Change for Change

Friday’s QOD – What book are you currently reading?

Bring in $5 to switch up your workout.

30 Muscle-ups for time

Compare to June 21/11


118 thoughts on “Change for Change”

  1. Mobility
    Foam roll for 5 minutes

    Front Squat x 5

    WOD: AMRAP 7mins (scale)
    – 4 Pullups (smallest band)
    – 4 Dips (blue band)

    Score: 7 rounds + 4 pullups + 4 dips

  2. Wu x1
    Foam rolling
    OHS X 5 35-45-55-60-65

    Amrap 7 mins
    4 pullups (green band)
    4 parallette dips

    11 rounds + 2 dips

    Tried some ring dips with band after wod, I think I am ready to graduate from parallettes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a good weekend!

  3. The order for the Practical Paleo book is going in at 10am. Let me know if you want in on it. $35 for the book.

  4. The recipes in the Practical Paleo are amazing – you gotta get this book even if you aren’t ready for Paleo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wu x1
    Foam rolling
    OHS 1’s

    Amrap 7 mins
    4 pullups (med purple band)
    4 parallette dips

    13 rounds ?

    Didn’t hear “Time” so I was still going strong at 14, but I had checked the clock as I finished round 12 and it was 5:50 and 7:56 when I stopped at 14R+4 PU so I count that as a good work out for Friday a.m.!!

    Great working out with the 7 a.m. crew. Have a great weekend everyone.

      1. This is totally on me, not on you – besides, I’m pretty jazzed that I was so focused that I just kept going, Usually I’m praying for the pain to stop!!

    1. Haha Mario! I thought the same thing when I looked at the site this morning. I LOVE Friday QODs! They help me get to know others at CFM a little better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wu x1
    5 min Foam rolling

    Muscle up progression.

    30 Muscle Ups for time
    15 min cap

    Made it to 17 MUs.

    FIRST official Wod doing Muscle Ups..WooHoooo!!

    But I must be doing something wrong in the transition, rip up the side of my hands.

  6. Wux2
    Strength. ย Mu ups progression – ugggg those pistols !

    WOD ย 30 muscle ups / timeย 
    30 muscle ups. Did profession with ย purple-band on rings


  7. WU X 1
    Practiced Ring dips and chest to bar to someday get a muscle up.

    Change for change.
    Amrap 10 min
    10 floor sweepers
    50 singles
    7 Rnds +2.5 floor sweepers

  8. WU

    Fooled around with front squat only to 70lb

    Change for Change WOD:
    7 rounds of:
    7 burpees
    7 deadlift (60% 1RM = 165lb)
    = 6:32. Goal was sub 7 min. Fun WOD… I love deadlifts.

    Nice to meet the 8:30 crew this morning! Great job everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. QOD – Just finished Room by Emma Donogue

    Want to get Jian Ghomeshi’s jmemoir because he’s my boyfriend. (Greg’s good with it)

  10. QOD, “Practical Paleo”. I highly recommend this book if you are at all curious about Paleo. I would loan you mine, but, I suspect I will be keeping it close until at least the new year.

  11. QOD – Non-finction – Re-reading Jim Collins “Good to Great” – great focus on excellence ๐Ÿ™‚ Starting “Innovation Reinvented”
    Fiction (young adult) – Ender’s Game series – if you liked Hunger Games try this series by Orson Scott Card

  12. QOD – Obvious one, just finished reading practical paleo. I’ve learned so much more from what I already knew about paleo, and I have a whole new perspective of it now. Super pumped. Not sure what I’ll be reading next, any suggestions? I always pick crappy books if I choose them myself! lol

    WU x 1 + 5 mins foam rolling

    Push press x 3

    WOD – Change for Change

    Elizabeth @ 95# and paralette dips. Time: 12:02 (I think?) … well above my previsou time, but I had 25# more, since feburary. That ispretty awesome.

    1. Fiction – The Pillars of The Earth – Ken Follett
      Non-fiction – The Gifts of Imperfection – Brenรฉ Brown

    2. Ken Follet’s “World Without End” is now a television series – check it out. I’ve just started his Fall of Giants and it looks like another great epic.

      Great QOD Kevin!

