBS @ 30#
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees

    Time: 18:04 !


    Thanks Amanda for throwing in laughter so I couldn’t breathe ! And … You’re welcome… for cleaning the floor. 😀

  23. Mobility & WUx1

    WOD scaled to
    30 wall pushups (unbroken)
    40 ring rows (20-12-8)
    50 [email protected]# (30-20)
    60 sit-ups (unbroken)
    70 reverse Burpees (unbroken)

    Those reverse butpees after the sit-ups were rough. No abs left to help sit up. I had to push myself up each time.

  24. WOD: 25 min time cap
    30 HR push ups (all of them from my toes! New PR! Yay! 😀 also, my phone keeps correcting HR to hour… I don’t want to imagine a 30 hour push up! lol)
    40 ring rows (5 sets of 8)
    50 KBS @35#
    60 situps (unbroken)
    70 burpees unbroken (because if I had taken a break, I would probably not have started again… these were tough!)

    Time: 17:58

  25. really had to drag by butt in for this one, wasn’t feeling great but survived

    30 HSPU (abmat + 10#)
    40 pull ups (20 pull ups, 20 ring rows)
    50 KBS 35#
    60 sit ups
    70 burpees

    Time: 19:39

    That fact that Amanda had to say to me during the burpees, “I’ve never heard you whine this much before” says it all……

    On the brighter side, first time doing pull ups since before the open! Was mostly doing 1 at a time but felt good to be trying them again!
    Stayed for open gym to do mobility and mostly just hang out haha, wasn’t up for much after that chipper.

    Great job 7pm class and thanks Amanda!
    Keith – awesome job tackling Grace as Rx (AND sub 3min) for the first time tonight!

  26. mob wux1
    group mob wu
    30 HSPU (HR push up from knees)
    40 pull up (ring rows)
    50 KBS 25#
    60 sit ups
    70 burpees

    Time 17:something

    These burpees made me say bad words!! I should have done more weight on the KBS and maybe the pushups from my toes… next time. I was indecisive on scaling the reps down or not glad Amanda agreed with me and said do the whole thing. 🙂

  27. 30 HSPU scaled to HR pushups
    40 Pullups scalled to ring rows
    50 KBS (50/35) #30
    60 Situps
    70 Burpees

    *25 min cap

  28. Open Gym

    Deadlifts 5×5 @ 65%

    15 Deadlifts @ 60% (85#)
    100 double unders
    15 deadlifts
    100 double unders
    15 deadlifts

    Time: 6:10

    Also tried the wall climb with Cara 🙂

  29. Mobility, WU x 1

    Group Mob = Foam Rolling

    30 HSPU >>> 15 push ups

    40 Pullups >>> 25 Ring Rows

    50 KBS (50/35) >>> 35 KBS @ 25

    60 Situps >>> 45 sit ups

    70 Burpees >>> 55 Burpees

    TIME = 14:48
    After I finished I regretted not pushing myself to do the full amounts instead of the scaled back numbers……

  30. MO + WU x 1
    Group WU
    15 HR push ups
    25 pull up (ring rows)
    35 KBS 35#
    45 sit ups
    55 burpees

    Time 18:04

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