Change For Change

Today is Change for Change. Bring in $5 to switch up your workout. 

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.

Compare to April 25/11

Daniel gets some air on his burpees
Daniel gets some air on his burpees

64 thoughts on “Change For Change”

  1. Strength Front squat x 5

    Change for Change:
    Tabata Front Squats @ 65#


    total: 60 reps

    Ouf this was tough..I have a feeling walking will prove difficult tomorrow lol. Thanks for doing this one with me Pat, fun!

    Nice job runners!

  2. Mobility
    WUx1 (5 strict pullups, no band!)

    800m Run x4 rounds
    Rest as required between rounds

    R1. 3:13
    R2: 3:28
    R3: 3:50
    R4: 4:10

  3. WU x 2

    Shoulder Press x 3

    Change for Change: April 9

    The one and only… Grace!
    @85# – 2:48, 42 seconds PR 😀

    1. ** April 8

      Kevin, We used to be able to go back to that date and put in our score even if we did it on change for change, it was great when it came back so then we knew we had done it. Somehow I can’t comment on April 8th anymore 🙁

    2. I turn off comments after 10 days (after that, and my box is filled with spam comments).

      For today, I increased it to 30. It will go back to 10 days at the end of today.

  4. Mobility
    2 min skipping
    400 m run


    800m x 4
    rest as needed

    1- 2:56
    2- 2:56
    3- 2:58
    4- 3:10

      1. I was trying to keep them all under 3 minutes but I was cramping on the last run. The cold was a good motivator to move quickly.

  5. Mobility
    WU x 2

    800m run – 4 rounds
    Rest as needed between rounds
    Round 1- 3:24
    Round 2- 3:32
    Round 3- 3:46
    Round 4- 3:38

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1 Rest of time stretching calves and achilles

    Strength – Deadlift X 5
    125-145-165-165 (thanks for the feedback Kevin)

    WOD (Change for change from April 26)
    100 DU (scaled to 300 singles)
    30 HR pushups
    30 OHS 40#
    30 HR pushups
    100 DU (scaled to 300 singles)

    Time : 11:51 (exceeded the 14 minute time cap when I did this last)

    1. Nice PR Kevin 🙂 I’m curious; what did you do differently this time? What were you faster on?

      1. My skipping. I had really bad back cramps last time and tried to fight through them. This time I felt them coming and stopped and took several deep breaths. I’m also getting better at recognizing and then slightly exceeding my threshold during WODs.

      2. That’s great! Small changes and listening to your body made a big difference! Congrats 🙂

  7. Heather Colleen

    Strength: Push Jerk (dumbbell)
    20-25-30-30-35 (PR for one arm!! Yay!)

    Change for Change: Sunday WOD April 21

    800m run
    30 C&J #20 dumbbell
    800m run

    Time: 13:33

    Must. Get. Faster.

  8. WOD:
    800m x 4
    Rest as needed between rounds.


    First round felt extra rusty, but once I got my pace (and looked at Josh’s high/low times) I was able to push a little harder.

    Glad I didn’t “Change for Change”, I needed to work on this!

    1. same for you. Very consistent. After the first run anyway. I almost did change for change because it was so cold this morning. I’m glad I didn’t. Love running.

      1. Thanks, it will be nice to try this again at the end of the summer to see if I can get sub-3 min.

  9. Wux2
    No strength
    800 m run x4
    Rest as needed
    1-3:33. 2-3:15. 3-3:10. 4-3:07.
    Rob Brydges

  10. can you canecl my class at 645 i pulled something in my neck this morning and does not feel good

  11. Mobility
    Wu x 2

    4 x 800 m
    Quite humbling when i realised afterwards that my 8 years old son ran 800m this weekend in a race and won with a time of 2:45!!

  12. Mobility, WU x 2

    No Strength

    WOD: 800m x 4 Rounds
    1 = 6:04
    2 = 6:34
    3 = 6:22
    4 = 6:40

    There were a few walking breaks in there for various reasons – mostly side stitches. I need to hydrate more, says Amanda, and I’m going to work in that!

