Change for Change

The 6am and 7am classes are cancelled due to weather conditions. We will be OPEN for the 8:30am class. 

Bring in $5 if you’d like to switch up your workout.

Skill – Try a max height box jump or work on another skill of choice (MU, HSPU, DU, etc.)

2 min Box Jumps (30/24″)
1 min Rest
2 min Burpees
1 min Rest
2 min Burpee Box Jumps

Sweating out the holiday cheer
Sweating out the holiday cheer

45 thoughts on “Change for Change”

  1. Vanessa Champion

    Change for change: Filthy 50’s

    Box jump 18″
    Jumping pull ups
    KBS 25#
    Walking lunges
    Toes to bar (laying on floor)
    Push press 35#
    Good mornings 35#
    Wall balls
    Singles 150

    Time: 28:26

    Sooooooooooooo happy I finished! Did the 30’s at the beginning of the month for the first time with a time of 18:something. I changed my weights a little from the first, but still pretty happy. Also happy that I didn’t puke on the floor…. I thought I was going to.
    Thanks for the big push 8:30 class, and especially Marie-No. I’m going to miss you yellin at me more than you will know. <3

  2. Instead of filthy 50s I did the terrible 30s

    Box jumps 15″
    Jumping pull ups
    Walking lunges
    Toes to bar (laying on floor)
    Push press 35lbs
    Good mornings
    Wall ball 8 lbs
    90 singles

    Time: 18:57

    1. Great work Charline! You are making great progress! That’s a fantastic time…..40’s (or 50’s??) for you next.

  3. WOD – Back Squat 10×10
    135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205-215-225 = 18000

    Weighted GHD Situps 5-5-5-5-5

    Weighted GHD Hip Ext. 5-5-5-5-5

  4. Wux1 x12
    MU practice. 4 / 3 /3
    WOD. 2 min 1 min break
    – 30inch bj. 32
    – burpees. 28
    – 30 inch bj. 28
    Total 87 reps
    Rob Brydges

  5. First post Holly gym day…

    12 rep WU + 500m row (WU – Can still do pull-ups *yay* though they are much harder than they used to be. Got a couple strict and a few kipping finished with ring rows. Pushups from toes are good and I managed some strict ring dips. Pretty successful I think.)

    Practiced a few reps of some movements to assess
    Double Unders (I can still do them … without peeing myself! Got up to 55 consecutive)
    Pistols (no belly in the way!)
    HSPU (did a few strict to an abmat, it was nice to be upside down again…and of course I sneezed once I stood up, some things don’t change I guess.)
    Kevin let me play with his new axle bar, tried a couple cleans with 70#

    WOD with 18″ box
    Box Jumps – 37
    Burpees – 27
    Burpee Box Jumps – 15

    79 Reps

    Well, I have to say it is disappointing to have to ‘start over’ and re-gain my pre-pregnancy fitness level but I guess I’m looking forward to the journey…and I have a super cute baby to look at and remind me that it’s all worth it and a pretty supportive husband/coach that will push me when I need it and kick my butt back into it 🙂

    1. Yah for post baby gym time! 🙂
      Congrats! Looks like it was a successful one at that. You are going to be great. Your pregnancy fitness and ability to keep at it up until delivery day is going to make this a short journey.

      Nice work, mama!

    2. Welcome back pretty mama. Of course you can still do pullups, you could do them with baby Holly in your belly! I’m sure you’ll be right back where you were in no time.

  6. Warm x 1

    5 reps of each moves of the WOD

    Max Height Box Jumps: 47″ (PR I think)

    2 min Box Jumps (30″): 42
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees: 41
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps: 21

    104 reps

    That’s exactly what I needed after a week of “holiday eating”. It was fun doing a WOD with you Jo. Reminded me of the old morning wod days 🙂

  7. Warmup

    Did some fun stuff (bar muscle ups, worked on pistols, HSPU, rope climb…first time to the top)

    Change for Change: Body Weight Fight Gone Bad
    Pullups (strict…a few fbombs were released) 8-7-5
    Pushups 20-15-13
    Situps 30-27-28
    Squats 46-43-43
    Burpees 16-15-14
    TOTAL – 330

    Great woding next to you, Josh.
    Thanks for the class, Ron!