    1. That entire series was awesome (Don’t judge the books by the movies – either the Swedish or the Hollywood versions) – they didn’t come close to the books ๐Ÿ™

  13. WU X 1

    Foam Roll 5 min

    Strength – OHS X 5


    WOD – Sept 5

    7 burpees
    7 dead lifts 185#

    Time – 6:59 (1:37 PR over Sept 5)

  14. WU x 1

    OHS x 5
    95-105-110-115-120 (PR)

    30 Muscle-Ups
    TIME: 15:41

    Sooooo happy about this one! My first WOD with full MUs so my goal was about 15,
    Hit 29 as the 15 min expired and after a couple fails got #30!

    Thanks to everyone for the cheers and encouragement!!

  15. Strength shoulder press x 5

    Change for change
    “Helen” Rx

    Time = 11:00 min (PR 24 sec)

    Re-did this one because …well I love it ๐Ÿ˜‰ what a lung burner!

  16. Mobility

    WU x 2

    Strength: Dead Lifts x 5

    Change for change

    โ€œRunning Christineโ€

    3 rounds:

    โ€“ 400m Run
    โ€“ 12 Dead lifts (55#)
    โ€“ 21 Box jumps (20โ€ณ)

    TIME: 14:27 (PR 3:30 over Sept 25)

    Thanks for semi-yelling at me Joanna.

    Ran 400m afterwards at a time of 1:36.

  17. Mob
    WUx 1
    Strength. Push jerk…. To 115 for 5. Haven’t don’t in a long time….no pr.. but pr for not making the duckface ๐Ÿ™‚
    50 med ball situps, med ball mile run, 50 med ball situps…..21:26. It was….different. I liked it. Good job everyone.

    1. Ohhhhhh….the med-ball run + med-ball sit-up combo! That one is sooooooo delicious! LOL! Hope you don’t plan to laugh in the next 3 days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Wux1
    Mobility x1

    Deadlift 85% of 135
    95, 100, 105, 110, 115 (ran out of time, finished at 105 I think)

    WOD AMRAP 7: scaled to
    4 pull-ups
    4 dips

    14 rds+ 4 pull-ups

    Oooh, I liked this one a lot! And I was super happy to have Luc come in for the baseline WOD today! Woo HOO! Welcome to CFM:) Oh and he is coming back;)

    1. Make sure you tell him he did great and help him up and down the stairs for the next few days. Not kidding, I couldn’t walk for three days after my intro WOD last year.

    2. Great job on the WOD, Jenna! That’s a whole lotta pullups!
      Awesome to hear that Luc dropped in AND that he is coming back! I look forward to meeting him.

  19. wux1
    5 min foam rolling
    push jerk x5
    115-135-150-170-190 (PR for reps)

    change for change
    running chrsitine
    3 rounds:
    โ€“ 400m Run
    โ€“ 12 Deadlifts (185#)
    โ€“ 21 Box Jumps (20โ€ณ box)
    Time: 12:30
    PR of 1:07 from last year

  20. WUx1
    5min foam rolling

    Strength – Front Squatx5

    Change for Change
    Running Christine
    3 rounds of
    400m Run
    12 Deadlifts @ 170#
    21 Box Jumps 20โ€ณ

    Time โ€“> 10:14

    14 sec PR from July 11th 2011 but i was 10# heavier then ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Considering DL where unbroken but alot slower, and my back help up great, I’ll take it.

    Daily Planks to 5 min

    Great job 5:30 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

    QOD: Capitalism,Socialism and Democracy by Joseph Schumpeter

  21. WU x 1

    Foam Rolling 5 min.

    Deadlift x 5

    195-205-215-225 out of time

    WOD Rx’d Score = 0

    Very frustrating WOD just couldn’t get into a groove…More practice required.

    1. I agree with Kevin. You gave 100% and no matter how frustrated you got, you didn’t give up. THAT is impressive!

  22. MOB, WU x 1

    Strength: Back Squat x 5 (was not feeling it today, I need to fix my wobbly front right knee)
    135, 155, 165, 175, 185

    WOD from Sept 12

    Three Rounds
    15 HPC @ 115lbs
    15 Burpees

    Rx was 135, but, I did cleans for my strength yesterday and the WOD also contained power cleans, so, I backed off a little and went with 60%. It was the right weight, because I was not able to complete the second round unbroken.

    Time: 7:39

    1. Great job on the WOD today! Wise choice with 60%. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope your wobbly front right knee is fixed soon. How is your back right knee?