    Ok, so running kicked my butt 7 ways for Sunday, but I’m REALLY glad I did it and didn’t do “Change for Change”, because it’s obviously an area that needs work! I’d like to do this one again at the end of the summer and see if there’s an improvement. My goal is to run all 4 800m rounds unbroken. 🙂

    Thanks to Jackie and Gerry for running the last lap with me and to all the other 5:45ers who gave words of encouragement! 🙂 Thanks, Marie-Noelle for great coaching and motivating! 🙂

  13. mob wux2
    strength push jerk
    95×5 115×5 125×5 135×5
    change for change
    400m x 4 2 min rest
    1:56 pr 4 sec from last time

  14. Mob + WU x1

    Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5
    105-125-145-165-185 PR

    WOD (April 29 2013) Rx

    20 KBS 70#
    30 T2B
    400m Run
    = 4:08

    Ouch! Lol

  15. Mobility
    WU X 2

    Clean and Jerk 1RM

    Built to 205# and failed 210# 5 times

    WOD – April 8 – Grace @ 50%

    Time – 2:10

    6 second and 5# PR over April 8

    1. Nice pr, hard to get much time shaved off such a short time to begin with but you managed to get 6 seconds off!

  16. WOD: Run 800m x 4
    1 – 3:27
    2 – 3:34
    3 – 3:30
    4 – 3:21

    Wow! Thanks for the push Marie No… you are wicked fast! 🙂 Good work everyone!

  17. wux2
    no strength

    800m Run x4 rounds
    Rest as required between rounds

    R1. 3:17
    R2: 3:42
    R3: 3:41
    R4: 3:29

  18. WU x 2

    WOD: Change for Change

    100 Double Under’s
    30 HR Push Up’s
    30 OHS @ 65 lbs (sets of 5)
    30 HR Push Up’s
    100 Double Under’s

    Time: 10:04

    I got a DNF on this WOD on Friday. I used 85 lbs and only got 27 OHS…I never even made it to my second set of push ups and double unders’s. Choosing the right weight can make you or break you! Good reminder for me!

    Felt good after this WOD so I decided to do today’s running WOD
    4 x 800m

    3:08 ( Awesome race on this last run Rob. Thank you for running with me!)

    Thanks Marie-Noelle for being the clock keeper and motivator!

    1. fast!! and 2 wods!! funny cause I was hesitating between the 2… doing both would not have crossed my mind though!

  19. WU x 2

    800 m Run x 4 cycles:
    1) 3:51
    2) 3:51
    3) 3:57
    4) 3:47

    Thanks for setting the pace Natacha. I couldn’t catch you, but you gave me someone to chase.

  20. mob
    WU x 2

    wod from mar 4?

    5 rounds
    30 seconds HSPU
    30 seconds HPC @ 155
    1 minute rest

    10-10-9-8-7 HSPU

    8-8-8-6-7 HPC

    79 reps
    liked this wod but was difficult doing on your own cause was never sure when 30 seconds was up when doing HSPU (should have set up at a better location! :)) so ended up going to failure kick down and go right back up if there was enough time!

  21. Mobility


    1. 3:25
    2. 3:23
    3. 3:25
    4. 3:15

    Thanks for the push Rob and Pat made me push way harder trying to keep up with you two.

    1. Great job Lance. I had to go one more time so I could beat you on at least one WOD! You were movin’ on the last one.

  22. Mobility
    Strength: Front Squats
    Change for Change (WOD from April 29)
    WOD: 20 KBS #30
    30 V-snaps
    400m run

  23. Mob
    wu x 2

    4 x 800m run
    Rest “as needed” between rounds (apparently minutes, not days 😉 )

    1 – 4:54
    2 – 4:46
    3 – 4:55
    4 – 4:45

    Best thing I can say is that I didn’t cherry-pick an easier wod. And hey, I guess I’m good at other stuff :s

  24. Mobility

    WU x 2

    4 rounds 800 m run


    Running legs and lungs definitely aren’t there yet!

  25. Mobility
    WU x 2

    No strength

    Change for Change from April 13
    Crossfit BackBay Partner WOD (by myself)

    AMRAP 1 min for 20 minutes:
    30 KB lunges 35#
    20 push ups
    10 front squats 95#
    Rest 1 min
    (start again where you left off)

    Total = 4 rounds + 30 KB lunges + 11 push ups

    I had it in my head to do 30 minutes of this (i.e. 15 min work, 15 min rest) but at the 16 min mark that plan died! Felt kind of pukie after this one. Usually I’m a fan of lunges. Not so much though when there is a 35# KB weighing me down…

    Nice work 5:45 crew! Some great running tonight! 🙂

    1. Thanks Robyn 🙂

      Forgot to mention I did 3 minutes rest between rounds.. I thought that’s what it was supposed to be, but I’m not sure why

  26. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Clean to one rep max
    95×5-115×3-135-155-175-185-195-205-215(fail)-215 x 1

    Change for change

    Grace @ 50% of one rep max ( 105#)
    time 3:35

  27. Mobility

    WU x 2

    4 rounds 800 m run

    Thigh foam rolling 5 mins
    2:58 (Had to do an extra one to try and beat Lance and Corinna. This might not happen again)

    Thanks for the coaching and encouragement Marie N

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