  8. Mobility
    WUx1 (12 reps)

    Strength: Cleans (3RM)

    Change for change:WOD: The Chief

    3 Power cleans
    6 Hand release
    9 Squats

    Max rep in 3 minutes, rest 1 minute. Complete 5 cycles

    1 – 4 Rounds + 1
    2 – 3 + 2
    3 – 3 + 3
    4 – 3 + 2
    5 – 3 + 2

    299 Reps

  9. WUx1 @ 12 reps
    Skill – Did 23 sets of 3 unbroken reps of DU’s in 5 minutes as per coach Ron.
    Thanks for that advice. Will go for 4 unbroken next.

    2 min Box Jumps (30″) =31 reps
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees = 40 reps
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps = 18 rep

    Score –> 89 reps (I counted 99 at the gym. oops)

    Great job 5:45 crew!

  10. Mobility

    Strict HSPU Practice:

    10x with 25# Plate + Abmat
    10x with 10# Plate + Abmat

    WOD: Rx’d
    2 min Box Jumps (24″) = 41
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees = 32
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps = 19

    Total = 92 Reps

  11. wux1
    500m row

    practiced HSPU- completed 4 strict HSPUs in a row with abmat

    2 min Box Jumps (30″): 24
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees: 31
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps: 13

    total: 68 reps

    500m row
    time of 1:44 – no PR

  12. Played with my new axle bar (thanks Santa!)

    1 Continental Clean + 3 Push Press

    Today’s WOD Rx’d
    Total – 98

    Played around with the bar again after the wod.
    Clean and Jerks x1
    190-200-210 (that’s a 210# PR!)

  13. Mobility
    WU x 1 (12 Reps)

    Change for Change >>> 2K row.

    Time = 9:26.4

    Not a PR (4.1 seconds slower than when I did it in October). But I like it for a benchmark of sorts. Looking forward to doing better next time.

    HUGE thank you to Amanda who is my conscience a great deal of the time and to Kevin for the great class and form correction. 🙂

  14. Mobility + WU
    Strict pull ups (5-4-4-4-4-4)

    Change for Change WOD – “Filthy 50’s”
    Otherwise known as “What the hell was I thinking”?

    Time = 28:09 (4 seconds slower than when I did it on Dec 4th)

    Didn’t hate it as much today…except for the burpees. They still sucked donkey balls.

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Marie-No, Christine and Jenn B, you girls rock!!!

  15. I did a change for change!

    Finally got to do The Chief! I used 95#, I think that was RX?

    242 reps. I haven’t been to the gym since last Tuesday, with Christmas treats all over the place, I didn’t expect to excel at this one but I wanted to try it. And I had enough smarts to re-hydrate before returning to the gym, so I didn’t feel barfy. I was weak though. lol

    I did power cleans before the wod, 3x 95-105-115-120 – then did a few clean pulls.

    Fun class! Thanks Ron!

  16. Mobility + WU

    Filthy 50′s

    Time = 27:19
    PR of 1:20 from december !! very happy with the PR, not so much with my choice of Wods! lol

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Marie-No, Christine and Jenn B, Frankie and Gabe.. you guys kept me going at the end..

  17. Mob

    Worked on doubles, if you can stay that. They are brutal.

    2 min Box Jumps 20′
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee B
    Score 80

    Great class Kevin. Good job 545

  18. Practiced : DU’s, MU, handstand push-ups and pistols.

    2 min Box Jumps (30″)
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps

    total: 112 rx

  19. Mob & WU
    Practiced DU

    WOD Rx:
    2 min Box Jumps (24″): 26
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees: 27
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps: 14

    Total: 67

    Since I regularly scale my workouts, I was happy to complete an Rx WOD, especially after a long break 🙂

  20. Mobility

    Practiced DU’s got 9 in a row a couple times. Yay!

    2 min box jumps (20″) 26
    2 min burpees 21
    2 min burpee box jumps 11
    Total 58

  21. Mobility
    Wu X 1

    Change for change
    Did yesterday’s WOD.

    10 hpc
    20 m sprint
    8 hpc
    40 m sprint
    6 hpc
    80 m sprint
    2 hpc
    100 m sprint

    Time 3.13 @ 135.

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