  23. Mobility
    somehow forgot to do my WU

    Shoulder Press 3s

    ARMRAP 7 mins
    4 Pull ups
    4 Ring dips (2 small purple bands)

    14 Rounds

  24. WU x 1
    Muscle up practice. Got a few seperately but stringing together still eludes me.

    WOD: muscle ups for time

    30 jumping muscle ups in 9:17

    1. Qod: “Zombie survival guide: complete protection from the living dead” by Max Brooks. Soon to be reading practical paleo.

  25. Valรฉrie Arseneau

    WU x1
    Strength : a few strict pull ups and some rings dips.
    Practice the muscle up transition. Thanks Jo for your help!!

    AMRAP 7 mins
    4 pull up (kip)
    4 ring dips (2 skinny bands)

    11 rounds + 1 pull up.

    I am starting to like pull ups! I’ve been since some sweet progress so I’ll keep doing what ever it is im doing! lol

    QOD : I just got my books for my APICS certification… so I will be reading that for a few months. *sarcasticly jumps for joy*. I do have the 2nd Game of Thrones on my night stand that is waiting for its turn to be read…

  26. mobility and wu x 1
    foam roll

    45 (5), 65(5), 70 (5 x 3)… thanks Ron for tips!

    WOD: Helen with 30 sec running and 30 sec walking intervals

    love that WOD

  27. Mobility
    WUx2 (strict pullups with med blue band and toes through rings)
    WOD: today’s scale
    AMRAP 7 minutes
    4 pullups with medium blue band
    4 ring dips with medium blue band
    =13 + 4 pullups

  28. Mobility
    WU x 1 (sub ring rows for pullups)
    Foam roll x 5 min (back and shoulders)
    Burgener WU x 2
    Strength: OHS (with 3 sec hold at bottom)

    Change for change
    WOD “Granny” (modified for shoulder)
    double unders
    sit ups
    with 6 Cleans @ 95# between each round
    Time = 11:04

    Cashout – barbell calf smash and box prayer

    1. Why anyone would pay to do DU is beyond me? lol.. great work on this one and thank you for modifying, know you would’ve liked to do it with the full move, the shoulder will improve if you give it a chance like you have been.

  29. Mob
    1x WU
    foam roll.. (love friday foam roll!! )

    mobility work.. knee, shoulders..

    Wod Rx
    30 MU for time

    Felt great on the wod today, was looking forward to this all day and it didn’t disappoint, was hoping to finish them at the time cap, so was beyond happy when i finished the first 10 in 2 minutes, slowed down as was worried about going to failure and not finishing.. there is room to PR next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. QOD: I am on the second book of the Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy…..BUT, I’ve completely lost interest. I hate NOT finishing something that I’ve started, so I may have to pick it up again this weekend.

    I REALLY want to read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (and the others by Stieg Larsson). I have to add those to my growing “wish” list.

  31. MOB
    WU X 2

    Strength: Clean and Jerks X 5


    WOD: Granny @Q95#

    50 Double Unders
    50 Situps (I used an abmat as I hear it makes it more challenging)
    6 Clean and Jerks
    40 Double Unders
    40 Situps
    6 Clean and Jerks
    30 Double Unders
    30 Situps
    6 Clean and Jerks
    20 Double Unders
    20 Situps
    6 Clean and Jerks
    10 Double Unders
    10 Situps
    6 Clean and Jerks

    T: 12:38

      1. Not sure…I think so. It was more awkward than anything really…Was kinda hurting my lower back, kept getting away from me… Slowed me down a bit for sure but hopefully I’m nice and sore in that region in 24hrs or so ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Well what a great end to a crappy week… I was inspired by jack doing muscle ups and decided to do one myself…at my great surprise w as able to do 4 strict muscle ups ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    WOD: 30 jumping muscle ups in 5:33 min! Awesome work tonight 6:30 crew!

    Oh and other great news to top the day off … I registered for the December 1-2 level 1 cert in Mtl! Solo excited! Couldn’t ask for a better way to end what seemed to be the longest week ever!

  33. Mobility
    Warmup X1

    Strenght: Push Jerk (X 5)
    25 – 30 – 35 – 40 – 45

    WOD: Flight Simulator (change for change)
    unbroken singles

    Time: 15 mins – Finished with 50

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