10 thoughts on “CFT Time!”

  1. CFT…that’s going to be great!!

    And also, we have a few new people coming tomorrow…that’s great!!

  2. WOW! A lot of PR’s were set this morning! Great effort was shown by everyone today.

    Squat – 225, 275, 285 (pr)
    Press – 95, 110, 115 (should have tried 120)
    Dead – 315, 355, 395 (pr)

    My goal of a 400# DL is just around the corner.

  3. shoulder press

    Back Squat



    Yay new PRs all around!

  4. Actually, I just realized that it was a PR day for me too… 14:47 is 11secs faster than when I ran 3k on a track last year. Breathing really helps… who knew?

  5. CFT–> 695

    Back squat: 225-265-285(PR)

    Press: 95-110-120(f)

    Deadlift: 265-290-300 (PR)

    Wooohooo, I a not in the 300’s deadlift club. I felt really easy, I should have tried 310. But I am gladd with my overall results.

  6. Good work everyone! Sorry I missed it but still on the Disabled List. Will kill the total next time 😉

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